Jose Baez Financially Irresponsible?

 It has been widely reported on Jose Baez’s being investigated and not admitted to practice for a time under Florida’s bar rules. Well, today he is a member of the Florida bar in good standing. However, he has skeletons in his closet. Doesn’t everyone? I think all of us from one time to another when we were all younger has done or said stupid things. I am sure we all weren’t all responsible. But something always resonates with me. It is something my mother always said happens.

Birds of a feather stick together!  What that means to me that in this case shady characters always hang with other shady characters!

Currently Jose Baez is representing Casey Anthony. It is said that another woman who was arrested, and was awaiting arraignment told Casey Anthony to call her lawyer Jose Baez because he was real good. Supposedly that is how Casey comes to be represented by Jose Baez.

Jose Baez has a history; not of representing cases with a high rate of dismissal, or that the best sentences that could be had were under his tutelage, no he has a history of being a financially irresponsible person who was not admitted to the Florida Bar for many years.

Jose Baez had to demonstrate that he could be financially responsible to get into the good graces of the review board. This board will investigate the character,fitness,educational,and the technical competence of the prospect lawyer and if that lawyer is deemed responsible in all areas of criteria; he will then be admitted.  They were a shopping list of items that needed to be mended. Such as in 1990 he filed for bankruptcy(personal),in 1995 he had a student loan default of $4,336.00,he leased a vehicle and sometime in that year he also wrote a bad check and entered into a program to avoid conviction. In 1998 Baez was reassigned  to the public defenders office for a job that required no degree, he finally tendered his resignation there in 1999. Whew! Ooops there’s more!

It was found that in the year of 2004 he owed as much as $12,000 in back child support.A dead-beat dad! Miami courts then had docked his paycheck for $550. per month! Finally in the years of 2000-2005, Baez was employed by LexisNexis; an information business. During this time Baez tried to get a real estate license, and he opened two businesses,  companies selling computer tutorials and a third,a dot com bikini businesses!

Well, Baez is in good standing now as I mentioned before but somehow shady goes to shady. There is something very bothersome of those who should be upholding the law, that continue to break them. Not only that usually that person surrounds themselves with people who have no scruples either, and the not so ethical things keep rearing their head. It bothers me that Baez tried to use the fact that he felt he had “power” over his ex-wife by withholding the child support from his children. Again how low can you go? Being a teenager and making mistakes is not the same as deliberately withholding child-support; not a mistake.

It is no wonder that he would meet up with Casey Anthony. Because after all birds of a feather just seem to flock together!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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