Usain Again!

 Twenty-three year old Usain Bolt does it again!  He sets yet another record! Yesterday a jet passed through on the track in Berlin atthe 200 meter finals at the World Championships! Usain is running insanely! Bolt is not only setting the records, he also crushing them!  He ran that 200 meter in 19.19 seconds! He is .11 seconds faster than his own record that he set in Beijing only one short year ago!

There has not been a person around in 88 years that has lowered the 100 meter mark like Usain Bolt has done. And no one in in the past 11 World Championships has ever won the 200 meters with a .33 margin with the exception of Michael Johnson.

Usain is a tall man, and speculators contend that perhaps the young man’s stride length is why he is running like the wind! Our American Tyson Gay was out with a groin pull and did not race the 200 meter, following as closely behind the wind was Our American Wallace Spearmon with a great time of 19.85!

Usain is confident that he will be running for years, he is proud and strong and believes that he will be knighted in his country of Jamaica. He stated in an interview that of late the steroid question has popped up. He contends that while others are testing positive, he is not. He says he is not offended he will show  them all as he continues to run and to win.

Usain trains hard and for his effort he will also now be paid quite well as he proudly represents his country and the sport of Track & Field.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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