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Drew Peterson/ Casey Anthony Cases

It’s rather amazing that even though I managed to get thousands of readers by writing my opinions on the cases of  Drew Peterson and that of Casey Anthony, I chose to take a step away from both of them.  While their cases are continually in the media on some level or another; it may be a small quip mentioned in the newspaper of even a small glimpse on a  CNN newscast, they feel like they both may have happened yesterday! I think this is what truly is known as finding closure. It is that tiny little nagging thing that is in the back of your mind that helps you relive these atrocities over and over again. It is the response we have that says we have a conscious, and even deeper; a heart!  These cases have touched raw nerves and we are hard-wired to ask for answers or further to demand them. It is now a game of cat and mouse for the lawyers. They will toy with the jury that is closely listening to evidence while we will sit here and listen to the case in progress and again the cases will bring out the emotions and public opinion. So from my vantage point as I see my readers again and again click on stories that were written a full year or more ago, the relevance of these cases are still there. So the winter will pass and the spring will come and we will watch, and we will blog, and we will hope and this writer especially; desperately wants to contribute to the matter of public opinion and fairly and justly our courts will serve. We all know what the best outcomes for these cases are, or rather what we’d like them to be.

So when that springtime comes, my keyboard will be blazing with a blow-by-blow scorecard of sorts on the Casey Anthony case and the very dramatic Drew Peterson! Here’s to hope you’ll be tuning in and commenting. And this writer will hope then and only then will we as a collective group of society with conscious and heart gain a small piece of closure. I know that once both of these cases are actually made official and sentencing done, I’ll be free to find other cases that will reach my heart and hopefully yours too!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


Casey Anthony on Broadway!

For shame, shame on Steven Sodeberg!  The very creative director of such blockbusters like Erin Brockovich and the Ocean’s Eleven series, has launched an idea to create a new play and have it featured on broadway in Sydney Australia! Sounds great, right?

Why shameful? Because the play that Mr. Sodeberg has now written is one that is no less than extremely controversial here in states, that’s why! He has written a play with the subject matter being none other than Casey Anthony and her now deceased child Caylee Anthony! It first boarders on the yuck factor and then it lands on the really? factor! Why would a guy of his stature choose this subject matter? This is a matter that is not resolved yet either!  The trial has not begun, and while I have not even read one word of this possible Broadway stint, I feel that at this time it may very well be a terrible idea.

This case has catapulted all of America and now the world to come in contact with a little girl whose untimely death has sparked our core heartstrings and often brought the general caller to shows and messages to tears, will soon reach the crescendo in a trial that may well be filled with the hype and grandeur of the OJ case!  While many of the case documents have been shown to the public and TV and news/talk shows have had extensive coverage and debate still all the facts are not known. The actual trial and all of its spin will prove to be very interesting as well as awful in the discovery of all the facts as it relates to the loss of this a tiny defenseless little girl. Caylee Anthony will always be remembered. She has been memorialized in the most public of ways.

Her short life will be a never-ending one. And the trial of the mother who should’ve have loved and protected her will start soon, but that affair will be long, and drawn out and will be also a never-ending one! The coverage will be extensive and even macabre. We may even get sick of turning on the TV and will wish for it to all go away! Then suddenly a play will open on Broadway written by Mr. Sodeberg and I’ll shake my head and say I knew this was going to happen. I’ll be secretly hoping that it will bomb and ticket sales will be so low that opening show and closing show will be the same night.

Upon further review, the Casey Anthony defense team may even file a motion to suppress the release of the play depending on the content; that’s Baez way after all. Mr. Sodeberg perhaps you should wait until the trial is over before you open that play down under. Who knows the original thoughts that are in your head may even have you sitting in the court room amongst the new celebrity you will have helped to elevate; Casey Anthony! Perhaps the profit you make from the play could go to the tax payers of the State of Florida or the United States to off-set the super ugly costs involved!  Now that would be an original idea wouldn’t it be?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions,and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson’s Lawyer Makes Accusations!

Well it’s been extremely quiet on the “Drew Peterson Crazy Train” of late!  The judge put a sock in Drew Peterson’s mouth, and that of his lawyer Joel Brodsky at the last court date. Thank goodness! No news means good news to us, but  Joel Brodsky and the rest of the Drew Peterson camp must have been ancy because after this past Tuesday’s court date, Brodsky had something to say.

It has been reported in several of the local news agencies that the Peterson Team came out and accused Christina Raines of trying to date another police officer. Christina Raines is being represented by famous lawyer Gloria Alred, and she has issued a written statement from her office. Her statement that was released said ” Chrissie has not had dinner with or gone to the movies with any police officer other than Drew Peterson, and she has no interest in doing so.” She continued in her statement to say “She does not feel she was “hit-on” by any police officer, We do not think there is a bias for filing a complaint against any officer and we have no plans to file such a complaint.”

Brodsky announced that he intended to file a motion regarding this. According to Brodsky some unknown detective asked Christina Raines on a date during the investigation of Peterson for murder of third wife Kathleen Savio and disappearance of the fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

The State’s Attorney’s office spokesperson has refuted what Joel Brodsky has aleged. The office further stated that Brodsky accusation is “preposterous and disingenuous”.  Meanwhile, after hearing such nonsense, Ernie Raines, who is Christina Raines’ father has stated that Joel Brodsky is a scumbag. He also let loose a couple expletives as he claimed with his threat that he is going to kick the bleep out of him!

It is a free country and I guess if Christina Raines wants to date another police officer, I guess she can. It would be easier if it wasn’t one that was investigating her ex-boyfriend-ex-fiance’-! It appears that everyone, and anyone according to Brodsky/Peterson is a liar, cheat, slut, low-life, drug abuser, mentalcase, and criminal!

Too bad for them, they surrounded themselves with people like that! Drew Peterson is shining!  He is a superstar among the scum!!

I have but one thing to say- WAKE-UP!  We all know that Peterson is all of those mentioned above!  And while he did travel in circles of the under-belly, and he shines in no ones eyes but his own. This writer is once again glad to say that I am so glad he is safely tucked away in his small cell and is as quiet as a church mouse!

No news is good news to me!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson Stifle!

Good ole` Drew Peterson is at it again!   Blah Blah Blah all over the place! He’s has been in prison in Will County for as little as three weeks now. His attorney has had to answer the media as to why his client won’t shut up!  He contends that his client is all alone! Awe, isn’t that sad? He’s bored!  Brodsky went on to even say something to the effect of,  he(Peterson) misses having to be able to adequately trim his moustache and pluck his nose hairs! Okay?

He also explained that he is all alone and is pretty much in isolation, that he has no contact with anybody. That’s funny OJ said the same thing!  Little do these two realize but, that if they were out in the general crowd, I would think that the lock-up might have its own justice system. I should think Peterson and the likes of OJ should be thanking their lucky stars!  Always never forget that Drew Peterson is an ex-cop and that must very well be worth something!

The general public is sick of Drew Peterson and his PR firm. Since this moron has been in lock-up, he’s had a few interviews. For instance Matt Lauer on the Today Show, and Chicago’s Shock-jock radio show Mancow & Cassidy on WLS-AM. Lauer and Today should seek better people who matter to society as a personality to interview; until they stop I will stop watching! As for Mancow, he and his radio shows have been around for a long time and one would expect him and his cohorts to do zany stuff.

Meanwhile, back at the jail, the Will County Sheriff’s spokesperson states that this guy makes jokes, and says things that are not true! The Sheriff are annoyed by his behavior and wants to ensure the general public that Peterson is not getting any preferential treatment. He states that while Drew Peterson says things they are fiction. They have no conjugal visits, he showers alone and not with other inmates,and that other inmates are not cheering him on as he is moved about the facility. These things Peterson says are just not true! So Peterson, put a sock in it!

Whatever! In my estimation he is where he needs to be. If he wants to continue trying to be a great stand-up comedian than so be it! As long as he tells his jokes from within the barred small cell, I’m fine with that! I’m sure at this point, he is breathing a bit easier, since the bones that were just discovered could be those of several missing males in the area, not those of missing wife Stacy Peterson. But I will bet any money that he was sweating real bad there for a few minutes…It won’t be long now Drew Peterson…they’ll discover more……

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Peterson/Raines on TV Again!

Oh Yikes……..Drew said she’d be back; rest assured that was part of the plan too!  Trying to create more demand for his story and to further humanize him is his gal pal Christina (loser) Raines; well she moved back into creepy Drew Peterson’s home!

All I can say is those poor, poor kids! Wow if anyone will need major counseling they all will!

Seriously folks we need to complain to the media because the Today Show and its, not thinking too clearly, producers who continually book the slime ball on their show!  I mean what is it with them anyway, are they obsessed with him? Do they honestly think that they are garnering new watchers?  If anything I had heard that people are turning away from the show because the Drew Peterson stories.

Their latest interview shows Peterson “cuddling” with Christina Raines. While she was getting cozy with Drew Peterson, Ms Raines claimed that he is so nice and that he would not hurt me, and that she finds Peterson caring and funny! She does not know how silly she looked on that show as she sat on a sofa while Peterson chuckles and snickered with a face full of ….I told you so…..I am a young girl chick magnet!   Oh goodness Ms Raines you are not headed in the right direction!   He’ll jump ship right away if something else even better looking than you comes his way!

Someone needs to tell Raines that even if Drew Peterson does get a booking for a reality show, she won’t be famous. No one, not one person thinks that you are in a serious relationship, you are both losers trying to get your 15 minutes of fame!  Fame Ms Raines is very fleeting!  And fame with Drew Peterson  would be nothing anyone should be proud of! Ms Raines’  poor father has tried in vain to get her away from what he called the devil! Too bad for you…she’s hoping that if you can’t beat him, you’ll join him….and I guess if the book and reality show comes out I’m sure you’ll get your hush money…after all Mr. Ernie Raines everyone has their price right? And perhaps they found yours!  Christina has sold her soul to the devil, why not you too!  Shame, Shame on you all!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Christina Raines Tells AM Show It’s a Stunt!

 Open letter to Christina Raines.       Dear Christina,                                    What was a stunt?  The fact that you were living with him, and were taken by him and his promises? You were there,and now you found out what this man was all about!  You need to get help from 3rd party not just Dad!  Please make sure that you don’t ever get mixed up with this kind of slime again. This man has been to the underbelly of it all, and he turns on the charm just when he needs to. I am glad it dawned on you before you got deeply hurt or worse!


All women of the world

Here’s the rest of the blog…Listening to the frightened little girl on the morning show tell us all that it was a stunt that Drew Peterson is involved with to keep him in the media and looking good!  He stinks and this is as low as you go!  Oh well could we have expected any less, I doubt it!  From now on I really hope the only coverage of Drew Peterson that takes place will be either the court proceedings or the sentencing!  C’mon Mr. Glasgow when can we hope to see/hear of the news about Drew Peterson!

Shame, shame on us all for reporting on the movements of Drew Peterson and his sneaky slime ball team of lawyers. If you’ll risk the hurting of an innocent you will do anything to keep him out of jail.  P.S.( this is for his lawyers in case they might be reading this)No one believes that Drew is innocent! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and only in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson In The Spotlight Again!

Exactly why was Drew Peterson on the TV show Nightline last night?  Who knows? It must be too quiet- no one is exactly talking about him this week!  The PR firm thought maybe it would be a good idea because Drew Peterson wants to get married again!  He was there to explain why he wants to get married again.

But before he talks about her he talks about the fact that no matter where he goes people know him. He was explaining that it was fun and very flattering when young women want to take a picture of him, and with him! He went on to say that sometimes they sit on his lap!  According to Drew Peterson many even ask for his autograph! Wow, he’s a star!

When Mr. Martin Bashir asked to the effect: Do you think these women and others are saying ” I want to take a picture with a murderer? His answer to Mr. Bashir was “yes, probably!”  What?!  So is this an admission?  Did anyone else think this?

Mr. Peterson continues to demand a spot in the limelight. He continues to thrive on being the center of attention; anyone’s attention! And what is the best attention that Mr. Peterson can get?  Young and gullible, and most likely drunk, women of course!

When asked what his plans are with Christina Raines who is 23 years old. He responded saying that he plans on marrying her in a couple of months. He said of her, that she is very much in love with him. And that she also said to him something to the effect of”you’re so nice to me and treat me so well, you can’t be what they say!”   Yikes!         He must be sure that a divorce will be final with Stacy Peterson. Through these last couple of months Ms Raines has not been interviewed in the media. She has not appeared on any show with Drew Peterson at all. Her family is still adamant that they do not want her to be involved with him and have stated so.

At this point all I can say is, I feel sorry for Stacy Peterson, and Kathleen Savio and any others that have had their lives touched by Drew Peterson!

I hope that for Christina Raines she isn’t hurt by him in any way, because it might be one day that he will be so flattered by someone else after all he’s admitted to that much!   

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

No Jailhouse-Family Funeral for Caylee !

Orange County officials have said yesterday, that in no way will Casey Anthony ever be treated any differently than any other inmate there has been or ever will be.  Therefore, no jailhouse funeral or face-to-face meet with her family. Although the Orange County officials also stated that no one from the Casey Anthony family or the Baez camp had contacted anyone over this matter. They chalk this up to rumors.

In other news Jose Baez has filed more motions. This time it is for all of the fingerprint evidence that he can get his hands on. It was brought up that he may submit another motion to subpoena the records and fingerprint evidence to all the volunteers that were involved in the Equuisearch Team efforts. This is a terrible thing to do, if he does actually request this as a motion from the court. This would take an awful amount of man hours to obtain that amount of evidence. And Mr. Tim Miller also thinks that if this type of thing does happen he is afraid that the people will not come out to volunteer for them anymore. It would be a travesty!  Mr. Miller should charge Baez for the cost it will incur; if this does happen.

Other news, it appears that George Anthony is doing much better, but at this time was not yet released for the custody of the hospital after his attempt at suicide. You have really got to feel for these people. To feel so distraught, that you can see only one way out and that is to kill yourself!  I am  sad for these people and what in the upcoming months they will all be going through! 

And finally notes from all over the rumor mill……Lee is the next one charged, this has been rumored for some time now. We will wait and see what will happen with this. Second, supposedly Cindy Anthony was out shopping for jewelry to put on Caylee for a funeral, nothing else had ever been said on this, it was mentioned!……. The Caylee sunshine doll can still be bought on-line by that shciester! Please do not buy this doll, no missing child organization would support this man’s efforts to line his own pockets. He states that this is a tribute doll to her loss- this is such poor taste!……Casey Anthony alledgedly wiped herself and then stuffed the toilet in her cell with her bible!  Let’s just hope that, that is not true!  If this is, Casey has nothing else left….Sh*tting on the pages of the Lord is the last straw! And that would not be in my eyes, that would be in the eyes of her maker. What else can be said about that?

This is such a sad case and it continues to get even sadder as time goes on. And only time will tell when this poor, tiny angel baby will get but just one day of grace and dignity!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Caylee Anthony New Evidence

It appears that there may be some new evidence in the Caylee Anthony case.  As was reported yesterday on Nancy Graceand on local news, the latest reveal in the long line of evidentury things against Casey Anthony is  probably one of the most horrible yet! Remember the duct tape that was placed around the skull of little Caylee Anthony? Well, now it appears whomever wrapped that tape around Caylee is also responsible for placing a heart sticker where her mouth is located on top of the tape! This is an obvious notion that this person has some sort of relationship with the child.  Forensic crime technicians found the “gum” residue in the  heart shape on the duct tape. There was a sticker found along with the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony.

Other reports of the evidence nature was also reported: Caylee was placed in a” laundry hamper” type bag, and then placed into a large garbage bag. Inside the “hamper” with the body was left a pair of shorts, a striped shirt, and Whinnie the Pooh brand blanket, and a toy horse. Fortunately these things will most likely trace back into the Anthony home where Caylee and Casey lived with her parents George and Cindy Anthony.

I have hoped as I said many times that all of this evidence presented will tie Casey to the actual crime. I have hoped there would be a fingerprint or some type of DNA so that there is no way Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez could possibly refute the findings. Or create at least a small window of doubt where a juror could say…well maybe….

In other news, Jose Baez had a small press conference where he stated that a charge has been leveraged against him regarding another case or at least not this one. He went on to say that he is refuting these charges that have been brought against him. No other information is available about the rumored entertainment deal he may have in the offing of the Casey Anthony trial. I am sure that this will be addressed shortly, and before any trial was to start. Interesting to say the least…..

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Anthony-Says She Is The Victim!

Those just recently released tapes that have never been seen before just showed a little more of the real Casey Anthony. Pulling a little puss face and pouting like a brat with her parents in August!

Poor, poor Casey she spent the whole day under her covers. Casey says she needs to be looked at as, as much of a victim as the rest of you! (Caylee isn’t ever mentioned at all as usual, except when she claims she just wants her home blah, blah, blah, blah…..same stuff; different day!)  These tapes once again show George and Cindy Anthony’s relationship together with Casey. It seems again that they are handling her with kid gloves afraid to get her mad- because after all she did threaten her mom that “I’m going to hang up and just leave!” As she gets mad at Cindy she also clenches her fist, because she did not like her mother’s line of questioning!

Casey continues on stating that no one is letting her speak. And that she is so frustrated with all of this- she can’t even swallow! She complains that police wouldn’t listen- she only had 24 hrs. before they put her in jail! She cannot do anything  from where’s she’s at! And everyone wants answers!

Meanwhile Jose Baez continues to amaze us all! It appears that an unknown person/or persons went to the prosecution with a complaint against Jose Baez. The rumor is that this complaintant is making known that Baez is possibly making some type of entertainment deal! This deal will also be contingent on what takes place in the trial!  This would be a complete conflict of interest- clearly! He will have violated ethical cannon!  Good work Baez- I knew you’d manage to mess this up!

In other news, it also appears that Baez will be asking for the change of venue! He has filed no papers as of yet. It has also been reported that Jose Baez will be picking a town that does not have respect for law enforcement or where its citizens do not trust law enforcement!

Good luck to you Mr.  Baez and your team, you may find a town to change the venue to but, I cannot believe that that a jury will not see your client as nothing more than a cold-hearted, psychopathic liar who isn’t worthy of anything less than the  death penalty!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo