Peterson It’s No Joke!

Yesterday Drew Peterson and his lawyer Joel Brodsky and team appeared before the judge. Judge Richard Schoenstedt, who among weird other things; assigned himself to the case, heard Drew Peterson file a plea of not guilty.

As was reported by several in the media, Peterson sat sullen and there were no smiles or jokes in the courtroom. Brodsky told several TV networks the other day that Peterson’s joking is not helping his appearance before others and stated that he has asked his client to stop joking before the media.

This was no surprise that Peterson was going to plead that he is not guilty. What however, was a surprise turn was that Will County State’s Atty. James Glasgow filed a motion to replace the judge. This is the very judge that has already shown a favor to Peterson by returning his guns to him. The filing was on the grounds that the judge has “prejudice” against the prosecution. The prosecution team feels that after their particular refusal to turn over “notes of discovery” (which are actually little notes and memos that the lawyers write down as they investigate a case for themselves),  which no one ever turns over to the court, in the “gun” aspect of  Drew Peterson’s case. Once they did not turn over internal notes Judge Schoenstedt ruled in favor of Peterson.

The second issue at hand was the bail. Brodsky and team want the bail lowered down to $100,000. and $500,000.  This will all be revisited on Thursday. The issues will be heard by new Judge Gerald Kinney.

Finally the family for Kathleen Savio that were present, feel some tiny bit of vindication after five years of waiting for the justice for Kathleen. Seeing him in the courtroom, dressed in jail clothing, and standing quietly without having nary a word muttered must have made them feel that perhaps soon they see Peterson where they feel he should be for life; in prison.!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


5 responses to “Peterson It’s No Joke!

  1. michellefrommadison

    For Drew to plead guilty of the crime, one would think. or expect, that he believes he actually did do the crime, and the facts don’t add up that he is guilty of anything, except maybe being a bit of a jerk in front of cameras.

  2. michellefrommadison-after all we all know that being a jerk is not a crime and is not punishable by law, until jerks cross an imaginary line, which most jerks do! That line is either(in condesending order) murder, violation of court orders,domestic violence,battery,stalking,harrassment,…….shall I go on? I think you get it! We all do! P.S. BTW that list could go on longer than my arm!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  3. michellefrommadison

    If I was Drew and was charged with a crime that was impossible to obtain a conviction, I too would be laughing at the media that are making fools of themselves far worse than what Drew may be doing, then after the case gets resolved, I would go back and publicly identify every single last one of those media-jerks and hold them all accountable for all their errors, then I would retire and live off the winnings that would obtain through an endless list of lawsuits which will support my next four-ten generations. 🙂

  4. michellefrommadison, what do you think will be the next move ,if the remains that were found yesterday turn out to be that of Stacy Peterson? I am sure theproscecution, and “Joe Public” will have the last laughs; resounding ones!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone
    Mary Caliendo

  5. michellefrommadison

    If the remains that were found turn out to be of Stacy Peterson, then I hope they can arrest the true killer, if a murder actually did take place. Finding remains is not substantiation of a murder, only that the remains were found. And, from the evidence discussed thus far regarding the likelihood of Drew being involved, especially of the charge of first-degree, seems to be an obstacle of proving that in a court of Law, and I don’t believe based upon what I have heard and seen so far, that Drew would ever be convicted as charged. (Wings won the second game too:))

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