Drew Peterson Bunny Ranch Protector!

Wow!  The underbelly comes out from under the rock again! The slug under the brick is none other than Drew Peterson! (who knew?) Reports have it that Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch located in Reno Nevada, is having the ex- Bolingbrook Police Sergeant flown out to his brothel. Will he be doing the security for the bunny ranch? The ranch is featured as part of the HBO adult series show called “Cathouse”.

When asked Peterson claims that he is not trying to capitalize on his notoriety. And that he is innocent until proven otherwise and he is entitled to pursue any job opportunity that comes his way. And furthermore, lots of men would jump at a chance like this! Wow!

Alongside of his PR Agent, Glenn Selig, Peterson was interviewed on Chicagoland Radio Show Mancow in the Morning. Glenn Selig stated: that when asked if Peterson would sleep with any of the bunny ranch girls he said: That is his decision if he sleeps with the girls. You wouldn’t invite someone to your home without offering him some chips -n- dip! Peterson then chimed in saying: That favorite chips – Dip of every man in America! While he laughed he also said What happens at the bunny ranch stays at the bunny ranch!

Isn’t he cute?? Bunny ranch owner Hof said : those girls think he is charismatic and a fun guy. He’s a guy you want to hangout and have a beer with! When asked by radio host Mancow, How are you qualified to work at the ranch? Peterson responded that he was a watch commander and “I ran a bunch of guys who I always viewed as a bunch of whores screwing people out of their money, so I did that for ten years!

Too bad for anyone and everyone that could possibly be left standing in Peterson’s corner, he thinks everyone is as scummy as he is and low-life losers unite with him. What about those kids he has and is taking care of?  Doesn’t he care what they think of him? They can read, and understand. Or will he have a great way to explain this away? What about a little girl who wants to look up to her dad who is out having a great time partaking in chips-n-dip out on the bunny farm? Will she grow up thinking that it is easier to join the cast of whores her dad hangs out with or just “disappear” at the hand of someone who she thought loved her?

In my opinion the truth is the faster those kids can get away from this man the better! They need really great influences in their lives. After all their father even thinks that the Bolingbrook Police Force is nothing but a bunch of whores who screw people! I can only sit and shake my head!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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