Brodsky Visits Peterson

Short and sweet, Drew Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky finally came off his little vacation and visited his new found friend.He visited the 4 time loser/abuser/murderer and he  Then  tried to assure his client that he has his back. Brodsky got interviewed by several local news channels, whom reported that he said he thinks the bail is way too high. He’d like it if the bail is lowered. He stated that he did a lot of research and that there is only one other case in Will County, IL that has warranted that high of a bond. He thinks that Peterson’s case is not that heinous to warrant that high amount!

Shame, shame on lawyer Brodsky for saying something to that effect! Of course it is heinous enough! He’s hoping that once the gets lowered- he’ll be able to spring his client out. Brodsky also states that he will also be asking for a change of venue. That’s okay most lawyers often ask for change of venue so perhaps he’ll get an untainted jury. But wait Mr. Brodsky this case has been heard all over the world. So I am sure that little ol’ downstate Illinois has heard of it too! And oh wait- for the most part downstate is considered much more conservative that Joilet is! I think that Peterson won’t have a chance once the prosecution gets their hands on him!!! Much less any conservative downstate jury will basically rip him from limb to limb!

Drew Peterson with that great spiffy out-fit, your three squares per day, and all your bling, you are right where you need to be!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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