Chicago Cop / Woman Beater Gets Probation!

It is an outrage! With complete and utter disgust, I cannot believe that Police Officer Anthony Abbate got only a slap on the wrist for the beating of Karolina Obrycka! What more can you ask but then to actually have the evidence of Mr. Abbate beating her up captured entirely from the beginning to the end on video! This video aired at one time all over the world, and definitely all over the Chicagoland viewing area. And the over served Anthony Abbate was told No,No more drinks for you, by the blonde bartender. Mr. Abbate did not want to be told what to do; after all no one should say no to a Chicago cop; even one off-duty!

The hulking cop then proceeded to go behind the bar, hurled the tiny blonde bartender to the ground; and then he began a birage of punches and kicks! Shamefully he continues on and throws her into a wall as her screams and cries can be heard on the video.

Judge John Flemming did did find him guilty of Aggravated Battery. But yesterday during the sentencing phase of this trial the Judge basically slapped the hand of the drunk off-duty cop!  He received two years probation!! Yes, that is what I said, he was guilty but because Ms Obrycka’s injuries were not permanent in nature, and that Mr. Abbate did not have a record the judge felt that it wasn’t enough to send him into prison!

No I think there were plenty of mitigating circumstances in this case, one is that he is a cop! The fact is the judge wanted this to go away, while the police force has come under fire recently for a scandal involving “special forces unit”  Mayor Daley and his crew do not want another scandal for the Olympic committee to hear about!


While Illinois as a state was made embarrassed about its governor, now it is the police that will embarrass us!  People have great fear of the police now more than ever! There  are so many great cops out there that take their responsibilities to heart. They live and breathe the law but for some it is a reason for their almighty power-trip to continue. I mean after all this judge just now set a precedent, You can be drunk and go around beating defenseless women up and in this town of Chicago you can get a slap on the wrist and be free of a jail sentence!

Abbate and his team of lawyers defense was laughable; he had the nerve to go in that room and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help them God! Abbate actually stated that the woman half his size was throwing him around like a rag-doll and Mr. Abbate had to protect himself from her. Earlier that evening he beat another patron that was in the bar, but this person had fear and would not press charges against him! The jury was told of this other beating as well as the judge; but shame on Judge Flemming and his decision!  He lessened the severity of the charge against him by not requiring him to serve time in jail!

Currently the commander Jody Weis has recommended that The Independant Review Board  fire Mr. Abate from the police force. His case will come up before this board by July 7, 2009. Until then, stay out of the way of large, drunk  men in Chicago you’ll never know wheater   he may be an undercover cop ready to pounce especially if you are trying to do your job by not serving him more liquor!

This is finally yet one more case of violence against women, a similar thing happened with Chris Brown and Rihanna where his sentence did not fit the crime!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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