Drew Peterson in Shackles

As you all have heard by now Drew Peterson was arrested on the murder of his ex-wife Kathleen Savio!Drew Peterson arrived late yesterday afternoon to appear before the judge in court. As he exited out of the back of the paddy-wagon with hands cuffed in front of him and shackles on his legs, he smiled and bantered with reporters and other cops standing nearby. I must say the color of the burnt-sienna prison issued clothes looked fab! He never looked better. This is a picture that I am sure many have envisioned themselves. Seeing Peterson like that made this writer’s day!

He showed his same old Drew; sarcastic and cocky and sure of himself. He likes his own jokes and enjoys the way he can make a scene happen!  As he shuffled into the back door of the Will County Courthouse, he continued stating things like: three square meals a day and look at this spiffy outfit and all the bling! Gosh, I could not help but shake my head as he is the complete classic example of a psychotic moron! It is a shame that this man cannot have one ounce of humility. Who knows he may even win over some friends that way! But acting humble isn’t in the picture for a man who honestly thinks he can control the world. He thinks that his bantering with everyone around him might make people feel sorry for him. I do!  I do feel sorry for him, but most definitely not the sorry he has hoped for. I think he is the most pathetic man on two legs. I regard him and his behaviors to that of some type of animal. Some type of beast that would even devour his own children if they go in it’s way!

At this point at least he has not hurt the children physically that we are aware, but mentally they will need counsel for a long time. But, unfortunately he has an affinity for his wives. Hopefully in the process of the impending trial more will come out about the whereabouts of Stacy Peterson. Let’s hope that perhaps something he accidentally said to someone or stated on TV that will tip us off . It would be wonderful for the families to have this come to an end soon, but with Joel Brodsky and Drew Peterson at the helms, prepare for a three-ring circus to come to town! And once the circus comes to town it stays for awhile so that everyone can see the show! I am sure that when the trial date is set , we will get sick of turning on the TV to find the face of Peterson on our screens!

I think it would be great to see him grovel at the thought that he would recieve the penalty of death, or perhaps life in prision! I hope that the prison officials will remind him that once the trial is over and sentencing done-he will assimilate in the general population of the jail. Remember that Peterson was once a cop-even if he is a complete slime ball like the rest-the prison has it’s own type of sentencing! I think Drew Peterson’s stay will be short!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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