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Miley Cyrus Pulling A Brittany?

Say it ain’t so, Hanna Montana is growing up! She turned in to Miley Cyrus~ wow~ that’s unheard of isn’t it? And now the controversy rages on; some say anyway. To my daughter who is slightly younger than the real Miley she is glad that Miley has shed, as she put it, that baby image for who she really is. This girl is an obvious talent and she is a performer who has staying power. She has a great voice and can actually act, even if the lines written for her in some of the things she has been in have been lame! I think we will see Miley for many years to come.

Some early childhood stars were either told they could not change,or don’t change because of fears they would never work again, and well we have seen where all of that has gotten some kids (look at the cast of say Different Strokes, or say even The Brady Bunch) these kids did not morph into the next generation of things to come. While things were way different in different eras, and today there is a  lot more that a child star can do~it is ultimately up to them to further their career.

I am a mother who believes in children’s programming and puts the brakes on the the TV, Dvd’s, the computer,facebook, the internet….should I go on and when it is time to put on the brakes I do! Period. No giving in! When things crossed the line I simply said no. Hard feelings were had and I even got the occasional “I hate you” mutterings, but in the end all of my kids lived on, and they got the doses of hard realities when they should have. I am a firm believer in too much is too much and less is most likely better. My kids saw wholesome programming, but never went to an actual “rock concert” until High School. The ‘tween scene is way too much for my taste! I think that it is utterly ridiculous for a twelve-year-old to go to say Eminem or Brittany. I even think that twelve year olds need not get Bieber fever either. Listen we had Donny Osmond! We were all in love, his pictures were on every girls’ walls and when he sang we all thought truly he was singing directly at us! But we did not “drag” our parents out to a screaming stampede~my mother would have said no and I am certain that once the tears were over I would have gone on.

I think too much is being marketed to the ‘tweens group all together, it is in this writers opinion that Miley Cyrus has her place and that parents have theirs. I think that it is high time that if parents don’t want Miley Cyrus to become a woman and sing and perform like one, okay. That group have their right to disagree with me. I think if they are the parent of a ‘tween and they do not like a performers’ image, clothes or sound-mom, dad time to say NO! Parents the ball is in your court it is up to you to play your game well!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


Whitney Houston Resurrection!

Everytime I think that I have seen the last of the best of the feel good stories-here comes Oprah again! I hope you all caught the recent two-day interview of Whitney Houston on the Oprah show.

This interview was not only dramatic, it was sad and then finally glorious.  Now Whitney has not survived a fatal illness, or overcame a tragic accident that has left her maimed, no Whitney is surviving her life!  Now that’s big right? Well, yes it is when you are Whitney Houston and Bobbie Brown.   At one time Whitney was on top of the world with anything and everything she could want. Is part of Whitney and Bobbie Brown’s problem having too much too fast? Most likely that was a contributing factor in all of this!

Ms Houston went deep into her soul and revealed a lot of what took place within the marriage of the two. The excesses, the loves, and finally the realization that all of it was definitely not working! Whitney’s account shows what the taking and abusing the drugs and alcohol that the two were engaged in ravaged not only their marriages, their careers, and finally their lives. Ms Houston let us in on some awful insights of the garbage that was taking place in their home. Her conversation with Oprah was stunning. 

I’m glad to hear when a star or a singer wants to be clean, sober, and happy just like the rest of us. I hope that after the dramatization of Whitney’s life via the “Oprah Effect” is still going strong many years to come from now. I am hoping that she was not only sincere, but serious because Oprah put herself out there as Whitney’s friend. It was a wonderful thing that after finding out how terrible Whitney’s drug use was and the fact that she was so low- that simply a desire to raise her child and show her child that she could have much to be proud of in her mother.  Whitney claimed that Bobbie Brown had no knowledge of that interview and most likely she’d be hearing something as Bobbie Brown did not look so great!  In fact, he looked just like a typical abuser! The very fact that he spat into the face of Whitney is simply deplorable!  And it is something that is the lowest  thing that one can do to another. Sad. I hope that it was his drug/alcohol abuse that caused that!

Let’s hope the two of them will get on with their lives and Whitney will continue in the upward spiral back to the top of reining diva!!  It would be great to turn on the radio or see a movie and hear Whitney again!  She has given us some of the greats! Her new stuff is a different Whitney. She is older and wiser, and she exudes more throaty soul as she sings! Let her voice crack a bit, after all she’ll show character and the wrinkles of the past! To me, her short singing appearance on Oprah was great! She was vibrant, but appeared nervous for the first few seconds and then Whitney stepped back into the shoes she once wore! Whitney resurrected!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Kanye West -Mr. Jacka$$

Well I have waited some days now to see if the Kanye West steam roller engine would exhaust itself and simply die down, but the locomotive has only picked up speed and is blowing out more steam than ever!

So I guess I would be remiss if I too did not vent my all too familiar writer feelings out in a small snippet of finely crafted paragraphs, and letting my readers chime in on their thoughts about my thoughts!  So I’ll just start here, and borrow a line from the leader of our free world- “Kayne is a Jackass”!  True enough I think that at this point Kayne knows for real, that Kayne is a true Jackass too!

Thank you Mr. President Obama for giving me yet another reason to love you again!  You are real and we all identify!

I’m just wondering what a sloppy, drunken rapper did to get past say security, back stage people and who ever else is backstage at an awards show, to actually get on to stage, and grab the microphone from any recipient! It was released widely that CNN got a hold of  words used by Kayne West himself that went, I had a bit too much sippy, sippy and got a little tipsy, tipsy—whoa!  Sounds like a new song?  Or was it already a song??  Anyway, a stroke of luck brought the scheduled performer to the Jay Leno stage, where Leno asked a couple of great questions -such as -what would your mother have thought of this behavior?  Any mother would not be proud of that display period!  I’m glad Kayne West felt sorry, ashamed, and embarrassed -he should have! It was unclassy, child-like behavior that little children are put into corners for.  Thank you Beyonce’ you are a class act in my opinion!  In my eyes there is not one thing you can do wrong, ya know that Jay-Z thing!   OH girl, yes I did!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone!

Mary Caliendo

Michelle Obama’s Up-do!

I thought it was much ado about nothing!   Er..and Uh I was right!  It was all the rage for a couple of days;Michelle Obama’s new hair-do!  When first lady Obama appeared at the country music event at the White House and sported what many dubbed “The Obama Bob”, it was all the rage!

It was said that people were running in to their beauticians and asking for a bob that resembled that of the first lady’s! Could it be? Yes. But too bad for many when they found out days later that it was just an up-do of Michelle Obama’s current hair-do some were disappointed!  Why?

Probably because behind this hair-do could have meant dollars to some. If it were true and caught on, beauty shops would make more more money and their would be a spur of trickle-down effects that may or may have not taken place. All because of a hair-do. It goes to show you the power behind the woman.

Is this part of a bigger problem? Possibly. Being so invested in an individual could be disastrous for some. Although it is a harmless thing to want to just look like someone for example, Jennifer Aniston hair, or Farrah Fawcett hair. Or perhaps just purchase an outfit from J Crew like Michelle Obama’s. These all seem harmless, but to the young women coming up, it would behoove us to ask them to aspire to be educated like them. To tell young women it is more than great to have the mind of a chemist, love and write the greatest of literature, or to solve the world’s health problems and you will have something! We need to tell young women you go ahead and study everything and and anything that will take you to a higher educational place, all while telling them if you want Michelle Obama arms that is okay too!

Promote your daughter,your granddaughter, friend, niece, neighbor in every thing that they may encompass, but make sure you tell them to be a well-rounded individual!  Pursue music, education, and sport and build self-esteem! Then you’ll have something!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Michael Jackson Farewell

The crowds are beginning to gather at the Staples Center where later today a large memorial service will be held. They are signing their names  along with messages to pay homage to the pop star. Michael Jackson is known the world-over, and is loved the world-over. CNN is just breaking the news that Jackson’s body will be lying in state at the Staples Center!

Whether you personally love him or hate him, one has to admit that he was extremely talented. He paved the way for ground-breaking dance and creative ways to continue to re-invent or re-invigorate being  just a singer.

But that is the point, he was more than just a singer; while he has been accused of some nasty things (with children none the less), he has never been convicted of them. He has broke contracts and hinged upon some copyright infringements, but some people cannot get past the accusations regarding the kids! In many an interview the very soft spoken Michael Jackson states that he is often misunderstood. He claims that most likely because of his loss of childhood, he wanted to be “Peter Pan”.  In other words, he wanted to reclaim all that he thought was child-like.  People do not have to succumb to having been beat, or be a high profile star/singer as a child to want the right to reclaim childhood!  As we all age, don’t we all wish we could go back?  Don’t we all wish that we could be innocent again?

As my excelled child hops on to the Internet each day, do I proclaim, “don’t be sorry if you miss great things in your childhood!” Perhaps it would be great if the children all got on their play clothes, gathered sticks, large rocks, and built a fort to play army in! But that was my generation. My culture asked us to use our minds to invent things to play, or pass down marble championships, yo-yo tricks, and jump rope expertise! 

Now this up and coming generation will make us feel small at the amount of intelligence that they actually have. Their level of learning has far exceeded the things that we were taught at the elementary level. Their culture will ask them to create new applications for the computer, and pass down viral videos, and be part of a generation that tries to be “green”.

So don’t blame Michael Jackson as he saw things that none of us could ever venture to imagine, he was a visionary and a true seer. He was inventing new things to play. His games included dancing and singing on the utmost of levels beyond even the most talented could ever have predicted. So whether you loved him or you did not, admit and acknowledge that he somehow has changed your life.

So today, it is official, that act of saying goodbye. Saying farewell Michael -The King of Pop, we listened, we sang, we danced, we smiled, and we loved to your music. It’s hard to say goodbye to someone who was so young or someone you have grown up with, but we know we must. But saying goodbye doesn’t mean we will ever forget! Goodbye Michael your legacy will live on forever, just like that of Peter Pan!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Responsible Blogging ?!

Today I’m taking time to write a post on responsible blogging! I was personally turned off by the story that broke about a local Illinois blogger. I’m speaking about Beccah Beushausen, the hoax blogger!  In the article that was reported on by the Chicago Tribune, /Friday, June 12, 2009- it states that along side the picture of Beccah was a caption that says “I know what I did was wrong-I’m sorry because people were so emotionally involved”

In this story, this girl ran a blog for many months saying that she was pregnant and the baby that she was carrying was going to be born terminally ill! She kept this up and word spread! People gave her donations, made t-shirts, and held vigils; along with  large organizations that supported the right to life began praying and continued to pass along the information. People felt sad and wanted so much to help this mother in distress known only as April’s Mom. Then she claimed she had given birth only to have her baby die only hours later!

This was all made-up! There was not one ounce of truth to anything Ms. Beushausen said!

Enter wordpress community-enter any blogger for that matter.  Writers, your outcry should show. As a writer I will bend over backward to make sure what I am posting for all of the world to read is true!  Sadly, there are a lot of you out there, whose blog is built on the backs of others writing. Who actually take snippets of others writing and post them as their own!  Frauds beware!  I’ll be looking for you.

I want my writing to inspire people, make them come back and read more, I’d like my writing to act like a conversation; it’s light and never dry. I want my writing to make people think, feel ,and maybe even sway their view of something.  But mostly when someone comes to my site to read my commentary, I want them to feel like I have given some small insight into something that is in the news. I want them to feel that they just read something of value, current, and insightful.

I hope that I will never run into the likes of the cheaters, stealers, and liars. To play with peoples’ emotions is just a crime! As Ms. Beushausen recants and tells how her writing got out of hand when the hits kept coming, she apparently got so stressed out that she had to be hospitalized! Too bad for her. Shame is really what she should feel. She plans to make a final blog posting in which she will apologize to everyone she has hurt in any way!

What a shame for such a talented writer to have done the unthinkable, lie! Writing is about creativity. And being creative she was, so much so that she even received money for all that great writing-too bad it wasn’t written down in the pages of a fictional story entitled:

Aprils’ Mom is a figment of Beccah Beushausen’s mind!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Jennifer Hudson Bringing It Home!

Although I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to attend her concert this past Saturday, I have heard that it was great!  Jennifer Hudson is on a tour of about nineteen cities with singer Robin Thicke. It is her first tour ever and still reeling from the awful murderous  incident that had taken her mother, brother, and nephew, her fans love her.

Her appearance on stage, and with  picking Chicago as the kick off leg of her tour is very special. Jennifer Hudson made great appearances of recent on the stages of several award shows, but Jennifer made it special by bringing herself  home to neighbors and friends and just fans who adore her. She has been on a stairway to fame ever since the American Idol show. The show where even the winners sometimes are never heard from again. But with Jennifer Hudson it is different. Hudson is warm and made lots of references to the fact that she is home in Chicago and her fans loved it! They ate it up.

Jennifer sang for a short fifty minutes; and the fans wanted more. The Oscar winner had sold out her show here in mere minutes, and we are hoping that the performer will come back to “Sweet Home Chicago” soon!

Ms Hudson was well-tuned, sassy, and showing everyone here and in the world, when you’re good you’re good and performers the likes of her come by only once in awhile. Thanks for stopping by Jennifer, we’re glad you came home. You let Chicago see their very own, fighting good and hard to get back after a devastatingly tragic event!  We here wish her well and await her next arrival.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Halle Berry Bad Dress Day!

Did anyone catch the very lovely Halle Berry on Jay Leno’s show this past evening?  What was you thinkin? What in the world was she thinking when she wore that dress?  I think the fashion police need to be out on this one! The color, and the length, looked good and flattered her but, what was not flattering was that the dress was extremely skin tight and not only showed her very curvy thigh and backside, but it also highlighted what is not so curvy about her too.

She looked like a she was a dressed up baked potato with jewelry.  I don’t know the designer of this dress, and I’m sure it would look great on someone. And finally those shoes/sandals with the larger ankle (wide strap) straps that either button or snap on the side and are usually in a high heel seemed to make her legs look even shorter than they are.  I thought Halle was doing too much to look too hot, when if she would have just come out in a pair of jeans and a shirt she would have been just fine. Halle is a real beauty and told the audience that she has finally launched her perfume line after two years in the production process. We watched through having Jay take a smell test  administered by Halle to see what he could smell.  He missed on the chocolate, got the pizza, and guessed leather as Halle held her shoe up to Jay’s nose. It was cute and a bit dumb at the same time. Basically her interview talked about how she loved to be a mom, and that her child is already one year old!

Congrats Halle on your motherhood, I’m still a great fan. But I was wondering if you could hire someone to help you take on Michelle Obama’s look instead of looking like a girl who definately had to be buttered to get into that potato sack you wore last night!

Just my thoughts, just my opinion, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo

Oprah Visits Walter Reed Hospital

Earlier today I watched  the Oprah Winfreyshow, and was completely touched. Oprah was also completely touched as she broke into tears in the end!  As Oprah held up her arms in a small prayer  if you will, she said to the effect, We lift you up. Kudos to you Oprah and your staff for a very loving and touching show!

As we were taken into the hospital we saw strong, brave and even very young wounded men and women. My heart was heavy as Oprah went around and shook hands of each patient that was there as the therapy sessions were going on. Physical therapy for those who have lost limbs; one who only stood for the first time as the show was being taped!  Each were asked how they felt, and would they go back. Each who had served and each who had lost limbs all said they would go back in a heart beat!

It showed me strength beyond physical, it meant strength in God, themselves, and their families. It showed me bravery beyond just fighting behind a gun. Her show has opened my eyes and I, as Oprah did, want to say Thank You too! 

Thank you to all those men and women who have given so very much. Thank you to all of those who have fought for our freedom. Thank you to those of you men and women in Iran and Afghanistan, for you will help my children and my grandchildren to live in a free country.

Everything that these men and women have done for all of us is so special. We all should be thanking them if we can. Go to and post a thank you or see if there is something you can do.

And finally thank you Oprah for doing the show, it was an important show and lets hope that even if for one minute you had taken their pain away. You have made it better because you care. Thank you.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Sophia Loren Looking Great!

Some will say that this past Oscar Show was boring. Although most people would say that Hugh Jackman was great in his role as host of the Oscars. He really was good in the singing and dancing areas, but all of the jokes were pretty weak. Most people would agree that since the majority of the Oscar shows were hosted by those in  the comedy genre. Take for instance those done by Billy Crystal, how about Whoopi,or Ellen, or even David Letterman?  It was somewhat refreshing when Steve Martin and Tina Fey stepped on stage!  They were getting laughs without even saying a word! But they were cute together and wish they could’ve stayed and finished out the rest of the show. Hugh Jackman was very easy on the eye, and definitely belongs on the stage. He is a natural. But I think people wanted more comedy.

It was great the way the writers put together legends in acting that spanned many years and in all different types of movies to present the awards to the new Oscar winners!  Did it however really need to be a secret? Probably not, but it made people want to watch just a bit more perhaps.

For the gowns that the designers made and the stars wore, Only a few were really that pretty. Stars often look stunning with all the hair,make-up, gowns, perfect undergarments to complete the whole picture. It seemed the stars that were singled out already by the magazines and  reporters were truly the ones who did look great.

I thought that one woman in particular looked extremely beautiful and that was Sophia Loren. A woman of 75  she still looked stunning! Still a little tiny bit of youthfulness shined through. Always known for her sex appeal, Her words seemed aged when she spoke, but she looked as beautiful as she could. Her gown was pretty and appropriate for her. She continues to have a regality as she stood there amongst Hollywood’s best and most famed, to present her best wishes for the nominee.

Thank you Oscar Academy for tyring to make an ever boring award show better, keep trying one of these years it may be great!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo