Gun-Toting NBA !

I’m a sport fan, how about you? My family follows all of our local sports and even continues to support the teams even in the lowly losing years. But for a myriad of reasons, this writer and this writers’ family have turned away from the NBA and basketball in general.

The amount of scandal present in the NBA is truly unbelievable! From the officiating to the players, the game has changed. This change is about the whole of what  is the NBA and the game of basketball. The games seem to possess a genre of thuggery. The activity on the floor looks more like a game that goes on at the park district where kids  make bets and the referee is from down the street and  definitely can be on your side if you know what I mean! Though, we tune in from time to time and continue to track the scores, we don’t buy tickets or basketball memorabilia anymore! Even the blue light on TV has gone off and we can’t bear to watch! So what else can we do?

We appeal to David Stern and all those powers to be, please make some drastic changes! If we have gone picture this: empty stadiums all over, garage sales filled to the brim with coveted jerseys, and basketballs not being bought at the sporting good store! If I have left and turned away, imagine the droves of people who also will go away after this season too!(and there will be more) Dissention is everywhere.

Take for example the Gilbert Arenas gun incident, finally Mr. David Stern stepped up! He grew a pair and suspended him indefinitely! Arenas stands to lose $147,200.00 per game! And this serves him right, if I toted a gun/guns to my job I’d have been fired immediately! Period. No questions. How about you? It is a criminal act to pull a gun (loaded as well) and threaten another individual with it. As well as gambling, as well as drug taking, blah blah blah………our employment has rules and these guys aren’t just hanging out and doing a hobby, this is their job. These guys should be held to the letters of the laws like all the other Joes in America; period!

Everyone makes mistakes, like being late to their job because they had to fight traffic to get there and now the person is tardy. Or once in a great while, everyone plays a bit of hooky but come on NBA! If you want people to come back-catch it quickly because I see a giant fan base pulling away from the NBA and basketball in general. No one wants to watch sloppy basketball and wonder if the guys are high or the officials are on the take, or finally if the players are stand up guys. So what the NBA and David Stern can do is spell it out ASAP, lay down the law. Accept nothing but the best, period!

The most of us true hard-core sport fan just want to sit down and watch a great game!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


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