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A Post To Marinade Dave

I just left a little message to Marinade Dave today~ words of encouragement~blogger to blogger to let him know that there are people out here who write content sometimes daily, but most times not, that are filled with the truths as we know them, and the sarcastic deep setimented feelings we may have for the current subject. I left him a message to let him know that despite any accusations that may be out there if we stay true to ourselves and our written words, we will be okay.

A blog is a blog, when does it become more?  In the case of little missing Caylee Anthony, it became a story that grew into more than just a story, it was all about the cute missing little girl. It was also about the general public becoming vested emotionally. It was the chilling thought that thank god it was not us, or it hit us all like a ton of bricks because she was one in a recent parade of the missing and the found dead! Caylee’s story is about sadness. It is about caring grandparents that got side-swiped by something so astronomically repulsive they still don’t believe it!

The Caylee Anthony story made us all remember that it is not just about the creepy bad-guy or the boogie man~it was about a mother too soon with pressures mounting because too many her age have no responsibilities and are out just having fun! It is about parents in my age generation taking away and bearing more and more responsibility for our kids, Casey’s age. It’s life moving too fast for those who don’t have their feet on the ground; or perhaps it is about parents not recognizing problems in their young teens lives and letting it go out the window untreated, and unhealed.  No matter what it really is about, there is a toddler life gone, a young mother rotting in prison, and an endless dollar amount awaiting those living in the state of Florida.

If life imitates art, then of course there’s the upcoming book and movie that will be starring MarinadeDave~ the cool laid-back blogger who took Caylee’s loss emotionally, and his opinions about Casey Anthony and her illustrious staff of professional defenders, that no one can afford, right into the court-room!

I hope that this case can move forward and that it will be determined that the current accusations being strewn about are most untrue. Blogging to me is an expression of my ability to craft together sentences in a pleasing way for others to read. My intent at times is to make you smile and even laugh, but mostly it is to connect on a larger level with people who think like me. So blog away my friends, just always remember the old saying…..sticks and stones will break my bones and words will always get you into some kind of trouble!! Stay in the fight Marinade Dave and fellow bloggers, it’s your right.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


Kanye West -Mr. Jacka$$

Well I have waited some days now to see if the Kanye West steam roller engine would exhaust itself and simply die down, but the locomotive has only picked up speed and is blowing out more steam than ever!

So I guess I would be remiss if I too did not vent my all too familiar writer feelings out in a small snippet of finely crafted paragraphs, and letting my readers chime in on their thoughts about my thoughts!  So I’ll just start here, and borrow a line from the leader of our free world- “Kayne is a Jackass”!  True enough I think that at this point Kayne knows for real, that Kayne is a true Jackass too!

Thank you Mr. President Obama for giving me yet another reason to love you again!  You are real and we all identify!

I’m just wondering what a sloppy, drunken rapper did to get past say security, back stage people and who ever else is backstage at an awards show, to actually get on to stage, and grab the microphone from any recipient! It was released widely that CNN got a hold of  words used by Kayne West himself that went, I had a bit too much sippy, sippy and got a little tipsy, tipsy—whoa!  Sounds like a new song?  Or was it already a song??  Anyway, a stroke of luck brought the scheduled performer to the Jay Leno stage, where Leno asked a couple of great questions -such as -what would your mother have thought of this behavior?  Any mother would not be proud of that display period!  I’m glad Kayne West felt sorry, ashamed, and embarrassed -he should have! It was unclassy, child-like behavior that little children are put into corners for.  Thank you Beyonce’ you are a class act in my opinion!  In my eyes there is not one thing you can do wrong, ya know that Jay-Z thing!   OH girl, yes I did!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone!

Mary Caliendo

The First Lady in Shorts!

Once again Michelle Obama will send the gossipers whispering, the pundits analyzing, and pollers making polls of public opinion. And what now could the newest frenzy be? Well of course how the first lady is dressed that’s what!

Everyone in the field of fashion and beauty are continually going crazy as Mrs. Obama sets trend after trend in the White House. Mrs. Obama employs advisers who help her dress; they make suggestions, they bring in designers in the top ring of fashion, and they will otherwise assist Michelle Obama with anything she may need help with in her overall appearance.

Of late, Michelle Obama has gotten quite a bit of criticism over the way she was dressed on a family vacation in the Grand Canyon. The story has been picked up by the most major of networks to the little local newspaper. Mrs. Obama was not dressed in a sexual manner,nor was she bearing any type of  visual trademark summer wear. So the controversy is not over her endorsing something. It is over her legs showing! Many believe that Michelle should not wear these kind of clothes as she is a representative of our country and should look so proper all the time. Twenty four hours a day and seven days a week!

All that this writer has to say is COME ON!  Everyone needs to get over themselves. She is on a family vacation, with her children visisting a wonderful United States National Park and all that is focused on is what she is wearing!  I think that is much ado about nothing! I’d rather hear about the wonderful way a mother interacts with her children as they seek to find enjoyment in the bonding experience of a vacation. I’d rather hear about the fact that they are together in spite of being in the position that they are in. I am glad that they keep on just being themselves. It’s fun to see that they are trying to stay as real as they can be in the world in which they live!

It’s great to see that even with a staff of advisers Michelle Obama decided that in the heat of Arizona, in the late of the month of August, she wanted to wear shorts. It’s okay by me that this woman wanted to enjoy herself in the freedom of her country being a mom!  And the freedom in our country lets the first lady choose to wear normal “mom” styled khaki shorts instead of some uptight pant suit, capri suit, or Chanel type dress set for a vacation in a national park! She has the look and the feel of a relaxed individual, who is not uptight and enjoys just being the cool and confidant woman she is!

I say kudos to you Mrs. Obama! Keep being you. We’ll all keep writing and don’t you give in. You are in a position to change the world with your beauty, confidence, and assuredness. I for one am glad you are real!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Really PETA ?!!

Whenever I read something or hear of something that makes me immediately take a humongous sigh I have to write about it!

On Tuesday, President Obama was at the White House doing an interview for CNBC when a fly flew through. At first the president swatted toward the fly saying something like get out of here fly. But flies being the insect that they are, returned. It continued to fly around President Obama. The president waited for the fly to land and curtly put his hand up and swatted it dead!   Yeah! Chalk up one for the president.

But PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) came out and said the group would like to ask President Obama to try taking a more humane approach to the “disposal” of a fly next time one comes by! Are they serious?  Yes!  PETA spokesperson Bruce Friedrich commented. He went on to say that of the group PETA “We support compassion even for the most curious,smallest, and least sympathetic animals” quote! They are so serious they have sent to the White House a product called the Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher! This device  will allow the bug or common fly to go in and get trapped inside and then it can be released outside!

Great, that sounds great!  I wish I had some of those too!  For those times when I’m not home swatting my flies!

Seriously folks, we all need to get a life if we are worrying over the very lowly fly!  Our world is in crisis and I really want to save the bees, tend to monarch butterflies, and continue to learn about and fight global warming! We have polar ice caps that are disappearing, and along with that whatever wildlife that is attached to it!  Please!  A fly, really PETA?  Yikes.

At this point in time the White House has had no official comment regarding this matter. But in this writer’s opinion, to call the president to the mat on this- you really have way too much time on your hands….maybe PETA could devise a way to harness the energy from the caught flies to light up the world, then you’d be talking PETA!  But until that time, stick to the bigger picture you might grab a few new followers.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo