Michelle Obama’s Up-do!

I thought it was much ado about nothing!   Er..and Uh I was right!  It was all the rage for a couple of days;Michelle Obama’s new hair-do!  When first lady Obama appeared at the country music event at the White House and sported what many dubbed “The Obama Bob”, it was all the rage!

It was said that people were running in to their beauticians and asking for a bob that resembled that of the first lady’s! Could it be? Yes. But too bad for many when they found out days later that it was just an up-do of Michelle Obama’s current hair-do some were disappointed!  Why?

Probably because behind this hair-do could have meant dollars to some. If it were true and caught on, beauty shops would make more more money and their would be a spur of trickle-down effects that may or may have not taken place. All because of a hair-do. It goes to show you the power behind the woman.

Is this part of a bigger problem? Possibly. Being so invested in an individual could be disastrous for some. Although it is a harmless thing to want to just look like someone for example, Jennifer Aniston hair, or Farrah Fawcett hair. Or perhaps just purchase an outfit from J Crew like Michelle Obama’s. These all seem harmless, but to the young women coming up, it would behoove us to ask them to aspire to be educated like them. To tell young women it is more than great to have the mind of a chemist, love and write the greatest of literature, or to solve the world’s health problems and you will have something! We need to tell young women you go ahead and study everything and and anything that will take you to a higher educational place, all while telling them if you want Michelle Obama arms that is okay too!

Promote your daughter,your granddaughter, friend, niece, neighbor in every thing that they may encompass, but make sure you tell them to be a well-rounded individual!  Pursue music, education, and sport and build self-esteem! Then you’ll have something!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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