Chris Brown Lightly Sentenced!

Singer Chris Brown faced the judge in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday. Chris Brown does not know how lucky he is! The charge of making criminal threats was dropped; this carried felony charges and often requires jail time. Singer Rihanna was not present in court, but Chris Brown did admit to the felony assault. The judge issued an official order to the pair that they are to stay away from each other, and further, neither party is allowed to contact the other in any way.

Chris Brown’s sentence amounts to five years’ probation and six months of labor probation. The judge admonished Chris Brown harshly in court. She went on to tell the young singer that if he violated the terms of the sentencing in any way, he will be sent to jail in the state prison. His sentence will be served in Chris Brown’s home state of Virginia. 

As told by the judge his sentence does not include talking to others, the judge made it clear to Brown and his attorney Mark Geragos, that he is to serve physical labor not community service! Perhaps we will spy Chris Brown in an orange jumpsuit along the highway, or perhaps painting a public building?

I personally think that Chris Brown was lucky that this did not require jail time and that he was able to negotiate the lighter sentence. Chris Brown was falling into the cycle of domestic violence. A deadly cycle, that often all too well we know what the outcome will be. But what my long -term hope  that will come from this, is that  perhaps by catching him at the young age of twenty he will be able to get counseling to end the cycle of domestic violence. He can learn that it is a wonderful thing to be in love with someone who will not only care for you but honor and respect you.

Ending the cycle of abuse is important to all the young people coming up, in fact if he was smart at all-Brown will do a song or a whole album in honor of “what I just leanrned” about how abuse is not cool and then  donate this money to several of the large and small groups out there doing great work  to end that cycle.

Good luck Chris Brown and Rihanna I hope that we will never see the likes of you in court again!  Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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