Casey Anthony New Defense

As we all know, from perhaps the beginning of this case, that Jose Baez would not be qualified to try to a capital murder case. He will continue to stay on as a co-counsel. This will help him in the long-run for his future law expertise. He knows this. No matter what, it looks bleak for this defense team. The prosecution has much physical  evidence to use, as well as friends and ex-lovers to help aid in the picture of what Casey Anthony was doing before, during, and after the crime against her daughter Caylee Anthony, was being perpetrated against her.

Jose Baez went on the “Today Show” and talked about his client Casey Anthony beig brave and strong. Jose Baez is still saying that he and his team believe that Casey is innocent. Baez also went on to say that the release of the “secretly tapped” Casey, when she found out the bones found were that of Caylee’s, is cruel and unusual. He claims he will get the guards to relinquish their stance and say yes it was not nice that they had her on tape!

Jose Baez also introduced his new defense team dream. Chicago’s super-lawyer, Andrea D. Lyon. The current college professor, and nationally recognized expert on death penalty defense has signed on to help in this case. Only once has she lost!  Her hard-lined stance and unrelenting style has put  the Jose Baez Team  as Andrea  D. Lyon as their last line of defense. Ms Lyon does not believe in the death penalty at all, and she can be perhaps the only one who will be able to “save” Casey’s life!

Ms. Lyons and her co-counsel Paul Dengel (criminal attorney) will be present next to Baez as the trial begins.

Casey’s last appearance in the court-room showed her somewhat heavier,hair much longer, and make-up looking heavy. She appears to have aged a bit since she has been there. He demeanor was somewhat stoic, and mustering a smile only once or twice. She appeared to be interested in what was being spoken about.

I guess that I would listen -up if I thought that my lawyer had to bring the “angel of death row” as a last ditch effort for my case. Fully aware that, that would mean that my case will not be won and the only thing left is to stop them from the “needle”! At the same time I would be relieved because her track record is great!  As far as the tape that was made, perhaps it was somewhat cruel but for those guards, and because of the high-profile of this case,there needs to be all the documented information as possible. Now whether that would be a video,written, or taped it all becomes evidence so that Casey herself could not turn around and say that someone had mistreated her in any way. The tape is simple proof on an event that happened!

If it comes into court, it is just another piece of evidence in this case to show the demeanor of this individual.

If I could personally say anything to Casey at this point, I would tell her to thank her lucky stars that this woman of greatness in Andrea D. Lyon, is here to rescue Casey. And of the “cruel and unusual” tape made, I’d also say that Casey did not think it was cruel and unusual when she killed, then bagged, then buried her little baby Caylee!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and only in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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