Michael Jackson Farewell

The crowds are beginning to gather at the Staples Center where later today a large memorial service will be held. They are signing their names  along with messages to pay homage to the pop star. Michael Jackson is known the world-over, and is loved the world-over. CNN is just breaking the news that Jackson’s body will be lying in state at the Staples Center!

Whether you personally love him or hate him, one has to admit that he was extremely talented. He paved the way for ground-breaking dance and creative ways to continue to re-invent or re-invigorate being  just a singer.

But that is the point, he was more than just a singer; while he has been accused of some nasty things (with children none the less), he has never been convicted of them. He has broke contracts and hinged upon some copyright infringements, but some people cannot get past the accusations regarding the kids! In many an interview the very soft spoken Michael Jackson states that he is often misunderstood. He claims that most likely because of his loss of childhood, he wanted to be “Peter Pan”.  In other words, he wanted to reclaim all that he thought was child-like.  People do not have to succumb to having been beat, or be a high profile star/singer as a child to want the right to reclaim childhood!  As we all age, don’t we all wish we could go back?  Don’t we all wish that we could be innocent again?

As my excelled child hops on to the Internet each day, do I proclaim, “don’t be sorry if you miss great things in your childhood!” Perhaps it would be great if the children all got on their play clothes, gathered sticks, large rocks, and built a fort to play army in! But that was my generation. My culture asked us to use our minds to invent things to play, or pass down marble championships, yo-yo tricks, and jump rope expertise! 

Now this up and coming generation will make us feel small at the amount of intelligence that they actually have. Their level of learning has far exceeded the things that we were taught at the elementary level. Their culture will ask them to create new applications for the computer, and pass down viral videos, and be part of a generation that tries to be “green”.

So don’t blame Michael Jackson as he saw things that none of us could ever venture to imagine, he was a visionary and a true seer. He was inventing new things to play. His games included dancing and singing on the utmost of levels beyond even the most talented could ever have predicted. So whether you loved him or you did not, admit and acknowledge that he somehow has changed your life.

So today, it is official, that act of saying goodbye. Saying farewell Michael -The King of Pop, we listened, we sang, we danced, we smiled, and we loved to your music. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who was so young or someone you have grown up with, but we know we must. But saying goodbye doesn’t mean we will ever forget! Goodbye Michael your legacy will live on forever, just like that of Peter Pan!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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