Responsible Blogging ?!

Today I’m taking time to write a post on responsible blogging! I was personally turned off by the story that broke about a local Illinois blogger. I’m speaking about Beccah Beushausen, the hoax blogger!  In the article that was reported on by the Chicago Tribune, /Friday, June 12, 2009- it states that along side the picture of Beccah was a caption that says “I know what I did was wrong-I’m sorry because people were so emotionally involved”

In this story, this girl ran a blog for many months saying that she was pregnant and the baby that she was carrying was going to be born terminally ill! She kept this up and word spread! People gave her donations, made t-shirts, and held vigils; along with  large organizations that supported the right to life began praying and continued to pass along the information. People felt sad and wanted so much to help this mother in distress known only as April’s Mom. Then she claimed she had given birth only to have her baby die only hours later!

This was all made-up! There was not one ounce of truth to anything Ms. Beushausen said!

Enter wordpress community-enter any blogger for that matter.  Writers, your outcry should show. As a writer I will bend over backward to make sure what I am posting for all of the world to read is true!  Sadly, there are a lot of you out there, whose blog is built on the backs of others writing. Who actually take snippets of others writing and post them as their own!  Frauds beware!  I’ll be looking for you.

I want my writing to inspire people, make them come back and read more, I’d like my writing to act like a conversation; it’s light and never dry. I want my writing to make people think, feel ,and maybe even sway their view of something.  But mostly when someone comes to my site to read my commentary, I want them to feel like I have given some small insight into something that is in the news. I want them to feel that they just read something of value, current, and insightful.

I hope that I will never run into the likes of the cheaters, stealers, and liars. To play with peoples’ emotions is just a crime! As Ms. Beushausen recants and tells how her writing got out of hand when the hits kept coming, she apparently got so stressed out that she had to be hospitalized! Too bad for her. Shame is really what she should feel. She plans to make a final blog posting in which she will apologize to everyone she has hurt in any way!

What a shame for such a talented writer to have done the unthinkable, lie! Writing is about creativity. And being creative she was, so much so that she even received money for all that great writing-too bad it wasn’t written down in the pages of a fictional story entitled:

Aprils’ Mom is a figment of Beccah Beushausen’s mind!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


4 thoughts on “Responsible Blogging ?!”

  1. Good afternoon Mary: How truly sad this is. Unfortunately, her blog of lies is only a small insight into what the rest of her life might be like. Perhaps it is a cry for help? I did not see the article and wonder was she charged with any crime for the money she accepted? Did someone find out or did she confess this on her own? I dont undertand her thinking really. I know that when I write it is mostly for me. I do love good conversation and so that is why I chose to blog instead of the journal thing because I do like to hear what others think, but to be deceitful and make up this horrific lie is more than just someone trying to swindle someone else. It sounds to me like a mental evaluation is very needed. Good for you for speaking out…

  2. halfpint42592-She is very young, but it wasn’t responsible- it is sad to trick people-she stated that she was drawn as the hits kept coming -she kept the lie up! I think she may very be a talented writer, but this will follow her-good or bad-I mean even “bad” people have followers-look at Drew Peterson, there are seedy people that will follow her around and perhaps even give her a book deal-shamefully- entitled: I was once a fraud but now I’m just a great writer” ! I am hoping that there are criminal charges brought. Not to spite her but for those that have lost something like money! I agree that admittedly she needed to check in to the local hospital for suppossed stress; I think she needed an evaluation too!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

  3. Good Morning Mary: Unfortunatley “young” shouldn’t be the excuse to allow people to be deceitful. As a mother my children are taught that every action has a consequence, the way you treat people comes back to you ten fold, and that with every deed, action, or decision you make in your life, make sure you can hold your head high.

    As far as your statement that you used to be a fraud? I am not sure what that meant but I love reading your blog and have never found you to be an overindulger or dramam mama, so keep writing!

  4. Dear halfpint42592- I figured there are a lot of us out here who try to be ultra responsible to out written words, but someone like this one whom should never be employed or get a publishing contract; will. Sometimes the publishers want to sell books so bad that they will to a point even give a book contract to someone is has already been shown to be fraudulent in print already! Which should be bad for them. But controversy also sells books! So oh no not me, but this young girl will come out of this smelling like a rose!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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