I Want To Be Friends With Oprah!

There is goodness in some, and there are is greatness in others!  I truly believe that Oprah is the epitome of greatness! Although she is at the top of the food chain, she could be many things but first and foremost she is real. She is genuine and actually cares for the people around her.

Working for Oprah must be a delight. She appears to have a huge staff that surrounds and attends to her every need. But she started at the bottom and rose to the top. She is a true rags to riches story. But what is exclusive to her is that she has not forgotten where she came from. She is thankful to people who have and continue to do things for her. Yes this makes her a good boss.

Sending people/employees on the trips of their life-time is a great business gesture as well as a heartfelt gesture. When you make money in business you need to write of the expenses that it takes to kepp you in business. She could have written off anything, but she chose to make this memorable for the people around her, and thus to Oprah sending your whole entire staff and their immediate families on a cruise is really something! I know that everyone is thankful, rested, and ready to go on working.

Boosting morale of your working staff is something that every boss should do. If not those glamorous trips: just donuts or lunch is great and most likely well withing a budget. But to really achieve what Oprah has that all others do not is the simple truly that of being thankful! Being deeply thankful will show. They way the management conducts its skills will transfer over into the work. If you are loved it will show.

So for all the bosses out there just a simple truly meaning ful thank you will help you to achieve Oprah status in your office; try it if you dare!

Just my thoughts,just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo


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