Milton Bradley Cries Race!

Believe it or not Milton Bradley is trying to use the race card!!! Milton Bradley stated yesterday that the treatment of the fans was not only nasty, it was racial abuse! He says he faces hatred on a daily basis. Then he goes on to claim that when he goes out to restaurants and in general everyone he sees it treating him with racial hatred and that no one wants to see this!!

I’m not sure if or what Milton Bradley must face personally on the outside privately and in the public. And I would be ashamed of Cub fans if they were yelling racial epitaphs; because this is not only extremely rude it is also uncalled for. But I do feel that at this point in the baseball season everyone is expressing major frustration.

While Milton Bradley cannot site an exact incident that occurred with a Cub fan, Bradley states that he prays for only a nine inning game so he can get out of there and off the field!

Bradley must remember a couple of tidbits, Bradley is very expensive- he signed a three year $30 million dollar contract!  And true fans of the game of baseball want to see Bradley as a very productive part of the team. It’s rough here in Chicago, the fans do not and most likely should not accept slumps that many a player have had on this team. The fans love a winner. The fans love a team in first place. And lastly the fan pays a pretty price in heart, soul, and ticket price.

The Cubs organization, we are glad to say, finally will pay the big money for the big guns but when the gun won’t shoot the fans cry foul! While we cannot and will not excuse nasty fans that spew racial fodder, the Cubs organization will remove a fan whom is accused of spewing hatred in the stands. Thank you. At this point there has not been anyone removed for that reason that has been generally reported.

I think it is great the Milton Bradley hit the homer the other night, and this will help dispel the heat. Professional sports players know that the fan has high expectations of the player. The fan wants a win anyway we can get it. But for Milton Bradley and all the players current,previous, and those yet to play within the friendly confines of Wrigley Field  fans will not boo you when you produce. The more you produce the better you’ll be and the fans will love you!  Keep a chin up Bradley, it’s nothing personal!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

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