John Edwards and His Affair

It’s all over the news, John Edwards and his affair with RielleHunter. Is it much ado about nothing? Or is it well-worththe new investigation that the feds have admitted that they are now conducting?  John Edwards political action committee paid over $100,000.00 dollars to Rielle Hunter for video production. Did it come out of campaign funds? is it supposed to come from campaign funds?

The span was for work done over a four month period in 2006 and then it made another payment of $14,086.50 in April of 2007.  Supposedly the political action committee did not have the funds to pay for the video production, so where would the funds come from?

Are the feds. looking into this because eventually John Edwards had a now well documented affair withMs. Hunter? I am sure that if each one person’s politically based funds were peered into on a regular basis; one may find a great deal others with improprieties. It is just this writers opinion that many “furniture purchases” will have been made or “miscellaneous purchases” for say dinners out or perhaps drinks and hotel rooms will also have been made too. Is it just an embarrassment factor, or perhaps some feel strongly for the now ex-Mrs. Edwards with whom will have a tell -all book out on the stands? Perhaps her book though, will reveal a little bit more insight than just the line item purchases by a failed presidential candidate.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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