Casey Anthony Case Disgusting!

As the details of the autopsy along with all of the other evidence heard thus far in the case of Caylee Anthony’s death are in a word: disgusting!

There are a great many words that one could tag this case, but with the details released comes the thought of utter disgust! How in the world could have anyone have done this? Details of the autopsy report have revealed many things, like the fact that duct tape wrapped over the mouth and the nose, was wrapped around and around! Not once around; Casey wrapped the duct tape angrily around and around! Duct tape had held the mandible intact and even more gross, hair from the head of Caylee was also still attached to the tape. This shows the force in which the child was wrapped! But it also goes to prove the level of decomposition. It proves that the body was in a very early stage of decomp. when tape was placed.

Further gross details such as her spine was dragged away by animals- the spine was intact itself with roots and plant life growing up through it! This shows it was there at least 4 months due to the growth of the plant life. Other bones found at the scene, show that there are animal teeth marks on the bones and that the autopsy further reveals that animals dragged bones away from intial decomposition site.

Sadness abounds and continues, for prior to the release of the autopsy results, George Anthony, father of Casey, approached the judge asking for peace for his family. Asking and pleading with the judge stating that it will cause more undue harm to them and that the grief is crushing them! It was awful to hear and to watch! I felt a great amount of sadness for them. The judge must have had a lump in his throat, as he knows he must release this information, but he is human. I know for this writer, I felt sad and disgust reading it; imagine what her mom and dad are going through! The very thought that someone you could love could do such terrible things, it would be hard not to blame each other. These parents must continue to get therapy if they can. It is not helathy and Cindy and George Anthony are so close to going over the edge. You can hear the genuine grief in George Anthony’s voice. I would not trade places with them in a minute!

Further details released are the fact that the prosecution has requested photos of the tattoo on Casey Anthony’s shoulder. The tattoo says”Bella Vita”. In English the translation means Beautiful Life. This tattoo was applied two weeks after Caylee went missing. The owner of the Cast Iron Tattoo, Danny Knight was told that the baby was at the nanny. Mr. Knight told the media that Casey was a regular at his tattoo establishment and that Caylee had been there a number of times. He thought nothing of Casey’s explanation because she seemed so nice and did not appear to have a worry in the world!

In closing today,Casey Anthony is a cold hearted individual! She is a selfish, narcissistic and psychotic woman who felt restrained by her child in so many ways in her mind it was easier for everyone involved if she just disposed of her!

Soon the trial will take place and it is this writers intent that she be fully punished to the extent of the law! Whatever that should mean!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Casey Anthony Case Disgusting!

  1. halfpint42592

    Hi Mary:

    While I do believe that the Anthony’s are grief stricken I also know that the further anguish that can be caused by them knowing the details of the case are not true. The family is privy to that information long before the public. Dr. G, I am sure explained in great detail what her findings were.

    Now that is not to say that the release will not cause them further anguish as to the public outcry for their daughters life after one reads this.

    There isn’t really much more left to show me that Casey Anthony deserves to be put to death. I do not doubt her guilt for one minute. Unfortunately, her parents actions are what is causing the public to be so bitter toward them. Everyone says you don’t know until you walk the mile, but you know to a certain extent. I feel they are both in need of major counseling and have to come to terms with the fact that they may have to walk away from the daughter they raised in order to have any peace. I am not sure their marriage will survive but I am not sure they can survive it on their own either…

  2. halfpint42592- I agree, part of the Anthony’s problem is that they are “out” in the public all the time, the camera always seems near-by- When I grieve I grieve differently, I pull down the shades and tend to not share things with those that do not know our family. While this was such a public matter, The Anthony’s need to stop doing shows, and exploding and further causing inflammatory situations with their own actions. They need to follow protocol and stay behind all cameras, I feel they would feel better.

    Unfortunately parents may blame themselves for a wayward child, this is where the counseling will help. I hope they get some. And we all know what the outcome should be for Casey!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.
    Mary Caliendo

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