Well, I’m surprised it took me this long, I have finally caved~ This post is about respect. You know that thing your parents try to teach you…or should be teaching you, when you’re just a toddler?

By its very definition, respect as a noun simply means: a feeling of something elicited for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities or achievements.  Guess what respect means as a verb? The exact same as above!

So whether you are showing it or you are giving it, it is the same. Respect never changes. So where is all that respect when a looting riot breaks out? I am not sure. Look into the eyes of that small business owner and you ask him or her, as they cry really hard at the fact that this person has now lost everything they have strived for all their lives. Ask first what this disrespect for others can do for you? It tears at the core of the community; less is not more in this instance.

No one has ever asked anyone to not dislike or to not express a view when they feel a wrong has been pursued/committed against another, after all, take this essay blog of mine, I’m expressing a view.

The thing is this: reverence for life or property should be innate, it should be in you. We are not born as babies to hate, we are however, born into or grow up into a “place” of discontentment.

There are so many ways to change a situation. There are so many ways to add to a situation. If you choose to try to change the situation using a street protest, I’m in your corner. But when one or more or groups and throngs of people go on a tear and begin to set fires, jump on cop cars, steal, loot and/or destroy, attack cops, or spew pure hatred I cannot stand beside you.

You see I have personal honor and respect for myself as well as I have it for you. I cannot think that setting fire to a neighbor’s dry cleaning service or even ripping off a corporate business chain like a CVS will do any good for anyone at all.

I have simple respect. Those things in that store do not belong to me; therefore, if I cannot pay for them I cannot have them. The lady who’s business burned to the ground does not know now how she will feed her children; that’s right that small act of violence against respect has severe consequences. There are so many involved, in fact a whole city worth in these cases!

Now enter people. No one is above the law. No one should “get away” with disrespect of another badge or no. Please do remember positions of authority are there because someone has taken an oath to honor you, serve you and protect you. Have you the will to do this every day as a part of your job? Tough I am certain. Most of us could not nor would not want to handle the horrific things of today. I am sure that personal quality and esteem are number one in jobs such a policeman for one. They do endure rigorous testing on so many levels; they do have internal affairs policing them every time a weapon is discharged. I think their job is tough. I also think that growing up in today’s society is hard too.

But then I remember the kids in a city near me that took a small open lot that was filled with garbage, debris from drug paraphernalia and left overs from nightly partying, junk tires and car parts and turned it into a small piece of heaven. These kids were taught right then and there by a community adult, that this is where THEY live and THEY needed to be proud. So they organized and together with many of their parents they began to clean it up. They made small sandboxes in the middles of the tires, hung one from a rope on a tree to fashion a swing. They planted flowers and seeds, and watched gardens grow. It became not only a thing of beauty, but it was a source of respect, a place that was their own to keep clean and to use and to flourish there.

Being a city kid may be hard, having one parent may be hard, and going to school is hard sometimes because there may be gang activity for example. but never loose respect. Don’t lose respect for yourself, or any others around you. We as adults need to reinforce respect for others, like teachers and yes even little old ladies passing by~

We all need to remember that this respect thing goes a long way and it is not ever victimless.

What our world needs now is just a little respect, reverence and honor toward one another and maybe put on a little Aretha Franklin and play that stuff loud!

Respect and flourish~

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions, but always in a ConversationalTone~


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