David Letterman-Sex/Extortion Attempt

It was revealed by David Letterman on his show last night, that he was effectively being blackmailed! Letterman is the center of a scandal of sorts that was perpetrated or being perpetrated by an employee of the show 48 Hours!

This employee found out/and or taped the comedic talk-show host having had or having sex with employees that were under his employ. Mr. Letterman came out on his show a defended himself in order to protect his family and his employees. Letterman stoic, but in a light-hearted way, told his fans and all of America that he went to the authorities and they did find enough evidence for a grand jury, which then brought charges. The employee, Joe Halderman, a 20+ year employee, approached Letterman saying that he would be a subject to a screenplay if he did not want to give him 2 million dollars. He was taken into custody when Halderman took a phony 2 million dollar check! While this 48 Hours employee sought to extort only the sum of 2 million dollars from Mr. Letterman, he is worth a great deal of money as well as his enterprises that include a production company.

Mr. Letterman has taken a route that embraced honesty with his family, friends, and employees. He admitted to having sexual affairs with employees that worked for him. This is a serious issue and while Letterman did poke fun at the subject, his audience was somewhat appeared somewhat confused at times. But the show went on.

I imagine that just because you are David Letterman does not mean that he would not  have had frequent trips to the water cooler, or that he may not have  had to make a ditto copy in which he may have met a pretty office intern that he  clicked with! I imagine that since this happens in offices everyday, just about everywhere, I’m sure it happened there too! Being David Letterman though may have “sealed” the deal! We should not be surprised in the least.

Mr. Letterman married the mother of his son and his long -time girlfriend(since 2001) Regina Lasko in March of 2009. She too was a production manager with the show.

It’s too bad there are so many losers out there in the world. 48 Hours is a show that many hold a light to. The audience is usually well-educated individuals, seeking a news type format with the intrigue of a mystery or a deep investigative story-line. But this particular person thought they had something quite hot and instead of selling the story to a tabloid, the person tried to extort Mr. Letterman. Good luck mystery extorter we will be reading about you in the future as you are hauled off to do time in a prison!

Perhaps we’ll see your story in a tabloid, or even on Mr. Letterman’s show itself!  Most likely you will have generated $$ money. But not for you, for David Letterman!  It’s funny how things work out isn’t it?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone!


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