Lance Armstrong-A True Athlete!

Lance  Armstrong is a man driven. He appears to thrive on competition itself. He’s out there and is in the race, he and his teammate, Alberto Contador remain in second and third for the third day in a row at this years’  Tour De France.

Lance Armstrong is quoted as saying that he even has his thoughts turning to next year already. Armstrong is out there racing sans salary this year! Alot of things can be said about Lance Armstrong, but athlete should be mentioned at the top of the list!

He is a seven-time champion, who after a three year retirement is back on the bike and is still a viable and a controlling presence. What can one say? What type of person can come back from that, not to mention having cancer? Lance Armstrong is a very resilient person who continues to stun and amaze us with his true god-given ability. These type of athletes only come along once in awhile. The Sugar-Ray’s, the Michael Phelps’s, and the Tiger Wood’s , along with Lance Armstrong of sports have something we all do not. The drive, the ambition,and the discipline that is required to not just reach the end of a race or game, but to conquer it. To create the next game and to improve that game for the next group of athletes.

So all that this writer can do is to add that Lance Armstrong at this writing is only eight seconds back and he looks comfortable, and the next hurdle is the win and the yellow shirt he will wear as he crosses the finish line only to enhance and improve his game. The game of cycling in which he created the stage on which he alone stands; an accomplished athlete.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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