Cocaine on Your Money!

caocaine on your moneyIt’s true and it is sad. There are chances that the money in your purse or your wallet today carries traces of the illegal drug! Yuegang Zuo, who is a professor at the University of Massachusetts in Dartmouth led a study that looked at bank notes from seventeen United States cities. The researchers took 234 bills in all and found that 90% of the money had trace cocaine on it!

The bills that came from larger cities for example, Boston, Detroit, and Baltimore had the highest average of cocaine levels. Salt Lake City had the lowest trace amounts. While these trace amounts are not large in fact they are so small that no one need worry about these levels doing anything to our health or our well-being. The amounts in some cases are said to be thousands of times smaller than that of a simple grain of sand! 

But this just shows that even in a country as large as this, with as much paper money there is floating around, it does not surprise us to find that everything and anything could be just about anywhere! My mother told us way back when to never put money in our mouths and to always wash our hands. Money goes around the world and back again, you never know where it stopped before you!  Money is the root of all evil, some will believe, and now money is very dirty for real! Tainted with whatever! You don’t know where anything has been for that matter.

So weather it is paper money bills that were used in drug interactions or the action of snorting up the nostrils, be good people and wash your hands after handling. You never know you could be saving your own life!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions ,and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


2 responses to “Cocaine on Your Money!

  1. twogalsandabook

    I know, it is scary to think where the money we handle could have been before us…. I read not long ago that scientists found every germ known to man on money (pay phones too), including t.b., the flesh eating virus, and the super “bugs”– mom had a lot of wisdom when telling us not to put it in our mouths! You have been tagged in the mystery blog award! : )

    • This is an older post and I do think it holds true till this day! My mother never let us set money on the kitchen table! And we always had to wash our hands when handling money! And Oh goodness thank you so much for the nomination for the Mystery Blog Award! How awesome!!! I”ll be posting tomorrow! Thank you again!

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