The First Lady in Shorts!

Once again Michelle Obama will send the gossipers whispering, the pundits analyzing, and pollers making polls of public opinion. And what now could the newest frenzy be? Well of course how the first lady is dressed that’s what!

Everyone in the field of fashion and beauty are continually going crazy as Mrs. Obama sets trend after trend in the White House. Mrs. Obama employs advisers who help her dress; they make suggestions, they bring in designers in the top ring of fashion, and they will otherwise assist Michelle Obama with anything she may need help with in her overall appearance.

Of late, Michelle Obama has gotten quite a bit of criticism over the way she was dressed on a family vacation in the Grand Canyon. The story has been picked up by the most major of networks to the little local newspaper. Mrs. Obama was not dressed in a sexual manner,nor was she bearing any type of  visual trademark summer wear. So the controversy is not over her endorsing something. It is over her legs showing! Many believe that Michelle should not wear these kind of clothes as she is a representative of our country and should look so proper all the time. Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week!

All that this writer has to say is COME ON!  Everyone needs to get over themselves. She is on a family vacation, with her children visisting a wonderful United States National Park and all that is focused on is what she is wearing!  I think that is much ado about nothing! I’d rather hear about the wonderful way a mother interacts with her children as they seek to find enjoyment in the bonding experience of a vacation. I’d rather hear about the fact that they are together in spite of being in the position that they are in. I am glad that they keep on just being themselves. It’s fun to see that they are trying to stay as real as they can be in the world in which they live!

It’s great to see that even with a staff of advisers Michelle Obama decided that in the heat of Arizona, in the late of the month of August, she wanted to wear shorts. It’s okay by me that this woman wanted to enjoy herself in the freedom of her country being a mom!  And the freedom in our country lets the first lady choose to wear normal “mom” styled khaki shorts instead of some uptight pant suit, capri suit, or Chanel type dress set for a vacation in a national park! She has the look and the feel of a relaxed individual, who is not uptight and enjoys just being the cool and confidant woman she is!

I say kudos to you Mrs. Obama! Keep being you. We’ll all keep writing and don’t you give in. You are in a position to change the world with your beauty, confidence, and assuredness. I for one am glad you are real!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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