Treatment of Casey Anthony Cruel???

Hey wait a minute!  Guards thought the treatment of Casey Anthony cruel and unusual??? Say What? The taping of a prisoner is not cruel and unusual. And when a person becomes incarcerated, thatterminates your rights to everything except civil liberty. When you are imprisoned in our country, you have the right to have three square meals, you have a right to sleep, to go to the bathroom, to clean yourself, and finally to be imprisoned away from the extreme elements such as a hard winter or extreme heat……in other words a roof over your head. The prison then gives you privileges such as a trip to the day room to watch TV., or perhaps a phone call for twenty minutes maybe, to read, and be rewarded for your good behavior.   Let’s ask Laura Ling and Euna Lee if at this point do they have those privileges as of yet?? And neither killed a child or dumped a child or even just lied about the whereabouts of their children!

If I was anywhere near Casey Anthony in the employ as a guard I would tape everything just for my own safety inside so that she cannot do the very thing she is currently doing, asking her law staff to create and manufacture a reason for sympathy!  Good Luck Baez and Death Row Angel; she gave herself away and it was on tape- too bad! Get over it! she made a nest for you to defend-just let her sleep in it!

Let us all not forget that Caylee Anthony is gone and never to breathe again thanks to the lady who was her mom and couldn’t have given a care if she was cruel to her. Seriously folks, I really wish that the trial were today, because the repetition of the same ‘ol is just that the same ‘ol! It is really cruel that we have to sit around and blog about the ice princess that is crying like a “baby in the brig”!  Let’s get on with it already. My thoughts are with Laura Ling and Euna Lee and there’s a crime that really needs to be written about!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


28 responses to “Treatment of Casey Anthony Cruel???

  1. Hallo Mary..
    I agree with You, let’s get on with this Case!
    Casey Anthony and her Defense Team are getting on my Nerve with their Whining about Casey being treated cruel. What a Joke!
    That Woman has more Rights than her Daughter Caylee ever had.
    I agree there are so many other Cases to concentrate on.
    The Casey Anthony Saga seems to be getting no where it is always the same ol same ol BS!
    The Defense stalling
    and filing Motion after Motion, some of them
    not necessary and just a Waste of time.
    Caylee is gone, she was murdered.
    Why make such a Fuss over Casey A., she should be treated just like the Rest of the People who are charged with the Murder of their Child.
    Why treat her with Kids Gloves on and why does every Big Shot Lawyer come to her Defense?
    All Casey Anthony has done from the Beginning
    is mislead Law Enforcement and wasted precious Time and Money with her Lies.
    Caylee could have been found much sooner, not by Accident by a Stranger 6 Month after she was reported missing.
    Casey didn’t even report her own Daughter missing, it was her Mom Cindy.
    So, to say Casey Anthony was treated cruel at any time is just a ridiculous Statement to make
    in the Light of what has been done to an innocent Child Caylee Marie, she is the one who was murdered and dumped bagged in a Garbage Bag
    in the Woods like Trash in the Hopes never to be found!
    Now that is what I say is CRUEL!
    So, I just wish they give the Public a Break from All that BS in this Case! JMO

  2. Doesn’t Bozo realize that every time the word ‘CRUEL’ is used to describe Casey’s circumstances, the automatic response from everybody is IT WAS CRUEL TO MURDER CAYLEE AND THROW HER OUT IN A GARBAGE BAG? Stupid douche bag.

  3. BTW the Way I understand it, One Guard at the Jail did make a Comment that it was Casey who wanted to watch TV that Day in Question.
    Not that it matters to me, I guess the Point I am trying to make, what in the World is she complaining about. If it is true that she was the One who wanted to watch TV when they discovered the Remains of a small Child.
    She knew there was no Privacy in Jail, what is her Problem anyway besides being a whining Brat who thinks we should believe she is the Victim in All of that.
    Well Casey Anthony will have her Day in Court just like every one else and than lets see how innocent she really is!

  4. Does anyone else think this is huge? Casey was NOT tricked into watching TV… ! Has Andrea Lyon quit yet? HA HA HA!!!

  5. michellefrommadison

    Treatment of Casey Anthony Cruel??? Actually, according to Law, her treatment has been proven to be cruel, at least if one understands the facts and the protocol of Law procedures with contractual guidelines within the correctional institution. Anyone who disagrees simple is not informed or educated enough to know or understand the difference.

  6. Hi everyone! Long time no talk….the mere mention of Casey Anthony brings us all back to the table…..I personally think she has it better than she did on the outside! She does not even have to go to the Target for snacks, just a click of the finger and there you have it Twinkies, make-up, sockies, and toothpaste! Viola’ Mother may I play in the day room? Yes you may but be forewarned-there is a TV on yonder and it will be on! Telling you just in case there may be news on and you find it disturbing. P.S. and please know Ms. Ice Princess that we have cameras everywhere!
    Kid gloves right michellefrommadison? Oh please if you think Casey is being treated unfairly and cruelly you are out of your mind!
    I am not an uneducated woman,nor am I simple! I am certain they are treating her well in there and I know you know they are too! So just stop!

    Just my thoughts,just my opinions,and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  7. Actually, MFM, according to law Caylee Anthony’s treatment by her mother Casey Anthony has been proven to be cruel, at least if one understands the facts and the protocol of Law procedures. Anyone who disagrees simply is not informed or educated enough to know or understand the difference of how a mother should treat her child. Ooooh not quite plagiarism.

  8. MFM~ what really amazes me about You, if You are so intelligent and well informed like You always remind Every one here, how come You don’t have the Capability to add something of Substance to a Conversation.
    Instead You always come up with
    such a Non Sense and You keep on repeating Your Self over and Over.
    You might say a lot, at the same time You say nothing.
    You do have Your Opinion, I respect that, I just disagree! JMO

  9. michellefrommadison

    Thanks M, R & H for proving my points about uninformed and uneducated people. And, you are welcome.

  10. Thank you all for joining in on our current subject matter, michellefrommadison, I do agree with Hilde in a sense that everyone has opinions, we are all entitled, But I do wish you would bring more to the table- she is right you do sound….well. like a broken record…. sorry
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  11. michellefrommadison

    Thanks again Mary for proving my points about uninformed and uneducated people making comments that they obviously know nothing about. And, you are welcome.

  12. michellefrommadison-bring more of yourself into the conversation, you can’t be only about defense of Casey Anthony can you? My writing isn’t always about my opinions, it may be about others and I chose to write in a certain slant. I do try to stay extremely informed, I purposely did not write on Casey Anthony for awhile because I am sick of her! And the subject of her case. For michellefrommadison-you need to
    Bring more to the table or don’t bring it at all! Thanks.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  13. Bees please go and get Ostella…her troll thwacking services are required :mrgreen:

  14. MFM Thanks for proving my point that you do not care one ounce for the victim in this case: Caylee Anthony. It is so sad that you are purely driven to blog by your hatred for Nancy Grace. You have so much hatred for Nancy for years that you will go to any blogs that discuss cases that have been on her show. You are never for the victim or even care about the case we are discussing. I don’t even think George and Cindy would appreciate the fact you do not care about finding out how and who did this to Caylee. It must be so hard for you to carry so much hatred around. I just hope you have not victimized anyone and were featured on Nancy Grace. You are so driven to blog the opposite of what ever Nancy Grace says. You call the accused the victims and never the actual victim. Not once have I ever read where you were concerned with what happened to Caylee. You do not have any facts about any of these cases or do you care. Something must of happened with Nancy Grace to have this much hatred. I read some things about you online and you use alias’. No matter how much you copy and paste your same old responses, you are not convincing anyone that they are uninformed or uneducated.

  15. halfpint42592

    Hello All! It’s been a while for me but I see Michelle Fom Madison is still at it. Michelle heres a question for you, and I am sure it is one you probably get alot:
    WHY IS IT THAT ANYONE WHO WILL NOT DEFEND CASEY ANTHONY OR THE ANTHONY FAMILY IS IN YOUR OPINION UNEDUCATED AND ILL INFORMED? It seems to me that you spend your days searching for blogs that do not support your opinion and leave the same comments on every one. That to me makes you appear to be uneducated and ill informed. Why not bring a real conversationto the table, or better yet start your own blog so that we many come visit and write about how uneducated we think you are? Your rambling is getting tiresome and you have nothing to support your certainty of the innocence of a woman who cold heartedly killed and disposed of her own daughter… Time to grow up darlin’ won’t be long before you will need to create another name to write under as this entire group of blogggers is really over you….

  16. michellefrommadison

    Thanks for proving my points again about uneducated and uninformed commentors like yourself, there halfpint42592, and you are welcome. 🙂

  17. Bees…please find Ostella…her troll thwacking expertise is required here…thanks :mrgreen:

  18. I posted the above yesterday as well…maybe it is still in moderation.

  19. Michelle: It must be hard to sit and read all the blogs that you do and try to come up with something to say on each one. So I assume you must auto reply your “uneducated” response because if you truthfully sat here all day and responded that line as many times as you do, again the finger would point back to you. Spend your time making your own blog then we can visit yours…

  20. michellefrommadison

    halfpint42592, contrary to your inaccurate and uninformed statement, I have never auto-replied to anything, ever. But, don’t allow the facts to continue to scare you halfpint2592, you are not alone. There are many uneducated, uninformed, ill-informed, and ignorant people out there exactly in the same position you remain. The lack of education is the key you need to improve upon so you do not continue to come across as so far out on the outer fringes of your psychological abnormalities you have documented here. Study up my friend, then after you can return and attempt a comment that has some meaning and interest to others. Good luck. 🙂

  21. michellefrommadison

    Mary, did you see the RedWings took a beating last night? Just like Chicago. Darn. 😦

  22. halfpint42592

    Michelle: Your incessant rambling is getting so tiresome. Perhaps you really feel as though you said something in your long winded comment but I assure you it was nothing of importance. As far as me studying up, I can tell you I would never write about anything that I did not study up on first. Anytime you would like to debate the facts feel free but I better warn you before you come to battle, I am going to need you to bring a little more to the table than your claims that they are innocent, that I am uneducated and that your opinion is the almighty… Back up your facts and then we will talk…

  23. michellefrommadison

    It is flattering that you think I am almighty, there halfpint42592, but really is not necessary. But, thanks anyways for the recognition of intelligence that still eludes you. And, you are welcome for me bringing issues to you that you still do not yet fully understand. Eventually, you might finally begin to make sense of things if you see it over and over, repetition appears to be what you need to help you to understand things not yet in your grasp. Good luck on that though. 🙂

  24. michellefrommadison- first and foremost, I did watch all the hockey games- I do think that the Redwings are a dream team and I think they were a better team in that match-up. It was a greatsurprise that the Pens. pulled it out!

    Second, I’d like to close the subject comments on this post…I think that Casey Anthony is being afforded all that is rightfully hers. And the authorities will take due dillegence in all that they do surrounding Casey Anthony, and Jose Baez team will take all that they can in defense of their client. It’s just that simple! So time to put this one to bed! Goodnight Gracie!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  25. halfpint42592

    Good Morning Mary:
    I agree the comments should be closed now due to MFM feeling the need to constantly berate and offer nothing to the subject written about. JMO

  26. michellefrommadison

    Halfpint42592, just for clarification’s sake, I have never berated anyone as you claim, nor am I willing to spoon-feed the ignorants incapable of doing their own research on issues readily accessible if one looks in the right places. I would suggest you try to first become aware of things like facts, to prevent your re-occurring symptoms of your foot-in-the-mouth disorder you are afflicted with. If you need more help, there are many people who might be willing to help if you just stop attacking others that make you feel frustrated over your jealousy of them being better-informed than yourself. Give it a try, stop attacking those better-informed, and ask nicely and in a conversational tone. 🙂

  27. michellefrommadison- please leave a note about your blog, for all of us- we’d love to visit. I want to see how far you’ve come!

    Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  28. halfpint42592

    Hi Mary~ John actually gave us a link to where MFM hangs out most of the time. I do not believe she has a blog, at least at word press but she is a great supporter of

    Michelle, I am really over it. Please find yourself another place to troll as I haven’t met one blogger yet who believes you have anything to offer…

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