Casey Anthony It is Time!

Well, we have long awaited the trial~we as a collective group will have many feelings going forward. We all will be compelled to watch, blog and conversate with deep opinion. So let’s do…but lets really listen-For Caylee-

So put on your seatbelts the long ride is about to begin where the lawyers will take us on roads well worn and traveled and then some new roads will be merely dusty trails that they will blaze! Good Luck and the posts about to begin!  Drew Peterson can’t be too far behind!


4 thoughts on “Casey Anthony It is Time!”

  1. Welcome back Mary C.!
    Long time no See! 🙂
    I have on my Seatbelt and am ready for the long Ride.
    So far it has been a very bumpy Ride and I have a Feeling it won’t get any better soon!
    No Worry, we will listen very careful for Caylee, after All that is All we ever wanted, Justice for Caylee!
    RIP sweet Angel Baby, Your Voice will be heard very soon loud and clear..

    1. Hey Hilde! Yes it has been a long time! Many other writing responsibilities, but I think I’m back and ready to hunker-down! Here we go! May the judge jury and lawyers and media have the fortitude to all of this right and not take to to the trashy side! Let’s see what happens!

      Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.
      Mary Caliendo

  2. Hi, Mary! It sure has been awhile. I was sure we would be conversating about Drew Peterson and his trial and verdict by now. I guess the apellate court is not in as big of a hurry as all of us are to see Kathleen Savio get her due justice.

    Hi, Hilde! Love your gravatar! 😀

    Justice for Caylee is finally about to be realized. I pray the jury will have the discernment to see the truth of the whole matter. I’m liking the selection so far. Both sides are doing a good job at it.

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