Another Dogfighting Ring Busted!

On this past  Saturday night, in Hopkins Park, police broke up yet another dogfighting ring! Located in Kankakee County in IL the police took several people into custody.

One person was charged with felony dogfighting, and five others were charged with assorted misdemeanors. The authorities also charged a fifty year old man with bringing a five year old to a dogfight (putting a child in harms way)!

Among the arrests, money in the total sum of $12,000.00, and a “type of chamber” was confiscated. This chamber is believed to be used if a dog would lose a fight, it would then be subject to an execution in this chamber! It was operated by jumper cables connected to a battery! 

It seems that the state of IL has recently, begun to clamp down on dogfighting. They appear to have infiltrated several rings, and continue to place the heat on these people connected to the arrests. This continues to be a horrific crime, and the public continues to ask the authorities to not only arrest the perpetrators of these crimes but to make the charges stick!

I personally will continue to blog about the subject, as I do feel that this is a horrific crime! I think that the dog’s involved need people to be their advocates!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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