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Drew Peterson Hearsay Arguments Today

Finally, after long anticipation the hearsay arguments are here. While Drew Peterson need not be present in the court room today, this case is a high-profile one and the interest spans those who have had brushes with domestic violence, or have been victim of murder and th media. It will be argued by the defense that this evidence is prejudicial and that it should not be allowed due to its unconstitutionality. But at this point in time the Illinois Appellate Court,  in an effort to be transparent, will broadcast live via the internet and tv feed.

This will be groundbreaking and historical in the State of Illinois. The Third District Appellate Court will let us see the inside of the arguments, of which is extremely rare. While this is not the criminal case being tried itself, the prosecutors are there to bring forth an effort to have at least 13 hearsay statements included  in the criminal trial of Drew Peterson.

Peterson is 57 years old and is currently being held and is charged with killing his third wife Kathleen Savio in 2004, and while he is a person of interest/suspect in his fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappearance, he has not currently been charged in any way regarding that case. Drew Peterson is in the Will County Jail in lieu of a $20 million dollar bail.

More on this story as the proceedings develop.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


Teflon Drew???

Hey let’s hope not! I liken Drew Peterson at this point to the back story of John Gotti. Why? Because the guy got away with murder for the longest time until finally someone close to him gave investigators the puzzle piece that was needed to seal his fate and end his life of crime.

In the case of Drew Peterson, he meant to be a good person and even became a cop, but then the ego and the power became too much for the person to handle!  The new insights into what he could do behind the badge were not only enticing but fueled, and it looks like, drove him more! It became easy for him to do illegal things and get away with them. The underlying abuser burst forth and the rest is about to be history!

As you may know the wise-cracking clown cop has been behind bars charged in the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio and is a suspect (the only suspect) in the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson. Currently in Joliet IL hearings are continuing on the prospective evidence regarding the hearsay law or coined “Drew’s Law” against Drew Peterson. As many as sixty people will parade in front of the judge and he rule whether thereis enough evidence to allow the hearsay in the court room against Drew Peterson when the trial begins.    

So far, and at this point friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers  and colleagues of the befallen wives have been called to witness. It has been chilling and interesting the things that have been said by those who have already taken the stand. Today, 1/26/2010 a reverend was to take the stand. This reverend Stacy Peterson was said to have confided in. He was said to have counseled her. What came out thus far today was that he was indeed counseling her and Drew too! How about that? When he counseled Stacy the reverend insisted on it being in a public place. The two would have meetings in the local Caribou Coffee shop, but when Drew and Stacy were counseled together, they did it with the reverend in the privacy of their own home. Today, as the reverend was about to show facts about what took place in those session/sessions together Brodsky and team Peterson put a stop to it. He asked the judge to seal the court. Brodsky argued that Drew Peterson told these things in confidence and that he did not want his client to endure a break in that confidentiality! Wow! But here’s the funny part-the judge allowed it! All media was removed and the room was cleared. The hearing then continued with just the defendant and the lawyers present.

We will keep on top of this as it seems that perhaps Drew’s own words will come back to haunt him! Only time will tell if the teflon is wearing off! Meanwhile, the Drew Drama Zoo continues on full-steam ahead!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone!

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson-Can You Hear Stacy?

I was just wondering Drew Peterson, how it feels to be defeated at every turn?  It must feel pretty bad, right? On Friday Judge Stephen White heard the motions put forth by one of Peterson’s attorneys Andrew Abood, and denied them both!

The former Sgt. in the Bolingbrook Police Force has been charged with first-degree murder and is awaiting the start of a trial in the Joliet prison system. Judge Stephen White did uphold the fact that it is constitutional for Stacy Peterson’s words to family, friends, and to a pastor to be admitted into the trial.  Stacy Peterson is Drew Peterson’s fourth wife and is currently missing. The judge further went on to deny the motion that was also brought to say the Drew Peterson could not get a fair and impartial trial in the city of Joliet and the county of Will. The judge felt that there was no reason why he could not get a fair trial in the county/and city. In fact some time ago the judge took approx. 240  potential jurors and put forth official court orders for these people to not view or listen to any reports that involved Drew Peterson or the Drew Peterson case.

Mr. Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s other attorney feels a bit disappointed as he says a lawyer cannot defend against the hearsay rule. He further explained that a lwayer cannot refute, or rebut the words nor can he cross-examine the words for motive or bias.

I am pretty sure that in this case, the hearsay rules will help to solidify all of the evidence. Remember that Mr. Peterson is in jail for murder on former wife Kathleen Savio in 2004. There is considerable evidence that points to Mr. Peterson being the perpetrator in that death.  And further that he has much to do with the disappearance of fourth wife Stacy. A sort of “pre-trial” will take place to prove there is enough evidence to prove the hearsay is reliable and that he is the only suspect in these two crimes.

It’s only a matter of time now.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Whitney Houston Resurrection!

Everytime I think that I have seen the last of the best of the feel good stories-here comes Oprah again! I hope you all caught the recent two-day interview of Whitney Houston on the Oprah show.

This interview was not only dramatic, it was sad and then finally glorious.  Now Whitney has not survived a fatal illness, or overcame a tragic accident that has left her maimed, no Whitney is surviving her life!  Now that’s big right? Well, yes it is when you are Whitney Houston and Bobbie Brown.   At one time Whitney was on top of the world with anything and everything she could want. Is part of Whitney and Bobbie Brown’s problem having too much too fast? Most likely that was a contributing factor in all of this!

Ms Houston went deep into her soul and revealed a lot of what took place within the marriage of the two. The excesses, the loves, and finally the realization that all of it was definitely not working! Whitney’s account shows what the taking and abusing the drugs and alcohol that the two were engaged in ravaged not only their marriages, their careers, and finally their lives. Ms Houston let us in on some awful insights of the garbage that was taking place in their home. Her conversation with Oprah was stunning. 

I’m glad to hear when a star or a singer wants to be clean, sober, and happy just like the rest of us. I hope that after the dramatization of Whitney’s life via the “Oprah Effect” is still going strong many years to come from now. I am hoping that she was not only sincere, but serious because Oprah put herself out there as Whitney’s friend. It was a wonderful thing that after finding out how terrible Whitney’s drug use was and the fact that she was so low- that simply a desire to raise her child and show her child that she could have much to be proud of in her mother.  Whitney claimed that Bobbie Brown had no knowledge of that interview and most likely she’d be hearing something as Bobbie Brown did not look so great!  In fact, he looked just like a typical abuser! The very fact that he spat into the face of Whitney is simply deplorable!  And it is something that is the lowest  thing that one can do to another. Sad. I hope that it was his drug/alcohol abuse that caused that!

Let’s hope the two of them will get on with their lives and Whitney will continue in the upward spiral back to the top of reining diva!!  It would be great to turn on the radio or see a movie and hear Whitney again!  She has given us some of the greats! Her new stuff is a different Whitney. She is older and wiser, and she exudes more throaty soul as she sings! Let her voice crack a bit, after all she’ll show character and the wrinkles of the past! To me, her short singing appearance on Oprah was great! She was vibrant, but appeared nervous for the first few seconds and then Whitney stepped back into the shoes she once wore! Whitney resurrected!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Chris Brown Lightly Sentenced!

Singer Chris Brown faced the judge in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday. Chris Brown does not know how lucky he is! The charge of making criminal threats was dropped; this carried felony charges and often requires jail time. Singer Rihanna was not present in court, but Chris Brown did admit to the felony assault. The judge issued an official order to the pair that they are to stay away from each other, and further, neither party is allowed to contact the other in any way.

Chris Brown’s sentence amounts to five years’ probation and six months of labor probation. The judge admonished Chris Brown harshly in court. She went on to tell the young singer that if he violated the terms of the sentencing in any way, he will be sent to jail in the state prison. His sentence will be served in Chris Brown’s home state of Virginia. 

As told by the judge his sentence does not include talking to others, the judge made it clear to Brown and his attorney Mark Geragos, that he is to serve physical labor not community service! Perhaps we will spy Chris Brown in an orange jumpsuit along the highway, or perhaps painting a public building?

I personally think that Chris Brown was lucky that this did not require jail time and that he was able to negotiate the lighter sentence. Chris Brown was falling into the cycle of domestic violence. A deadly cycle, that often all too well we know what the outcome will be. But what my long -term hope  that will come from this, is that  perhaps by catching him at the young age of twenty he will be able to get counseling to end the cycle of domestic violence. He can learn that it is a wonderful thing to be in love with someone who will not only care for you but honor and respect you.

Ending the cycle of abuse is important to all the young people coming up, in fact if he was smart at all-Brown will do a song or a whole album in honor of “what I just leanrned” about how abuse is not cool and then  donate this money to several of the large and small groups out there doing great work  to end that cycle.

Good luck Chris Brown and Rihanna I hope that we will never see the likes of you in court again!  Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Jasmine Fiore Identified by Breast Implant!

This past Thursday, model and personal trainer to be,  Jasmine Fiore was found dead in a suitcase in a trash container in Buena Park, CA. It has been widely reported that Ms. Fiore had been dismembered and also brutally mutilated so much so, that she had to be positively identified by her breast implant serial numbers!!

Her ex-husband Ryan Jenkins would be accused of this heinous act. Ryan Jenkins, a self-made millionaire who starred on the VH1 show “Megan Wants a Millionaire” was now missing. The real-estate investor and developer was now being charged with first degree murder. The search for him was on. While Ms. Fiore’s car was missing as well. The media and the Los Angeles Police launched a blitz to get the word out that they were looking for Ryan Jenkins in connection with this crime.

When this past Sunday night the manager of The Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia called the Canadian Mounted Police to report a dead man in their motel. They had found a man hanged from the bar of the coat rack by a belt.  The motel manager told police that a woman checked the pair into the motel while the man waited in a car (PT Cruiser w/Alberta Canada tags). The manager further explained that he did not recognize the man from TV as being Ryan Jenkins. The manager stated that this man looked tired and not that of  the man he had seen on TV. The police either know who the woman is that drove and checked Ryan Jenkins into the motel, or they have a good idea who she is. They are currently  looking to speak with that woman with whom they believe Ryan Jenkins had a known relationship with. They have not released weather or not she would be charged with a crime.

It was reported earlier that Ryan Jenkins has had domestic violence issues in the past. He had been charged with an assault on another woman he had previously dated. Clips of Ryan Jenkins performance on the VH1 show, show that he even makes a comment that he has a “bad-boy” side. It is too bad that VH1 could not have made a connection with the bad-boy person Ryan Jenkins had become. And if they had? What of it, would it have stopped this awful bloodshed? Highly unlikely. This self -confessed “bad-boy” was overlooked in many circles because he had money. And this money made the man and it appears that no one looked any further.

My thoughts go out to the family of Jasmine Fiore as they try desperately to digest all this awful information on the details of the crime that their loved-one had succumbed to. Also sadness to the parents of Ryan Jenkins as they could never ever have predicted that he would do something so awful and heinous!

Perhaps someday soon we can eliminate domestic violence so that the next woman will not have to be identified by the serial numbers of a breast implant!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Domestic Violence Shelter Closed?!!!

Today I learned the news that a women’s shelter in Aurora, IL has now officially closed its doors!  Why? Because the state of Illinois is in a terrible state!   It can’t pay its bills! Seriously folks as of Wednesday this shelter that is the final resting place of those women, most of them with children in tow, who are crying out for help!

For those women who finally bring themselves to an actual shelter for help, it will no longer be available. Women that have of recent  came for assistance have not only been turned away, they were sent to either one or two neighboring states!

On Wednesday a reporter named Margaret Ramirez did a piece on this very shelter for the Chicago Tribune Newspaper, and in it she reported that as late as Wednesday the shelter turned away three women and five children! That is three women and five children too many! She also stated that Kristin Good, a prevention educator, that the shelter helped four hundred women and children last year. They not only provided advice and counseling, they gave them a home! She said they also fielded more than 18,000 calls to the federally funded hot line.

This agency can continue to run the hot line, but the shelter for those unfortunate women will no longer be able to continue. The Mutual Ground Center is non-profit social service agency that will assist those that are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

I ask you Governor Quinn how can you let this happen? I know that you are facing a grudge match with those legislative leaders who have approved to reduce the availability of funds. I am not sure I want to raise everyones’ taxes to do this, but I know that I have a hard time sleeping if I think that an abused and/or raped woman with the babes in tow are out there!

I think you and the State of Illinois owe these people some kind of respect after all they have been abused once and now the state goes ahead and abuses them again! It is so wrong in so many ways! Have a heart legislative leaders, why won’t you cut the fat from the top of the heap and help out all of those who really, really need it? We’d be a great state if it was known that we take care of our own and try to end the cycle of abuse!  Showing those little ones that it is not ok to treat women this way might save us money as a state in the end when less services are needed!

Mutual ground needs to be on mutual ground!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Peterson Case New Judge!

It was expected that Judge Gerald Kinney would appoint a new judge in the Drew Peterson case. The case will now be heard by Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes.  Interestingly enough, she has had some dealings with Peterson/Savio in the past!  She had handled just a small bit of their 2002 divorce. She had awarded Kathleen Savio with temporary custody of their children and set up child support.

While no other financial matters had ever then been resolved any further than that before the death of Kathleen Savio, and now Drew Peterson has been charged with murder 1 in his ex-wives case. He has plead not guilty.

While Joel Brodsky stated before cameras yesterday, that there could be worse judge choices for Drew. So it looks like Brodsky will not be protesting this decision. It is in this writer’s eye, that it appears that this judge may have a great understanding of the plight of women who are victims of domestic violence. This court has a great long history of the family values it needs to have to represent not only the law and the rights; moral and ethical, of those people involved in the case. Its family court rises to that level each day. Joliet and Will County, IL should be quite proud of the fact that the county can for-see what the needs of a family unit are, what types of food,education,and cost of living for example are needed to provide for the best interests of that family unit. In other words it shows that the court  takes a  great stance for the advocating of its public.

I think that in this area, domestic violence has reared its head way too much and that Drew Peterson’s days may be numbered at this point.

Today, Judge Policandriotes will also consider the defense’s motion to have Peterson’s $20 Million dollar bail reduced. Will continue to report on the happenings in this case. Updates posted as soon as they come in.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Peterson Being Arraigned Today

Drew Peterson and lawyer team led by Joel Brodsky, will come before the judge in a Will County, IL courtroom today to ask for a reduction in his bail. A simple poll was taken among watchers of local news today, and it was discovered that 90% of pollers wanted Peterson’s bail to remain high and not reduced! 

Over all this case will be confusing, as to constitutionality on the hearsay bill for one, but here in Illinois having the “get tough” attitude against domestic violence will help to make a ground breaking difference. Illinois has had a rash of domestic violence cases, that have ended in loss of life. The law makers as well as police have long had their “hands tied” at times and there is almost no way to “predict” an outcome as to the condition of the person/abusers state of mind. But efforts to change laws and make breakers of court orders for example to be held accountable, thus making it easier for the abuser to become incarcerated or to stay incarcerated. Plus with the hearsay law being admissible will aid in the prosecution of the offenders. Look at the changes in the laws for stalking that opponents said would never pass, but they did.

The cycle of abuse and death has to stop somewhere and here in Illinois, they’d like it to stop. Women sometimes need somewhere to turn, and when a women (sometimes men are abused,or same sex partners will also have abuse, but the majority are women with men as the abuser)calls out for help to police they need to be able to help her and her children. Women need to believe that they can get help. This can help women to even bring forward their case of abuse.

Many families have often said that the woman/and or children that have passed as a result of abuse, have said She told me she was scared that he was going to kill her, or if I turn up dead, it was him who did it! It’s deplorable and something needs to be done. Perhaps the hearsay bill will help in this case and into the future.

I will be following this case closely, and hopes for changes in the future to make it easier for the domestically abused to be able to have their abuser behind bars even before the threat of death has come, and for the families left behind after that has taken place to give them a platform to help convict and incarcerate that abuser.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Brodsky Visits Peterson

Short and sweet, Drew Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky finally came off his little vacation and visited his new found friend.He visited the 4 time loser/abuser/murderer and he  Then  tried to assure his client that he has his back. Brodsky got interviewed by several local news channels, whom reported that he said he thinks the bail is way too high. He’d like it if the bail is lowered. He stated that he did a lot of research and that there is only one other case in Will County, IL that has warranted that high of a bond. He thinks that Peterson’s case is not that heinous to warrant that high amount!

Shame, shame on lawyer Brodsky for saying something to that effect! Of course it is heinous enough! He’s hoping that once the gets lowered- he’ll be able to spring his client out. Brodsky also states that he will also be asking for a change of venue. That’s okay most lawyers often ask for change of venue so perhaps he’ll get an untainted jury. But wait Mr. Brodsky this case has been heard all over the world. So I am sure that little ol’ downstate Illinois has heard of it too! And oh wait- for the most part downstate is considered much more conservative that Joilet is! I think that Peterson won’t have a chance once the prosecution gets their hands on him!!! Much less any conservative downstate jury will basically rip him from limb to limb!

Drew Peterson with that great spiffy out-fit, your three squares per day, and all your bling, you are right where you need to be!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo