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Casey The Trial is Starting Monday at 9 A.M.

The parting last words of Judge  Blevin Perry, Jr. were that he has a jury of eleven and while he will continue with the prospective fresh fifty tomorrow, he would’ve liked to have had more seated at this point. He continued to say that the trial will be starting with whatever they have come Monday morning at 9 A.M.

After eight days of jury selection, it has ended with twelve actually being seated.

One prospected juror was most likely shocked as he was admonished and assessed a fine for contempt of court for violating 3.830, which was not to discuss the matter. He was on the cell phone talking to someone about trying to get out of jury duty. He was fined no jail time but a stiff fine of $450.00, the juror agreed to pay the fine in monthly installments of $50. 00 per month by the 10th of each month. If this person does not pay for the contempt of court charge he will be arrested and will serve jail time! 

This judge is setting his rule in his court room. Further news, according to the Orlando Setinel about 50 passes per day will be given out to the general public. The general public can begin lining up at 5:30 A.M. for the first come first serve tickets. They will follow strict rules once in the court room. The trial is expected to last anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks.

The family and friends of Casey Anthony will be able to sit in a section behind her but the media has the entire first rows as well as the upper balcony of the courtroom.

There are two areas that will be designated free-speech zones where protestors can assemble to protest Casey Anthony.

Well, at the time of this writing, court is on lunch recess but will return around the 1 P.M. hour for continued juror selection.

Will continue to post any new developments as this case moves forward toward Monday morning.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a Conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


Treatment of Casey Anthony Cruel???

Hey wait a minute!  Guards thought the treatment of Casey Anthony cruel and unusual??? Say What? The taping of a prisoner is not cruel and unusual. And when a person becomes incarcerated, thatterminates your rights to everything except civil liberty. When you are imprisoned in our country, you have the right to have three square meals, you have a right to sleep, to go to the bathroom, to clean yourself, and finally to be imprisoned away from the extreme elements such as a hard winter or extreme heat……in other words a roof over your head. The prison then gives you privileges such as a trip to the day room to watch TV., or perhaps a phone call for twenty minutes maybe, to read, and be rewarded for your good behavior.   Let’s ask Laura Ling and Euna Lee if at this point do they have those privileges as of yet?? And neither killed a child or dumped a child or even just lied about the whereabouts of their children!

If I was anywhere near Casey Anthony in the employ as a guard I would tape everything just for my own safety inside so that she cannot do the very thing she is currently doing, asking her law staff to create and manufacture a reason for sympathy!  Good Luck Baez and Death Row Angel; she gave herself away and it was on tape- too bad! Get over it! she made a nest for you to defend-just let her sleep in it!

Let us all not forget that Caylee Anthony is gone and never to breathe again thanks to the lady who was her mom and couldn’t have given a care if she was cruel to her. Seriously folks, I really wish that the trial were today, because the repetition of the same ‘ol is just that the same ‘ol! It is really cruel that we have to sit around and blog about the ice princess that is crying like a “baby in the brig”!  Let’s get on with it already. My thoughts are with Laura Ling and Euna Lee and there’s a crime that really needs to be written about!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Jose Baez Speaks and Speaks and Speaks…………………….

Some interested viewers are thinking that Jose Baez is speaking way too much! Some are critical of the lawyer whom is currently defending the notorious ice princess Casey Anthony, saying that he should be more tight-lipped with comments.

Jose Baez has been in the press before, and continues of late to be back in front of the press crying out about things like the death peanalty. Baez takes the stance that he personally thinks that the death penalty does not work. He thinks our system is too flawed and filled with imperfections. He continues to go on to say that he and his defense team, along with client pole-dancer Casey that they will not be intimidated. He feels that he has thus far put up the best defense that he can, and he also feels that he thinks he has persuaded enough great professional people behind him to mount a good case.

He further states that he believes that Casey is not guilty because she said so in court, and in her signed waiver! Wow, I’d say the system he believes in sounds a little flawed wouldn’t you say? If that were the case,Uh I think absolutely no one would be in jail at all!

I agree that not always is the death penalty warranted, but in this case, what can you say?

Baez states that this is certainly alot of pressure. There is a lot at stake; a persons life is at stake. Baez says that if he makes mistakes that could cost a client years of their freedom. He will continue to challenge the evidence and eliminate any mistakes. And he claims that all of recent scientific evidence that will be presented will be a considerable amount of “junk science”, because he says that the human decomposition evidence should never be admitted into evidence into a court of law. And that this evidence is not fully accepted and does not rise to the level of all other evidence!  I remember that it was not too long ago that DNA as well as fingerprints weren’t acceptable. I guess things could change with this case!

I guess we will see how much doubt can be cast in order to prove Casey Anthony’s innocence, Good Luck Baez team I hope you can do a flawless job with your persuaded cast of professionals and lawyers.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Death Penalty for Ice Cold Casey

Well, in a stunning release just late yesterday, prosecutors in the Casey Anthony murder case put the death penalty back on the table. Prosecutors stating “aggravating circumstance” as part of the reason for the new movement in the case. I think that all along the prosecution team had enough for the murder 1 charge. In the state of Florida and around the United States it is considered extra heinous if one kills a child that is under the age of twelve. And going along with that would also be a premeditated determination. In other words if the adult plotted and planned for the murder to take place; would also be considered a circumstance which is considered aggravating.

To this writer, the October date for this case cannot get here soon enough. The ice princess Casey with the ice cold heart, could cop a plea and help save her own life. Jose Baez in most states in the United States does not have enough experience again for this kind of case. All will wonder whom he will bring to the table to aid in the fight to save Casey’s lowly life. Will we see the reemergence of Terry Lenamon? Or will the Jose Beaz bring a different gun in?

Ice princess Casey has her days numbered; if she chooses to remain quiet and not cop to a plea, she will have the choice of a needle and the electric chair. Florida still has an active electric chair!  Perhaps her parents can get through to her, I think not only would the pleas hasten the length of the trial, it may be easier for all involved. It is hard to know that any one state would have a woman on death row. Especially one that is still so young. What a terrible life Casey has led. Her life involved cheating, stealing, lieing,drinking, drugging, passing herself around, and finally murder! Not too productive a citizen. The little life of her child Caylee was cut down in a way too short time and in a manner that no one should ever have realized.

I cannot help but to think that, that little baby trusted her mommy and she probably(I hope) smiled at her mommy before she did the deed. I am hoping little Caylee did not know what was coming. It would be awful to think that the child “woke up” inside the trunk, or that she “woke up” and was inside the bags already! I hope and pray that it did not go down that way.  I think that Casey probably loved her, but her mind became so twisted and couldn’t see past the fact that she would be “tied down” only for a short while. These little children grow up, they are not little forever. Life for Casey could only have gotten easier. Look her parents obviously loved and took care of Caylee all the time. Too bad Casey went down the wrong path. She made many of the wrong choices in life; perhaps she can make one great good one by choosing to accept a plea and let us all breathe a sigh of relief. She can rot in jail and we can know exactly why she did what she did.

Next chapter in the story is the Cindy and George Anthony road-show, the rumor is that  Oprah will be hosting the pair in early May. I’m going to the web-page to complain- we do not think that they deserve a platform as high as the one we place on the Oprah show!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Anthony:The Day of Arrest!

As seen last evening on the Nancy Grace show, was new tapes released to the public and starring none other than Casey Anthony herself. The tapes reveal, at least to this writer, that Casey Anthony is definitely marching to a different drum! The tape starts with the subsequent questioning of Casey as she first comes into the Orange County cops possession. She appears to be very calm, collected, and to the matter of fact. What catches my eye, as the officers exit the room, is Casey’s apparent desire to primp. She begins fingering her hair,adjusting her shirt, even standing at one point primping the whole entire shirt, pulling up knee socks,looking at fingernails, and wringing her hands. At one point Casey realizes that there are cameras in each room, and even asks one of the officers: are there cameras in every room? She did not appear to have any concern for anything, just I want to look cute right now. She is not crying, and  her voice is steady and shows no sign of strain. She isn’t a person who has committed an atrocity, she’s just a person who even at one point, says she knew this was coming. Meaning that she knew she would eventually get arrested.

When the actual questioning begins she acts as if she is a lawyer. She tries to act smarter than the officers and puts on an air that she doesn’t have to answer the questions on the fact that she is not generating the conversation. She knows that at least anything that she says can and will be used against her in the court of law.  Still I find her demeanor quite unbelievable. Who has not gotten stopped for speeding and felt like crying? Who has not been upset for tiny small things that would never put us away for any amount of jail time? Let alone killing our own child, then throwing her out like trash, and then going living our life, and then having police question us because they do know in their heart of hearts that we did something? She truly has no heart and is made of stone!

Other notes and movements on the case, the taping of brother Lee in the car with Casey’s ex-boyfriend is chilling. He admits that he is not sure that Casey did it!The interview of the ex-investigator telling that Dominic Casey was given instruction to find Caylee’s remains and the approximate area in which to find her and the fact that she was point blank dead! This makes us wonder who and what did actually take place. Did the Anthony’s have something to do with the disposal of Caylee’s body, did Casey actually tell Lee? And then he hire the investigators to see if she were telling the truth? So many questions because these two investigators were out there long before the police were, and the meter readers tip! I think overall this case is moving in the right direction and I think that there is plenty of information that has come to light now that begs to question. Sometimes when you are getting close to solving any puzzle the pieces will start to fit together much more easily. And then it becomes complete and the whole picture is shown.

I think the amount of bulls**t that Casey put out there is incredible that she could manufacture so many lies. And live like this. We can figure that she crafted these types of lies all of her life so that it was second nature to her. In other words, it appears that Casey lies so much that she not only believes her lies, she was living in one lie after another. Nothing in her life was real except for the fact that she was breathing! Too bad.

Once again, the walls are closing in now, and the puzzle pieces are starting to fit together much more easily now.Good luck Casey and Baez team; see you in court!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

CMA Back To Court Today!

Casey Anthony, flanked by Jose Baez and Linda K.Baden on either side of her, appeared uneasy. The lawyers discuss today forensics and the suicide letter. Judge found that the suicide note  should not be released to the public as the judge felt it was personal in nature. The media however, can come in after the fact and request it be released to the public since they were not present in the court room today.

It looks that the rest of the requested information by Baez is a smoke screen. Baez is all about the drama. There is no grounds for prosecutorial misconduct. At this point, the evidence has been processed and all of the information has been turned over. Basically this is about  Baez trying to seek out a number of motions that are wasting the courts’ time. He’s attacking protocol and other simple items like notes for example, that he would not be privy too, or they don’t even exist.

The forensics and the FBI team were very precise in their examinations and investigations in this case. The Bozo Baez team would like to say that test results including things like “maggots” in Casey’s car resulted from just garbage. They most likely will introduce this kind of info. into court when the trial actually begins.

So overall, nothing new coming up or introduced. Baez despirately seeking an angle in which to run. Baez team is trying to construct a defense for his client. Nothing does speak louder to most of the potential jurors than the fact that Casey did not report her child missing for over one month. That resonates with me and I am sure it will with others as well.

Good Luck C M A and your team; counting down until the start of the trial for murder 1.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Anthony Evidence Matches!

The Orange County States Attorney let out damning evidence that links the crime scene directly to the Anthony home and the crime scene!

The same kind of duct tape on gas can that was on Caylee, the sticker(and gum residue) that was on the duct tape was found in the Anthony home. The sticker sheet  that was found was an identical match with stickers missing out of it! Also and very mind boggling was the entry in Casey’s diary that states she is the happiest she has been in a long time, and she hopes that her happiness lasts! Among other things written one month to the day that Caylee was reported missing! It shows the state of mind of Casey!  In this diary she does not ever mention Caylee, it is all about herself as she refers to herself (I) throughout the diary. And finally the garbage bag that contained the body of Caylee was also found in the Anthony home.

It looks that this is even more evidence that Jose Baez will not be able to refute!  Finally evidence that directly can tie Casey to the crime scene itself!  Jose Baez cannot say he cannot trust the FBI lab anymore. It would not be responsible as a lawyer. He needs to present a case in which he can plead for her life instead.

In a cold and callous way the mother destroyed the life of her only child, and then her next step was to get rid of her and that she did! It appears she stuck her in the trunk, and drove and drove. Spotting Zenaida Gonzalez’s name and began to construct her plan. And continuing in her cold and callous way she finally “dropped” her precious cargo near the only place she knew-her home! And then with her head held high she continued to be cold and callous while the baby laid out in a grassy lot slowly decomposing, how could she had been so cold and nasty?  Why would she take this route, so many other options were open to her.   I pray for the soul of Casey, the ice princess, as the satanic reaper carts her to the darkest place known to exist. And then my prayers and thoughts turn to the angel gone way too soon, and I pray she did not hurt. I pray that she just slept peacefully. Bless the family of Casey they could not have ever known!  It is not your fault that the child went wayward!  I pray for peace as your fingerprints have exonerated you all.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Moving Memorial For Caylee Anthony

A few notes on Caylee Anthony’s memorial. Today a sorrowful event was held in Orlando at The First Baptist Church. The church seats up to 5,ooo. Attendance at today’s memorial was approximately 12oo.  The attendees that came were compassionate and were truly there to say good-bye to the little girl who has stole our hearts.  Caylee Marie Anthony just 2 years old when she passed away in a traumatic way.

No one can fathom what this family has endured unless this has happened to you or your family. For George, Cindy, and Lee my heart goes out to you all. Your pain was very prevalent today as you spoke and we wept. They claimed to be united and to stand strong. And they need to, the road ahead is long and is filled with quite a bit of anguish.

The tribute today was kind and heartfelt. The family spoke one by one with Lee leading off. He thanked everyone and asked us to fill our hearts with patience and grace. He asked us that whatever we take from today, whatever it is that we seek to pay tribute to Caylee. He mentioned the initals CMA only. He did not say Caylee’s name nor did he say Casey’s name. He kissed three times the bracelet that he wore all while saying C M A.

George was wearing pride on his sleeve as he spoke of his little granddaughter. He beamed as he spoke of Caylee’s presence still being around. He was Jo-Jo to her. He cherished the times that he had with her. He remembered fondly the popcorn they ate together, and the fun she was with her beads ans sunglasses. And he reflected with smiles as he told the gathering how Caylee loved her vegetables! She was his “sunshine” and he taught her the song “You are my sunshine”. He also mentioned in Gods heaven he will be with her again.

Then George shifted to Casey and asked for prayers saying she deserved prayers. He asked the gathering to write her letters and he petitioned the group to not pass judgement. And to ask for hope and prayer for all of us.  He received a standing ovation.

Then Cindy came up and remembered as well the day that Casey came to her and told her she was going to be a grandmother. She reflected that Caylee got up in the morning smiling. She told of the tea parties that Caylee would have. And mentioned her dress up play, and her love of music, and loved to go into the pool with Caylee. She expressed that those were some of her favorite times. She also said good night to the stars and moon. She too shifted to Casey and thanked Casey for giving her the gift of Caylee. Cindy said she will miss the love that was shared between Caylee and Casey. She stated that she got her beauty and compassion from Casey. And finally that Caylee knew that she was loved. And that Cindy loved all of her children unconditionally. At her end of eulogy she asked the group to do something positive; to make a difference. She too got a standing ovation.

The music and the flowers were beautiful. The memorial was pretty and it was heart wrenching to see a family lost in misery. So sad that things had to turn out so bad. I wish that they would not have had to endure such awfulness. I would wish this on no one.

Turning to comments made by Jose Baez in a small press conference the day before, Casey stated that she cannot stop what her parents are doing. Today during the time of the memorial the prison officials were going to allow Casey time out to see the memorial, she did refuse, and visited with Jose Baez during that time. I am sure that it may have been watched via his computer?

It is too bad that Casey refused to watch the memorial. It is too bad that she did not want to pick music or flowers. It’s too bad that Casey felt so cold. In this the very last time to say good bye to the child we all have come to love.

Thank you Anthony family for the memorial. We’re so sorry for your loss in so many ways. God Bless you all in your journey ahead. Thank you too for giving this child a day full of grace and dignity.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Memorial for Caylee Anthony/Baez Sells Pics!

It was released yesterday that a memorial has been announced for little Caylee Anthony, finally!  Although no funeral has been planned that we are all aware of. 

The memorial will take place on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. It will be held at The First Baptist Church of Orlando. This church can seat 5,000 persons.  And it was specified that the family of Caylee (meaning George and Cindy Anthony and Lee, I assume),the  public has been invited to attend services. The family has requested to have the ability to remove anyone that they see fit. No cameras,cell phones, video cameras, or anything that can record or take pictures will be allowed.

While Caylee’s mother Casey is in prison, she is released for at least one hour per day. This one hour will consist of reading books, watching TV, and relaxing out of her cell. Casey may be able to watch the memorial service on TV. She will not be released to come to the memorial. Her time out of her cell could or could not coincide with the time of the memorial on TV. We will see what will happen then.

Cindy Anthony has picked music and flowers for the memorial service. And it appears that police and church security staff are working together to have a safe, and secure service. Each person will be checked, there will be no bags allowed inside, no cell phones, no cameras, and no video allowed.  It is said that each person will also pass through a metal detector. At this writing it cannot be verified if the metal detectors are being installed or if they are already there.

George Anthony got out of the Halifax hospital using side doors to evade the media.  Cindy and Lee have not been heard from in the mean time. There also has been no word as to when they will finally lay this little girl to rest in a proper burial.

In other important news Jose Baez  put in a motion for a change of venue. He says that he and his client cannot/and would not get a fair trial. He knows that there is too much heat in Orlando. He is asking for the change in venue to be secret so that the media cannot get a hold of the details and create a circus atmosphere.  In other news the tacky Beaz team has already sold pictures and video of Caylee for the money to conduct her trial!They garnered the sum of $200,000!  Jose Baez claims that his client is doing what she can to pay for his representation. Including the selling of more pictures to come. Jose Baez claims he has not attached a price tag to them, he is asking what will a company pay for them, and whatever media is buying them will be who sets the price.

Whatever may transpire, it is all so sad and very shameful that this event is happening. I feel sorry for all those that knew Caylee, Casey and the Anthony family. Casey’s actions have set off a chain of events that I am not sure she even thought could happen. It is all so sad.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Movements in Casey Anthony Case!

On Thursday the judge ordered that Casey Anthony must appear in all the court proceedings that have to do with her case! So Friday morning she must be sitting in court for the 8:30 am call. The judge told the courtroom that “force” will be used on her if that is necessary! She will be whisked away, by herself by way of blacked out windowed Suburban SUV.

Highlight of the case include:

Baez has filed a complaint to have prosecutors removed from the case! (which is extremely ridiculous)

Random people are depositing money in Casey Anthonys’ account so that she can buy things from the commissary.

The $5000.00 dollars was paid out to Roy Kronk by Mark Nejame (former family lawyer for George and Cindy Anthony) The other money that was put up for the safe return of Caylee went back to its donor and was never redeemed.

Other movements in court for Casey Anthony case were that Linda K. Baden was seated at the lawyers table, dressed in a gray suit  coat and navy blue pants Casey  was shackled at the feet and then again at the waist and she sat between Baden and Baez. She smiled at times with them. With her hair in a bun, looking matronly trying to get the… aw sympathy vote……trying hard to humanize the ice princess, which did not work on me!

Baez motions filed to inspect crime scene was okayed. Baez team to get the prosecution removed was denied as was the motion for fingerprints from Equusearch was denied.

No family members came to court for Casey. George did not get released for Halifax Hospital, and no one knows about Lee or Cindy. This feels like this could be a significant thing, perhaps the turning of the tide.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo