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Very Drew Peterson Update

As many of you have followed my site for a long time, you may have seen my true disdain for Mr. Drew Peterson. I have a small update I’d like to report.

It goes as follows:

The Third District Appellate Court has upheld the guilty verdict and 38 year prison sentence placed on Drew Peterson. He was found guilty of drowning his estranged wife, 40 year old Kathleen Savio in March of 2004.

Also Peterson still faces charges of solicitation of murder for hire and solicitation of murder.

The complaint is that, Peterson, behind bars, secured an unnamed person to find another person to kill Will County State’s Attorney James Glascow.

To the circus clown that thought he was the teflon don~ how are you liking the view?

Just my thoughts, Just my opinions and always in a ConversationalTone.


Drew Peterson Hearsay Arguments Today

Finally, after long anticipation the hearsay arguments are here. While Drew Peterson need not be present in the court room today, this case is a high-profile one and the interest spans those who have had brushes with domestic violence, or have been victim of murder and th media. It will be argued by the defense that this evidence is prejudicial and that it should not be allowed due to its unconstitutionality. But at this point in time the Illinois Appellate Court,  in an effort to be transparent, will broadcast live via the internet and tv feed.

This will be groundbreaking and historical in the State of Illinois. The Third District Appellate Court will let us see the inside of the arguments, of which is extremely rare. While this is not the criminal case being tried itself, the prosecutors are there to bring forth an effort to have at least 13 hearsay statements included  in the criminal trial of Drew Peterson.

Peterson is 57 years old and is currently being held and is charged with killing his third wife Kathleen Savio in 2004, and while he is a person of interest/suspect in his fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappearance, he has not currently been charged in any way regarding that case. Drew Peterson is in the Will County Jail in lieu of a $20 million dollar bail.

More on this story as the proceedings develop.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson/ Casey Anthony Cases

It’s rather amazing that even though I managed to get thousands of readers by writing my opinions on the cases of  Drew Peterson and that of Casey Anthony, I chose to take a step away from both of them.  While their cases are continually in the media on some level or another; it may be a small quip mentioned in the newspaper of even a small glimpse on a  CNN newscast, they feel like they both may have happened yesterday! I think this is what truly is known as finding closure. It is that tiny little nagging thing that is in the back of your mind that helps you relive these atrocities over and over again. It is the response we have that says we have a conscious, and even deeper; a heart!  These cases have touched raw nerves and we are hard-wired to ask for answers or further to demand them. It is now a game of cat and mouse for the lawyers. They will toy with the jury that is closely listening to evidence while we will sit here and listen to the case in progress and again the cases will bring out the emotions and public opinion. So from my vantage point as I see my readers again and again click on stories that were written a full year or more ago, the relevance of these cases are still there. So the winter will pass and the spring will come and we will watch, and we will blog, and we will hope and this writer especially; desperately wants to contribute to the matter of public opinion and fairly and justly our courts will serve. We all know what the best outcomes for these cases are, or rather what we’d like them to be.

So when that springtime comes, my keyboard will be blazing with a blow-by-blow scorecard of sorts on the Casey Anthony case and the very dramatic Drew Peterson! Here’s to hope you’ll be tuning in and commenting. And this writer will hope then and only then will we as a collective group of society with conscious and heart gain a small piece of closure. I know that once both of these cases are actually made official and sentencing done, I’ll be free to find other cases that will reach my heart and hopefully yours too!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Teflon Drew???

Hey let’s hope not! I liken Drew Peterson at this point to the back story of John Gotti. Why? Because the guy got away with murder for the longest time until finally someone close to him gave investigators the puzzle piece that was needed to seal his fate and end his life of crime.

In the case of Drew Peterson, he meant to be a good person and even became a cop, but then the ego and the power became too much for the person to handle!  The new insights into what he could do behind the badge were not only enticing but fueled, and it looks like, drove him more! It became easy for him to do illegal things and get away with them. The underlying abuser burst forth and the rest is about to be history!

As you may know the wise-cracking clown cop has been behind bars charged in the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio and is a suspect (the only suspect) in the disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy Peterson. Currently in Joliet IL hearings are continuing on the prospective evidence regarding the hearsay law or coined “Drew’s Law” against Drew Peterson. As many as sixty people will parade in front of the judge and he rule whether thereis enough evidence to allow the hearsay in the court room against Drew Peterson when the trial begins.    

So far, and at this point friends, neighbors, family members, co-workers  and colleagues of the befallen wives have been called to witness. It has been chilling and interesting the things that have been said by those who have already taken the stand. Today, 1/26/2010 a reverend was to take the stand. This reverend Stacy Peterson was said to have confided in. He was said to have counseled her. What came out thus far today was that he was indeed counseling her and Drew too! How about that? When he counseled Stacy the reverend insisted on it being in a public place. The two would have meetings in the local Caribou Coffee shop, but when Drew and Stacy were counseled together, they did it with the reverend in the privacy of their own home. Today, as the reverend was about to show facts about what took place in those session/sessions together Brodsky and team Peterson put a stop to it. He asked the judge to seal the court. Brodsky argued that Drew Peterson told these things in confidence and that he did not want his client to endure a break in that confidentiality! Wow! But here’s the funny part-the judge allowed it! All media was removed and the room was cleared. The hearing then continued with just the defendant and the lawyers present.

We will keep on top of this as it seems that perhaps Drew’s own words will come back to haunt him! Only time will tell if the teflon is wearing off! Meanwhile, the Drew Drama Zoo continues on full-steam ahead!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone!

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson-Can You Hear Stacy?

I was just wondering Drew Peterson, how it feels to be defeated at every turn?  It must feel pretty bad, right? On Friday Judge Stephen White heard the motions put forth by one of Peterson’s attorneys Andrew Abood, and denied them both!

The former Sgt. in the Bolingbrook Police Force has been charged with first-degree murder and is awaiting the start of a trial in the Joliet prison system. Judge Stephen White did uphold the fact that it is constitutional for Stacy Peterson’s words to family, friends, and to a pastor to be admitted into the trial.  Stacy Peterson is Drew Peterson’s fourth wife and is currently missing. The judge further went on to deny the motion that was also brought to say the Drew Peterson could not get a fair and impartial trial in the city of Joliet and the county of Will. The judge felt that there was no reason why he could not get a fair trial in the county/and city. In fact some time ago the judge took approx. 240  potential jurors and put forth official court orders for these people to not view or listen to any reports that involved Drew Peterson or the Drew Peterson case.

Mr. Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s other attorney feels a bit disappointed as he says a lawyer cannot defend against the hearsay rule. He further explained that a lwayer cannot refute, or rebut the words nor can he cross-examine the words for motive or bias.

I am pretty sure that in this case, the hearsay rules will help to solidify all of the evidence. Remember that Mr. Peterson is in jail for murder on former wife Kathleen Savio in 2004. There is considerable evidence that points to Mr. Peterson being the perpetrator in that death.  And further that he has much to do with the disappearance of fourth wife Stacy. A sort of “pre-trial” will take place to prove there is enough evidence to prove the hearsay is reliable and that he is the only suspect in these two crimes.

It’s only a matter of time now.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson Wants New Venue

Well no news was good news…..but alas Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky filed a motion to seek a venue change. Brodsky stated that he feels his client cannot get a fair trial in Will County, IL.

In Brodsky’s motion it stated media coverage was so widespread, and that it was extreme and inflammatory thus causing the tainting of prospective jurors to be impartial!

As if…Mr. Brodsky, I don’t know if you have heard but CNN carried coverage of the Drew Peterson arrest, as well as exhumation of Ms Kathleen Savio’s body! The only way that Brodsky and Peterson could get a jury that has never seen or heard of the character Drew Peterson or that of his case, they would have to have to seek a jury from another planet!

The change of venue was expected. And this is often a strategy used in many high-profile cases, or cases where the suspect is an outlandish character who cannot stay out of the media spotlight, and whom goads the media to continue to put him on the air! Peterson and Brodsky brought even more notoriety to their own case, and I think it would be a laughable situation if the judge says no on his later August 14, 2009 court date!

Good luck Brodsky/Peterson camp Drew Peterson will fairly get what he has coming to him!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson’s Lawyer Makes Accusations!

Well it’s been extremely quiet on the “Drew Peterson Crazy Train” of late!  The judge put a sock in Drew Peterson’s mouth, and that of his lawyer Joel Brodsky at the last court date. Thank goodness! No news means good news to us, but  Joel Brodsky and the rest of the Drew Peterson camp must have been ancy because after this past Tuesday’s court date, Brodsky had something to say.

It has been reported in several of the local news agencies that the Peterson Team came out and accused Christina Raines of trying to date another police officer. Christina Raines is being represented by famous lawyer Gloria Alred, and she has issued a written statement from her office. Her statement that was released said ” Chrissie has not had dinner with or gone to the movies with any police officer other than Drew Peterson, and she has no interest in doing so.” She continued in her statement to say “She does not feel she was “hit-on” by any police officer, We do not think there is a bias for filing a complaint against any officer and we have no plans to file such a complaint.”

Brodsky announced that he intended to file a motion regarding this. According to Brodsky some unknown detective asked Christina Raines on a date during the investigation of Peterson for murder of third wife Kathleen Savio and disappearance of the fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

The State’s Attorney’s office spokesperson has refuted what Joel Brodsky has aleged. The office further stated that Brodsky accusation is “preposterous and disingenuous”.  Meanwhile, after hearing such nonsense, Ernie Raines, who is Christina Raines’ father has stated that Joel Brodsky is a scumbag. He also let loose a couple expletives as he claimed with his threat that he is going to kick the bleep out of him!

It is a free country and I guess if Christina Raines wants to date another police officer, I guess she can. It would be easier if it wasn’t one that was investigating her ex-boyfriend-ex-fiance’-! It appears that everyone, and anyone according to Brodsky/Peterson is a liar, cheat, slut, low-life, drug abuser, mentalcase, and criminal!

Too bad for them, they surrounded themselves with people like that! Drew Peterson is shining!  He is a superstar among the scum!!

I have but one thing to say- WAKE-UP!  We all know that Peterson is all of those mentioned above!  And while he did travel in circles of the under-belly, and he shines in no ones eyes but his own. This writer is once again glad to say that I am so glad he is safely tucked away in his small cell and is as quiet as a church mouse!

No news is good news to me!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson Stifle!

Good ole` Drew Peterson is at it again!   Blah Blah Blah all over the place! He’s has been in prison in Will County for as little as three weeks now. His attorney has had to answer the media as to why his client won’t shut up!  He contends that his client is all alone! Awe, isn’t that sad? He’s bored!  Brodsky went on to even say something to the effect of,  he(Peterson) misses having to be able to adequately trim his moustache and pluck his nose hairs! Okay?

He also explained that he is all alone and is pretty much in isolation, that he has no contact with anybody. That’s funny OJ said the same thing!  Little do these two realize but, that if they were out in the general crowd, I would think that the lock-up might have its own justice system. I should think Peterson and the likes of OJ should be thanking their lucky stars!  Always never forget that Drew Peterson is an ex-cop and that must very well be worth something!

The general public is sick of Drew Peterson and his PR firm. Since this moron has been in lock-up, he’s had a few interviews. For instance Matt Lauer on the Today Show, and Chicago’s Shock-jock radio show Mancow & Cassidy on WLS-AM. Lauer and Today should seek better people who matter to society as a personality to interview; until they stop I will stop watching! As for Mancow, he and his radio shows have been around for a long time and one would expect him and his cohorts to do zany stuff.

Meanwhile, back at the jail, the Will County Sheriff’s spokesperson states that this guy makes jokes, and says things that are not true! The Sheriff are annoyed by his behavior and wants to ensure the general public that Peterson is not getting any preferential treatment. He states that while Drew Peterson says things they are fiction. They have no conjugal visits, he showers alone and not with other inmates,and that other inmates are not cheering him on as he is moved about the facility. These things Peterson says are just not true! So Peterson, put a sock in it!

Whatever! In my estimation he is where he needs to be. If he wants to continue trying to be a great stand-up comedian than so be it! As long as he tells his jokes from within the barred small cell, I’m fine with that! I’m sure at this point, he is breathing a bit easier, since the bones that were just discovered could be those of several missing males in the area, not those of missing wife Stacy Peterson. But I will bet any money that he was sweating real bad there for a few minutes…It won’t be long now Drew Peterson…they’ll discover more……

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Peterson Case New Judge!

It was expected that Judge Gerald Kinney would appoint a new judge in the Drew Peterson case. The case will now be heard by Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes.  Interestingly enough, she has had some dealings with Peterson/Savio in the past!  She had handled just a small bit of their 2002 divorce. She had awarded Kathleen Savio with temporary custody of their children and set up child support.

While no other financial matters had ever then been resolved any further than that before the death of Kathleen Savio, and now Drew Peterson has been charged with murder 1 in his ex-wives case. He has plead not guilty.

While Joel Brodsky stated before cameras yesterday, that there could be worse judge choices for Drew. So it looks like Brodsky will not be protesting this decision. It is in this writer’s eye, that it appears that this judge may have a great understanding of the plight of women who are victims of domestic violence. This court has a great long history of the family values it needs to have to represent not only the law and the rights; moral and ethical, of those people involved in the case. Its family court rises to that level each day. Joliet and Will County, IL should be quite proud of the fact that the county can for-see what the needs of a family unit are, what types of food,education,and cost of living for example are needed to provide for the best interests of that family unit. In other words it shows that the court  takes a  great stance for the advocating of its public.

I think that in this area, domestic violence has reared its head way too much and that Drew Peterson’s days may be numbered at this point.

Today, Judge Policandriotes will also consider the defense’s motion to have Peterson’s $20 Million dollar bail reduced. Will continue to report on the happenings in this case. Updates posted as soon as they come in.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Peterson It’s No Joke!

Yesterday Drew Peterson and his lawyer Joel Brodsky and team appeared before the judge. Judge Richard Schoenstedt, who among weird other things; assigned himself to the case, heard Drew Peterson file a plea of not guilty.

As was reported by several in the media, Peterson sat sullen and there were no smiles or jokes in the courtroom. Brodsky told several TV networks the other day that Peterson’s joking is not helping his appearance before others and stated that he has asked his client to stop joking before the media.

This was no surprise that Peterson was going to plead that he is not guilty. What however, was a surprise turn was that Will County State’s Atty. James Glasgow filed a motion to replace the judge. This is the very judge that has already shown a favor to Peterson by returning his guns to him. The filing was on the grounds that the judge has “prejudice” against the prosecution. The prosecution team feels that after their particular refusal to turn over “notes of discovery” (which are actually little notes and memos that the lawyers write down as they investigate a case for themselves),  which no one ever turns over to the court, in the “gun” aspect of  Drew Peterson’s case. Once they did not turn over internal notes Judge Schoenstedt ruled in favor of Peterson.

The second issue at hand was the bail. Brodsky and team want the bail lowered down to $100,000. and $500,000.  This will all be revisited on Thursday. The issues will be heard by new Judge Gerald Kinney.

Finally the family for Kathleen Savio that were present, feel some tiny bit of vindication after five years of waiting for the justice for Kathleen. Seeing him in the courtroom, dressed in jail clothing, and standing quietly without having nary a word muttered must have made them feel that perhaps soon they see Peterson where they feel he should be for life; in prison.!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo