Was Michael Murdered?

All the fervor has passed, what with the elaborate memorial service, which turned slightly to the way of circus atmosphere, rumors about Michael Jackson’s life has come out.

No one knows what exactly to believe. It would not be hard to believe that people who surrounded Michael Jackson were shady at best!  All celebrities, movie stars, and singers have had some sort of brush with those people/fans who are just simply star-struck, and those with deeper problems; stalking is one that comes to mind. Among the many stars that have had these “brushes” with those types of people have had for the most part, good results. With many celebs. being able to get the stalkers time in prisons and orders of protection.

But what about those fans who inject their lives with the celebrity? Is it unbelievable that LaToya Jackson has come out to say the she thinks her brother was not only a victim of murder, he is the victim of thievery as well. She is quoted as saying that her brother is a victim of a conspiracy of several people. Michael is described by many as being meek, gentle, and kind. Some believing that he was even a bit naive. La Toya goes on to say that she believed Michael was surrounded by people who did not have his best interests at heart.

We most likely will see the results of the toxicology reports will show that Michael’s body had drugs and chemicals in it and that will have lead to his death. La Toya, as well as  many others do have a belief in the theory that shady people surrounded him. 

La Toya went on to say that she feels all of the things will come out  in the end. For Michael and for his three children, and his extended family, I sure hope that those who were getting him the drugs will be charged with murder, attempted murder or even manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter. I feel this way because I would not want someone close to me to be given things/drugs that were not customary or “normal” in nature, not to mention the aiding that of an already addicted person; this is already a crime!

So sorry that the “nurse friend” of Michael who told him that this is dangerous (diprovan), did not report the doctor who was illegally giving this to him!  Gosh, with friends like that who needs enemies?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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