Halle Berry A Better Dress Day!

In an attempt to follow-up on the other Halle Berry Bad Dress Day written months ago, and in answer to what the people are looking for: here’s a small, short post about the appearance of Halle Berry on Jay Leno’s new  Tonight Show.

Halle was one of Jay’s guests the other night and while they showed a montage of movies that Halle Berry was in, she talked about being a new mom again.And with this dress Halle disspelled the myth that she is prego.!  She isn’t!  This time Halle had a cute black party dress on.  To Show off her non-prego body, it was short and feminine with a small “tutu” fly-away skirt.  She had it paired with some black thigh-high boots. This only showed a tiny bit of leg but was far more sexy than the other “get-up” she had on, on the other show. Thankfully she hired someone to help her dress!  Halle’s hair was quite short, but little curls rose up here and there with a bit of gel. Her make-up looked great and natural. While Jay Leno gushed over Halle, an obvious show of affection, (similar to that of Conan and David Letterman)it seems that Jay Leno has his favorites and they reappear more often than some and Halle is on Jay’s good list!

Well Halle Berry had a great dress day this time!  Let’s hope on her next appearance she can take it down a notch and show up in some nice jeans or something! (unless of course you’re going out partying afterward) Sometimes less is so much more!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


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