Drew Peterson-Rabid & Cornered!

Reports all over the media yesterday and this morning, lead me to believe that Drew Peterson was trapped like a rabid animal. In a corner and stuck with no where to go. Except to act like an adult human being; but in Peterson’s  mind it felt like it was a loss to him. It was all about Peterson and what he felt he had to loose! What am I talking about? The divorce that was final between Kathleen Savio and Drew Peterson all except the final two large puzzle pieces: the kids and the money!

Following the trail of money is an important part of the  possible motive behind Peterson’s actions. Whatever the sale of their home, his bar/tavern that he owned in Montgomery IL, and half of the police pension would’ve generated, a possible hundreds of thousands of dollars.And  along with this Savio was also asking for the sole custody of their two children together. These appear to be the requests that Ms Savio was requesting when her then lawyer, Harry Smith was writing up the papers. Six days later Kathleen Savio was dead!

Peterson’s lawyer was preparing papers for a supoena about Peterson’s deposition in the ugly divorce case. During an interview, Peterson admitted that while during separtion from Savio he lived in the basement while she lived upstairs. Only when the divorce was granted, Peterson moved out and the two were now living apart.

Sometime after Ms Savio “turned up” dead, Peterson is said to have submitted a handwritten will to his lawyer. In this so-called will, Peterson specifies that in the event of a spousal death, the surviving spouse shall retain all assets. Then it also appointed Peterson’s uncle Mr. Carrol to be the executor of the estate. But the funniest thing about the handwritten will is that it is signed by Kathleen Savio too!

What? She signed a handwritten will authored by Peterson himself after her death? Sure. I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you! The court did assign a public administer to the case, who then argued that this was not in the best interest of the estate and that it also was not in the best interest of the beneficiaries (the children). When Savio “turned up” dead, the Illinois State Police contended that this was suspicious in nature, and was questionable Stacy Peterson stepped up to provide Peterson with his much needed alibi!

Too Many questions, too many suspicious events surround this case and the case of now missing wife Stacy Peterson. In fact, in all ironies of ironies, Stacy Peterson herself contacted the lawyer that represented Kathleen Savio in the near end of 2007 to start her own proceedings against Peterson and then she suddenly disappeared!

Ironic yes, coincidence I think not!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


13 responses to “Drew Peterson-Rabid & Cornered!

  1. michellefrommadison

    Every non-convicted defendant should get this amount of coverage. At least Nancy Grace of CNN is not demanding what the meals are that Drew gets served and complaining that Drew gets time out of his cell.

  2. Well, I think that will be next! Perhaps it will come on the heels of Brodsky asking to have bail lowered! If that is granted, you and I know that there will be public outcry!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  3. michellefrommadison

    That’s right Mary, next she will be asking if he has access to the weight room and she’ll say it’s like a resort, and access to commissary and CNN will try to get a list of any snack items Drew buys and she’ll say it’s being paid for with tax dollars, which would also be incorrect to the facts, but at least she is consistent at being incorrect.

  4. michellefrommadison-Oh I am so sure that Drew Peterson will be asking for snack items and I’m sure that he and his lawyer Brodsky, will be taking photo-ops from within the cell! Won’t that look great on the next book cover? I hope that he does not get one more snipet of publicity, he’s a true piece of work! And you should be happy when CNN and NG reports on him, because you like to see the nasty’s on TV!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  5. michellefrommadison

    I agree Mary, Drew should get snack items if he wants them, why not, he hasn’t been convicted of anything, and if you remember, they didn‘t find any evidence of any wrong-doing the first time they dug up and examined that bunch-of-bones the first time after the autopsy also confirmed no wrong-doing. Since the prosecution wanted to pursue Drew because he was making the department appear foolish all the time, now, miraculously they re-re-re-exam the “body“ and wha-la, now they think they have evidence of a crime. What total nonsense, the charge will never stand up to a charges as listed in any court in the land, if the court rules are followed properly. And, that would be a great book cover for Drew’s book as you described. But, I wouldn’t call NG a “nasty” as you do. I would simply call her what she is documented to be: an alcoholic pill-popper that admitted to abusing her tot-son when she threw him off the bed onto the floor, head-first, which required hospital intervention for the tot-son.

  6. michellfrommadison-dear, I think you may need glasses or perhaps a shrink, the nasty’s I was referring to are Drew Peterson, and Casey Anthony! You don’t NG I do. That’s it! Now on to evidence in the Peterson trial, Illinois law does not require them to tell us everything that is going on thus creating the Fla. circus atmosphere. What we get is snippets of info., I think these cases of Drew Peterson’s are very alike and you will see his m.o. in the end as an abuser of women and you will have to agree that nothing is ever coincidental. Drew Peterson is not a magician by trade, so I don’t know how he thought he was going to get away with “now you see her, now you don’t” tricks! Oh wait yes I do, he was a cop everyone should believe him right? Like they did the first time around!!!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  7. michellefrommadison

    Maybe you can re-read my previous post, Mary, to understand the Drew Peterson case (from an informed perspective) a little bit better Mary. If you are still confused, just ask for help. It is as simple of a case as it gets, imo, couldn’t be simpler as to why they now claim a murder after the body and bones were examined by many experts at least three times prior, then Drew makes an as* of the department, then they charge him with murder. Easy-peasy of a defense. At least Drew will make millions after he successfully sues the county after this is all done. 🙂

  8. michellefrommadison-I think in 1988, things were quite different in many areas of the world-we found out that not everyone that was wearing a police uniform was a perfect law-abiding model citizen as we all once thought! We found out that certain cops got in trouble abusing their power and all that a badge had to offer. You will see in the end michellefrommadison- it will be a tougher battle for Peterson than you think! My personal view is that they do have the right person behind bars. And once again we will end this off with agreeing to disagree. Peace.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  9. michellefrommadison

    I think most people have known that all along, Mary, not just found out in 1988. I think certain types of cops have always gotten into trouble, not just found out in 1988. I don’t believe Drew has a battle on his hands, he’s actually expressed some satisfaction in getting a bit of a break from the media-heads hounding him all the time, and now he gets to have his “bling” and three squares a day and seems quite content with that right now. He can look forward to being a possible multi-millionaire by the time all the dust settles in this case. It will take years, but I think he’ll do just find and he will flaunt it in the face of all those nay-sayers when he gets the opportunity. Your perspective, there Mary, appears to be accumulated from watching television, and not by actually reviewing the Law or the actual facts of this case. Brace yourself Mary, for Drew not likely to be found guilty of first-degree murder as he is charged, it will give you a chance to settle into the facts of the upcoming verdict and emotional responses they you will likely have come trial-time. And, good luck handling those emotions if you are found to be incorrect on this case. I am more comfortable just dealing with the actual facts of the case along with the procedural Law of this case, instead of the emotional scrutiny that has put many like you at a distinct disadvantage to actually understanding this case in the context of legalities.

  10. michellefrommadison-the only flaunting I think is going on is that Peterson is doing this in the faces of the families left behind! He hurts them everyday, not me. And those children, have you forgotten about them? And I love the way that refer to Ms Savio as a bunch of bones! michellefrommadison, I am not sure why you constantly take the side(s) of those who are so blatent in the face of the law. I hope and pray that you are dead wrong about how you think that things will go. Someone did something, and two lives are gone, children are left motherless times 2,and families who invested their heart in Peterson as well have holes in them. Enough, Enough for now. My world is larger than just this post! Ciao, Ciao until tommorrow…
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  11. michellefrommadison

    Good for him (Drew) because he may not guilty of anything yet, especially as he is charged, at least according to several attorneys that have commented so far on this case. Drew hasn’t hurt anyone, it appears, not those families, or their children. If they believe they are hurt, then they should go to the hospital to get care. But, they don’t, because they are not hurt. And, Savio is a bunch of bones, isn’t Savio? Or, do you know something that has not been revealed yet Mary? I also only take the side of victims, not perpetrators, and Drew appears to be a victim in this case for reasons I already mentioned here. There are reasonable explanations on the actual causes of death, or being missing, at least according to the attorneys and Drew. Hating Drew Peterson does not change the facts of the case, and a guilty verdict on a charge of first degree murder of Savio is highly unlikely to those familiar with Law and Psychology.

  12. michellefrommadison- I don’t know Peterson or either of those families, but you certainly can see the patterns and you don’t have to have evidence in your face, the prosecutors do have the evidence and that is why he is here & and Illinois is the leader in the area of domestic violence, our state is striving to make a difference in these crimes, and hoping that an ounce of prevention will help all those in the end. And setting a high bail will help to keep him from the very next move he could make. Ask Christina Raines who now has counsil and it is rumored that she may know more than everyone thinks and may nail the door shut on Peterson!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  13. michellefrommadison

    I disagree with that. 🙂

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