Peterson Case New Judge!

It was expected that Judge Gerald Kinney would appoint a new judge in the Drew Peterson case. The case will now be heard by Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes.  Interestingly enough, she has had some dealings with Peterson/Savio in the past!  She had handled just a small bit of their 2002 divorce. She had awarded Kathleen Savio with temporary custody of their children and set up child support.

While no other financial matters had ever then been resolved any further than that before the death of Kathleen Savio, and now Drew Peterson has been charged with murder 1 in his ex-wives case. He has plead not guilty.

While Joel Brodsky stated before cameras yesterday, that there could be worse judge choices for Drew. So it looks like Brodsky will not be protesting this decision. It is in this writer’s eye, that it appears that this judge may have a great understanding of the plight of women who are victims of domestic violence. This court has a great long history of the family values it needs to have to represent not only the law and the rights; moral and ethical, of those people involved in the case. Its family court rises to that level each day. Joliet and Will County, IL should be quite proud of the fact that the county can for-see what the needs of a family unit are, what types of food,education,and cost of living for example are needed to provide for the best interests of that family unit. In other words it shows that the court  takes a  great stance for the advocating of its public.

I think that in this area, domestic violence has reared its head way too much and that Drew Peterson’s days may be numbered at this point.

Today, Judge Policandriotes will also consider the defense’s motion to have Peterson’s $20 Million dollar bail reduced. Will continue to report on the happenings in this case. Updates posted as soon as they come in.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


One response to “Peterson Case New Judge!

  1. michellefrommadison

    Drew was never convicted of any domestic assaults, right????????

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