Derrion Albert-Chicago Cries For You!

For the second day in a row-The City of Big Shoulders-The very Windy City, sheds tears and they are not tears of joy. We are crying out for the life of a young boy who is now dead! This Chicago Public High School boy joins a very sad statistical list. This one no one wants to be on-but now Derrion is on it!

Why? Why did Derrion have to loose his life? Two opposing groups within the Fenger HighSchool decided to fight. Derrion was not part of these groups-he was an innocent bystander- when he was severely and fatally attacked, and kicked and then finally hit continuously with  a wooden rail-road tie! Where in the world are these boys’ hearts!  Don’t they realize that they could kill a person by hitting them and kicking him and hitting him with a rail road tie? Has our society desensitized them? What can we do to change this? 

Many have marched, protested, and had memorials and vigils-what else can we do? These boys that have been arrested know that they have been identified by the taping of the fight. They know that they are facing life or perhaps the electric chair (even though the State of IL has suspended them, I think the crime would fit the punishment). Parents where are you?  Please try to keep tabs even on your high schooler-it is important for you to know their friends, to know where they are going, and to give them rules to live by.  Take them to church. Talk to your teenager, value them, and tell them you actually love them. Stake your claim to your child; take back your child! Let them know that the family is so much more important than any gang ever period!

Derrion Albert was only 16 years old!  He was only just beginning to live-he was an honor roll student who cared about life,God, his parents and family. A decent, loving, caring human being was being raised and all the right moves were being made. Now that CNN has brought the story to the world, witnesses are now coming forward to coobberate the video. At this point an 18 year old,a 17 year old, and a 16 year is being charged as an adult. And there may be as many as 7 young teens charged in all.

Chicago and now the world, says a silent prayer in their hearts for Derrion Albert-a young boy gone way too soon amid violence,mayhem and madness!

Stop the violence and hang on tightly to the ones you love.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Thank you CNN for bringing the story to the world, but let’s cut the video now-we don’t need to see it any more!


3 thoughts on “Derrion Albert-Chicago Cries For You!”

  1. Hi Mary:
    How sad is this and the many other fights that high schoolers have where they fail to realize the ramifications of their actions?

    My sons art teacher brought the video to class today and after watching it with the kids, had an awesome discussion with them that I wish I could have witnessed. He like most of us parents who actually care about where are kids are at every moment of the day asked the same question we ask so many times: WHERE ARE THE PARENTS? WHAT ARE THEY TEACHING THEIR CHILDREN ABOUT ACTION AND CONSEQUENCE? WHAT VALUES ARE BEING INSTILLED IN THEM? WHO IS RAISING THEM?

    Such a tragic and unnecessary ending to such a short lived life

  2. halfpint42592-This has been really sad for all those involved-people think that once their child gets into Jr. High they can take care of themselves-they feel they no longer need to “parent” or that the young teens don’t want their parents anymore-it couldn’t be farther from the truth-they do need their space,but we need to tell them we love them, support them, and enjoy them!
    The mother’s of the boys charged is sad as well-their shock and disbelief-the pain that is really terrible when they realize their sons that did it-is also painful to watch. Of course they are in denial-thankful for once about having the video.

    I say a reflection each night that this mob mentality is gone and that everyone can start co-existing together and live in some type of harmony-the loss of life in this area is unbelieveable!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.
    Mary Caliendo

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