Casey Anthony Realizing Her Fate?

The appearance of Casey Anthony and the CMA team in court the other day spied a change in her demeanor. Also the appearance of her mother and father behind her may have had an effect as well. George and Cindy Anthony showing up for her support. George blowing a kiss to his ensconced daughter finally turned up the dial on the water works.  Casey Anthony eyes welled up with huge tears. She quietly wiped them with the available Kleenex.

Her appearance and demeanor has changed quite dramatically since her last appearance. She looks as if she may finally know exactly what type of trouble she is in. Casey Anthony her hair is longer and her skin color showing the pallor of being indoors. According to the jail, Casey Anthony is locked up for approximately twenty-three hours per day. She is in the position of solitary confinement due to her tumultuous crime and the high-profile image of her.

Her team of lawyers has finally gotten to her and told her to check her attitude at the door!  She was most likely told that her attitude and the facial expressions that she exudes to the public (who may potentially become her jury) may cause her harm, and that she seems uncaring and insensitive. She has to try for the “please feel sorry for me” looks, or “I am just a confused innocent”!  It will be hard for her to get the public opinion that she will need. P.S. That’s my opinion!

It appears that the Baez team is trying for any other angle that they can conceivably come up with to create a shadow of a doubt. Just recently Baez is asking for Casey Anthony ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro phone records- possible trying to create a “story” that perhaps he was the one who did it and had the opportunity to “dump” Caylee Anthony in those woods while Casey Anthony was already being held in jail!  Ugh!  In this writer’s opinion, it is utterly disgusting that they could try to weasel this past the judge and or even a jury! Hopefully the educated minds of possible jurors that are out there will be smarter and will look only at the true evidence!  Surely the circus will most likely be delayed, but just in case October is not so far away! Here’s to hoping the trial starts soon!

Here’s also hoping that Casey Anthony has full realization that she faces something  severe and  that she also realizes that it is most likely that she is not going to just “get out” of this mess. 

I’ll say it again, too bad she didn’t take her mom up on the “you go out and party and I’ll take the baby” . Too bad for everyone.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


6 thoughts on “Casey Anthony Realizing Her Fate?”

  1. I didn’t know that Casey had that option from her Mother. I think Cindy was sick of working 40+ hours a day and then come home to take care of a baby while Casey slept around with any guy who looked sideways at her.

  2. Hi Diana! If you may remember very early on in the case it was said that Cindy wanted to take Caylee off her hands because she was already babysitting her so much already that it just made more sense to just keep her until Casey was done doing her partying and that she could “have” her back anytime she grew up! Their relationship was strained and Cindy like any other mom would’ve been v ery tired of her antics. Unfortunately Casey did not choose the “right” decision and here we ae today!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone. Mary Caliendo

  3. Mary*
    I recall reading that Cindy told her coworkers that she couldn’t AFFORD to take Caylee from Casey. Something about daycare, lawyer fees, etc. I think the truth is…….She just wanted Casey to straighten up and be a mother to Caylee, but it just never happened.

  4. Diana, I think I do remember that Cindy did say that it wasn’t something that she could afford, but that they were raising the child anyway already- I agree I think she was using it as mothers all do threaten their children with some consequence for their behavior. Casey’s was way out and Cindy/George were aware of the missing money too! So they were on their last thread with Casey it appears! It is too bad that this young girl made such rash decision.

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone. Mary Caliendo

  5. Hi there Mary!

    While I do think that Casey has been coached by the defense as to her seemingly non chalant if not cocky attitude during the previous hearings, I also noticed that again her emotion came out because it had to do with her. If you watched her during the hearing and all of the past appearances for that matter, Casey only shows emotion when she is the focus. Not once has she cried for her daughter.

    Poor Tony… I am sure he cannot begin to fathom how he has gotten pulled into this. He can probably see so many things now looking back that he wishes he would have caught on to, but everything is always 20/20 hindsight.

    The fact that the defense has practically announced their strategy should make it much easier for the prosecution to prepare to debunk any supposed evidence the defense seem to think that they have.

    Casey did look awful if you ask me and I am sure 23 hours a day alone is draining if not mentally challenging. I wish she would use those 23 hours a day to come clean and tell the truth. She already knows she is not walking away from this, if she did the right thing and at least wrote something as to what happened, hy it happened, showed remorse and gave something that allowed people to understand that she loved that beautiful child then maybe God will have mercy on her soul.

  6. halfpint42592- I agree all the way around. I’m glad the state of Florida has such transparency. I hope that the prosecution is ready-I know that the defense is trying to create reasonable doubt by even considering Tony the ex-boyfriend into the middle of the fray. I am hoping beyond hope that she would just fess it all up and save us all from the nightmare of that long and crazy trial.
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.
    Mary Caliendo

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