Peterson Being Arraigned Today

Drew Peterson and lawyer team led by Joel Brodsky, will come before the judge in a Will County, IL courtroom today to ask for a reduction in his bail. A simple poll was taken among watchers of local news today, and it was discovered that 90% of pollers wanted Peterson’s bail to remain high and not reduced! 

Over all this case will be confusing, as to constitutionality on the hearsay bill for one, but here in Illinois having the “get tough” attitude against domestic violence will help to make a ground breaking difference. Illinois has had a rash of domestic violence cases, that have ended in loss of life. The law makers as well as police have long had their “hands tied” at times and there is almost no way to “predict” an outcome as to the condition of the person/abusers state of mind. But efforts to change laws and make breakers of court orders for example to be held accountable, thus making it easier for the abuser to become incarcerated or to stay incarcerated. Plus with the hearsay law being admissible will aid in the prosecution of the offenders. Look at the changes in the laws for stalking that opponents said would never pass, but they did.

The cycle of abuse and death has to stop somewhere and here in Illinois, they’d like it to stop. Women sometimes need somewhere to turn, and when a women (sometimes men are abused,or same sex partners will also have abuse, but the majority are women with men as the abuser)calls out for help to police they need to be able to help her and her children. Women need to believe that they can get help. This can help women to even bring forward their case of abuse.

Many families have often said that the woman/and or children that have passed as a result of abuse, have said She told me she was scared that he was going to kill her, or if I turn up dead, it was him who did it! It’s deplorable and something needs to be done. Perhaps the hearsay bill will help in this case and into the future.

I will be following this case closely, and hopes for changes in the future to make it easier for the domestically abused to be able to have their abuser behind bars even before the threat of death has come, and for the families left behind after that has taken place to give them a platform to help convict and incarcerate that abuser.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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