The Van Der Sloot Saga

Back in November of 2008 I wrote a post entitled Van Der Sloot #1 Slime Ball!, in that post I described Joran van der Sloot as a slime ball; a living the fast lane-brat with anti-social behavior at best, with a constant protector in his lawyer father. I mentioned in that post how I thought in my opinion, on just the previous history that we were all aware of, he needed to be removed from the streets. I thought that it would behoove the authorities to keep him imprisoned before he was apt to hurt yet another human being.

Unfortunately, he is now in the Lima Peru prison on the charges of murder of a young Peruvian woman. He is seen on tape in a casino and seen entering his hotel room in full interaction with Stephany Flores who was found in van der Sloot’s hotel room two days later dead.

The past week has yielded a series of interesting things regarding Joran van der Sloot. The lawyer that came forward to defend van der Sloot has resigned stating that he is receiving death threats. Joran’s mother finally came forward and is talking; like a song bird in fact!  Joran van der Sloot’s mother claims now that his mental health has been in decline since the Holloway case and that she also stated  he was going to be going into a mental institution just before this  all happened. Joran’s father is not here anymore, he has passed away from a  heart ailment. And while he cannot protect him anymore, I am sure that his very closest of friends have spoken with his mother and gave her the idea that she could try to build an insane defence for her son.  Joran’s fate finally looks sealed.

He long-line of intertwined wrong doings and seedy activities peppered with several murders and possible suspicions of two more missing girls in Columbia bring Joran to say he was tricked, and that his rights were violated without due process in Lima! He told a judge on Monday that he was coerced into making a confession and now a judge will have to determine whether or not that Lima authorities violated Joran van der Sloot’s rights by Wednesday.

I wrote in November of 2008 that slime had a way of oozing itself into the cracks of society and spreading itself along the cracks until those cracks were filled and that it would continue to ooze on until the next one was filled. This young man and his anti-social behavior from  the Holloway case, Dutch confession tape, Thailand prostitution tape, possible extortion charges with U.S. FBI, and now to this charge of murder the slime did keep oozing. This brat man-child living in the fast lane could not help himself it appears. It appears to me that he wanted what he wanted and he wanted when he wanted it! This is a scary individual.

It is this writers hope that this guy remain tightly enwrapped in the Castro Castro prison system of Peru never to see the light of day unless it is to answer more charges of murder, kidnap,acts of enslavery/ prostitution, and extortion. It would be an outrage if the judge in Peru rules in van der Sloot’s favor on Wednesday. At this point, Joran is crazy alright~ crazy like a fox and I hope it won’t work for a minute!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


5 thoughts on “The Van Der Sloot Saga”

  1. Great post Mary, Thanks! As far as Stephany, don’t forget that she first attacked Joran and then she ended up dead. Too bad for Stephany because she certainly had more options than to start a fight with Joran. Plus, even if Joran gets the max, he’ll be out in no time, unlike if that occurred in the states. As far as the U.S. charges, he never did commit extortion, by legal definition, as he is charged. Unless they revise the charges, he’ll walk on those U.S. charges too. Unfortunately.

  2. hey michellfrommadison! Long time no speakie! Where oh where have you been? Oh truly I am complete! Getting a comment from you gets me goin’! JK Anyway, this whole thing is frustrating & infuriating to say the least! Hopefully Peru (has so much more evidence) will be the convicting party and then release into the general population (jail yard in Peru a bad place) Lets face it Arbua botched it & I think that it is gone~ US was not ready for arrest (perhaps not enough evidence b/c FBI can’t disprove his confession?)Do you really think that Stephany had something to do with her own demise? That’s foolish and sad if you do! C’mon I think you should have an ounce of compassion the girl met with awful circumstance and brutally as well!
    Nice yakking at cha!

    Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone. Mary Caliendo

  3. Yes, I do believe based upon the facts revealed so far that Staphany caused her own death by first attacking Joran. Secondly, that prison will be a cake-walk for Joran and he will be one of the top-dogs there controlling many other inmates and staff.

  4. Good morning, Mary!

    No way in the world is it ever right to murder someone for hitting them. Joran had no self-control, his psyche eval proves that. But! Are we to trust what Joran has said? He is a liar and a narcissist. Everything about the confession is on tape. There was no bribe to get him to confess and the tape will show that. I’m anxious to see what the judge decides today.
    We must remember that in Peru it is the napoleanic law-guilty until proven innocent. The lawyer has resigned but it is my understanding that he must still represent JVDS until another takes over. I don’t see that happening.

  5. Morning! I’m glad everyone has enjoyed my post, auntdeedee has hit it on the head and michellefrommadison I think you are from the moon! Let’s all watch what happens next! This is not taking place in America michellefrommadison and it won’t be easy!
    Just my thoughts, just my opinions,and always in a conversationaltone. Mary Caliendo

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