Cubs Big Z Took a Big ZZZZZZ!

Well, the Chicago Cubs played the Mets and were hoping to be able to bring out the brooms to make the clean sweep. But the inevitable happened!  Why inevitable you say?  Well it feels like a reoccurring nightmare for many, many Cub Fans!

When the Chicago Cubs needed big play for their ace pitcher, he was asleep at the wheel. Big Z taking a big Z!  And if the Chicago Cubs are to stay alive in this at all, we need to win!  After having two straight victories the Chicago Cubs were riding high and the fans in the stands were responding to a great feeling in the air!  It felt like the team was building momentum and perhaps were going to unleash the longest win streak this year!

Zambrano has not gone past the fifth inning since 7/27/09! Yesterday Zambrano was pulled out after only 3 1/2 innings and he the Mets had mounted 11 hits and 4 runs at that point. Lou Piniella yanked Big Z out! The Mets came to play, and the Cubs did not. To the Mets credit, their batters hit Big Z and made the runs count. To Zambrano, our bats did remain virtually hitless against the Mets yesterday and the flat affect was contagious.

Lou Piniella stated that everyone wants to write off the team already, he stated in the Chicago Tribune that he thought it was funny and the fact that no one gives the team a chance -just to keep it that way, that’s fine with him!  He went on to say that what people write about the team has no bearing on how the team plays!

Well most of us “real” fans never ever say the team is out until it is mathematically out of it ! Period. Perhaps this is just one bump in a short road-but this writer will still bleed blue until the end! We need a long streak of wins, and reduce that “10” games out and that sinking feeling that it isn’t this year! Here’s hoping that Big Z will not only step up to the plate next time, but he will come with blazing pitching and lead our team to the pennant race the Chicago Cubs should be in.  So instead of taking some ZZZZ’s, Big Z will wake up out of his funk and lead us to another big No-No and put us right where we need to be!  Go Cubs Go!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


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