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Ryne Sandberg: A Cub No More?

Well, the saga goes on…perhaps. Ryne Sandberg an iconic player and then Iowa Farm system manager, gone?  Say it isn’t so, but at this time it appears that  on Wednesday, the Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry made an announcement that Ryne Sandberg has declined to manage the Cubs very successful Cubs Iowa Triple A Team!

Sandberg just recently missed out the chance to manage Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs team after Mike Quade was chosen over him to manage the Cubs. The final decision was reached by General Manager Jim Hendry and then “backed” by team owner Ricketts.

It is a shame. The fairy tale was writing itself. The beloved first baseman had the hearts and very definitely the love of the hometown fans!  Now the Hall of Famer has packed his bags, and is off to other destinations unknown and taking with him perhaps the momentum; the tale of a city in love with its team and the final realization of the world series itself! 

Cinderella left when the midnight bell sounded so maybe it was just time for Sandberg to find his perfect vehicle to the team that will bring this young celebrated player and coach the position of his dreams.

Chicago’s fan base may even go with you where ever it may be that Ryne Sandberg happens to land, and for this writer, Here’s to looking at you kid! Wishing you the greatest season of your life where ever you may land!And further on that note here’s to hoping the Chicago Cubs 2011 season is something to talk about!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone Mary Caliendo


Cubs Big Z Took a Big ZZZZZZ!

Well, the Chicago Cubs played the Mets and were hoping to be able to bring out the brooms to make the clean sweep. But the inevitable happened!  Why inevitable you say?  Well it feels like a reoccurring nightmare for many, many Cub Fans!

When the Chicago Cubs needed big play for their ace pitcher, he was asleep at the wheel. Big Z taking a big Z!  And if the Chicago Cubs are to stay alive in this at all, we need to win!  After having two straight victories the Chicago Cubs were riding high and the fans in the stands were responding to a great feeling in the air!  It felt like the team was building momentum and perhaps were going to unleash the longest win streak this year!

Zambrano has not gone past the fifth inning since 7/27/09! Yesterday Zambrano was pulled out after only 3 1/2 innings and he the Mets had mounted 11 hits and 4 runs at that point. Lou Piniella yanked Big Z out! The Mets came to play, and the Cubs did not. To the Mets credit, their batters hit Big Z and made the runs count. To Zambrano, our bats did remain virtually hitless against the Mets yesterday and the flat affect was contagious.

Lou Piniella stated that everyone wants to write off the team already, he stated in the Chicago Tribune that he thought it was funny and the fact that no one gives the team a chance -just to keep it that way, that’s fine with him!  He went on to say that what people write about the team has no bearing on how the team plays!

Well most of us “real” fans never ever say the team is out until it is mathematically out of it ! Period. Perhaps this is just one bump in a short road-but this writer will still bleed blue until the end! We need a long streak of wins, and reduce that “10” games out and that sinking feeling that it isn’t this year! Here’s hoping that Big Z will not only step up to the plate next time, but he will come with blazing pitching and lead our team to the pennant race the Chicago Cubs should be in.  So instead of taking some ZZZZ’s, Big Z will wake up out of his funk and lead us to another big No-No and put us right where we need to be!  Go Cubs Go!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Steroids For Sosa?!

Just “say it ain’t so”!  Oh no here we go again!  Die-hard Cub fans everywhere are holding their breath!  Those true fans, those fans who bleed their blue every summer, may find only disappointment again! This time it’s not that at this point in the season, the team is only at .500 ball, but it is one of their own getting caught in a possible web. A web of lies spun by the challenge to be better than the next guy. A one-upmanship; none other than steroids! 

For the longest time the duel between the hit makers Sammy Sosa and Mark McGire gave us happiness, we were all high with excitment watching the pair! The on-field show, to the statistics it was great. It was fun and it really “upped the ante” in baseball. Little kids wanted to be Slammin’ Sammy,or Mark cGwire all the way!

Now a report came out stating that Sammy Sosa was one of one hundred or more MLB players that tested positive for an illegal substance in 2003. Is it a surprise? NO!  Was it just the Flinstone Vitamins; Uh NO!  IN Sammy’s words ” I take the little vitamins, the Flinstones vitamins for the kids”. But then in 2002, Sammy stated that he would be the first in line to take a test if it was given. He goes on to say that he works very hard- and that you don’t have to do something bad for yourself to feel strong.

For the believers, we wanted Sammy to be free and clear of the steroids debate, and fans thought just maybe he was, because he was in front of a house panel investigating steroids when his attorney read the statement- to be clear I have never taken any performance enhancing drugs. I never injected myself, or had anyone inject me with anything.  Well that might be true, but are all performance-enhancing drugs just injected?

Sosa just came out recently and asked to be put into the Hall of Fame; perhaps this spurred the release of his name on that confedential report! As we all know the MLB turned a blind-eye on the users of the steroids back in 2003, and perhaps even encouraged their useage; wink wink! So the speculation will rage on, and those other names on that list should be leaked as well-because if you take down one and deny the hall-one for all and all for one; going to the ship includes going down with the ship too! Let’s hope that we don’t hear Mark McGwire is on that coveted list too! He, who is retired and has not of yet made the hall.

The ball players are people, and people get stuck  in places  that they should not be. If Sammy was just following the status quo, well what are we to do? If he was a leader in this area, well he needed to come clean. Too bad for Sammy baseball was berry,berry good for him-he was berry, berry, good for baseball but we don’t want him if he is a cheater. But cheating by today’s standards are different from the ones used in 2003. Too bad Sammy hadn’t quit baseball sooner. He could be and been sitting alongside Big Mac who just plead the fifth in a hearing in 2005 But,Sammy never could shut-up! Just pleading the fifth might have been better! And now to the NY Times, playing a game of whispers or tip offs  is not great reporting! (they broke the story)Now Sammy has much to worry about, ask Mr. Clemmons who lied before Congress.

The fact is, everyone surrounding this has something on the line; money. Shameful but true and for this fan, a true fan of baseball, I’m hoping that the crap floating on the top of the pond is gone now! Can’t we all just play ball!

Speaking of Halls; we could be talking about former Cub player Mel Hall who was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 12 year girl that he coached playing elite basketball! He could be facing life in prison! Wow, now that’s a real loser!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson Arrested!!!

Yesterday evening, at an intersection in the humble town of Bolingbrook, a  major domestic abuser was arrested! The Illinois State Police and with the cooperation of Bolingbrook IL Police took Drew Peterson into custody!  He is charged with the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

Drew Peterson and his bizarre and not so funny antics, has drawn the ire of many. Peterson played each day with the police, the media, and out in public bars, on radio/news shows and his appearances all over the talk show circuits. His latest aim was to be possible security for a bunny ranch in Reno Nevada! Squirrley Peterson thought he was a celebrity; and the world his stage. Now in custody, Illinois Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow says he will personally prosecute this case himself! The facts of the case(s) warranted this arrest.  The original autopsy was ruled an accidental drowning, but the exhumation of Ms Savio prompted a new autopsy and then this was  then ruled a homicide! Drew Peterson remained the only suspect in that case. While at the same time Peterson is the lone person of interest in the case of missing fourth wife Stacy Peterson. All this amid his antics proved to be too much for the Savio family and that then prompted the filing of a wrongful death law-suit by the Savio family on behalf of the Peterson children.

Mr. Ernie Raines, father of the recent girlfriend, Christina Raines told the media this morning that Peterson set up his daughter to get married and take care of his children in the event that he would be taken into custody. He felt Peterson did much to trick his daughter into making foolish decisions as he plied her with lies and promises. His four youngest children are now in the home of and will be taken care of by their older brother and Peterson eldest child.

Kudos to the Glasgow team and Illinois finest. Glasgow is quoted saying ” Clearly we’ve had a serious situation with violence against women,… and we want to send a strong message that that is a grave and serious matter. It is not a laughing matter as has been made of this case.” 

So all in all the serious abuser/murderer is off the streets. This is just step one  in a culmination of what will continue unfortunately to be a three ring circus! Once the trial begins I am sure that it will be covered intently and with great fervor. Let us hope that with movement in this case, that the whereabouts of missing Stacy Peterson will somehow come to light. The two cases of the former wives of Peterson will forever be intertwined. As will be their families. With one family having a current “victory”, the other while sad will rejoice as well in the knowing that this man will be tried, held, and now convicted and if found to be guilty will serve time. So while bittersweet the victory it is one nonetheless.  And for all of us who are not part of the family, it is a victory for those who the story has tugged with our heart stings and made us angry and mad; enough to write about it we rejoice as well.

Drew Peterson a celebrity in his own mind, have fun in the little cell you will inhabit. I hope for your sake that you don’t “run into” those with whom you had done wrong! And sent to prison for whatever- prison has its own “law” once inside!

This writer thinks that you will do much to save your own thin skin; who knows what you will do. What about it Drew? What will you do now? Maybe you can make a reality show from inside the prison; let’s ask Mr. Hof !

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Opening Day,the Cubs and Big Z!

Tonight is the night that our TV’s turn to sports. The opening day for baseball’s National League is tonight. In prime time the hard-core Cubs fan will sit and face the TV and watch the Big Z reel back the arm and give it to the Houston Astros to start off the season! Carlos Zambrano will cast his magic at the mound while new players surface this evening.  The line -up is as follows: Alfanso Soriano LF, Fukudome CF,D-Lee at first, right field Milton Bradley,3rd base Ramirez,2nd base Mike Fontenot,the illustruos catcher Geovany Soto, SS Ryan Theriot, and Z @ the mound. That sounds great right? 

So bring it on 2009, I think that this will be the year of the Cubs!  We have bled blue for so long, and we are ready for Big Z and his team of greats to take it to the ship and culminate in the ticker-tape parade when we take that series and win finally the right to brag!

C’mon Cubs prove me right!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Chicago Cubs Deal- All In The Family!

Well here’s one Cub fan that is breathing a sigh of relief!  I bleed blue through and through, and can take somewhat of a breather as Mr. Tom Ricketts took the bid as the favored bidder from the Tribune Company. Mr. Ricketts bid the small sum of $900 million for the team!

Wow! He and his family built their empire in, of all places, Omaha Neb.! They amassed a fortune by having a discount brokerage firm. At this point Mr. Ricketts and his firm must still get the a-okay from the baseball owners and of course, they need to secure the financing in the absolute worse money market of all time.  With my fan fingers crossed; I’m hoping that the deal goes through. Why?  Ultimately because he is a fan first!  He’s actually a Cub fan and lived for some time across the street from the famous ballpark; Wrigley Field! And cites his many ventures out in the bleechers; where the utmost hard-core fan (and the drunkest)prefers to sit! It was rumored that he may have proposed  to his wife there too!  Fabulous! What more could a true Cub fan want?

Of course  a cub fan wants a ticket to the ship!  We don’t want to, but our beloved Cub team needs to go to the World Series and continue to build on a tradition of team players that have the same desire. Hopefully, by opening day of this new year of baseball play, the team will have a new owner and the new baseball team will sieze the coveted title of the best !

Good Luck Mr. Ricketts, good luck Cubs and good luck fans this year could be the year!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo