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Christina Raines Tells AM Show It’s a Stunt!

 Open letter to Christina Raines.       Dear Christina,                                    What was a stunt?  The fact that you were living with him, and were taken by him and his promises? You were there,and now you found out what this man was all about!  You need to get help from 3rd party not just Dad!  Please make sure that you don’t ever get mixed up with this kind of slime again. This man has been to the underbelly of it all, and he turns on the charm just when he needs to. I am glad it dawned on you before you got deeply hurt or worse!


All women of the world

Here’s the rest of the blog…Listening to the frightened little girl on the morning show tell us all that it was a stunt that Drew Peterson is involved with to keep him in the media and looking good!  He stinks and this is as low as you go!  Oh well could we have expected any less, I doubt it!  From now on I really hope the only coverage of Drew Peterson that takes place will be either the court proceedings or the sentencing!  C’mon Mr. Glasgow when can we hope to see/hear of the news about Drew Peterson!

Shame, shame on us all for reporting on the movements of Drew Peterson and his sneaky slime ball team of lawyers. If you’ll risk the hurting of an innocent you will do anything to keep him out of jail.  P.S.( this is for his lawyers in case they might be reading this)No one believes that Drew is innocent! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and only in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


Keeping Tabs On Drew Peterson !

Mr Ernie Raines has much to worry about!  His daughter had done the unthinkable, she moved in with her two children, with Drew Peterson! The family and friends of Christina Raines can simply not believe it ! They are all beside themselves. But they are powerless to anything about it because Ms Raines is an adult. Peterson who is now 55 years old is the one and only suspect in the case of his now missing wife Stacy. And secondly, his then third wife Katheen Savio has been exhumed and been relabeled as a homicide. His involvement in that case has also been called into question. The Will County District Attorney James Glasgow has said that definitively there will be a result in at least one of those cases this year. We shall wait to see what will come come out of this. And to what extent will be Peterson’s responsibility.

Drew Peterson, who by the way believes he is a celebrity, appeared on local tv NBC on an interview with the news last night. It tried to show us that his house is immaculate, and he enjoys being “daddy and mommy” to his kids. And that he is just the boy next door not some crazed individual that is a killer. Shame on channel 5! Next time when Peterson’s people come calling- just say NO! We all know what he is all about!  He is a liar, abuser, and a man who has an appetite for the very young. Who else would be as gullible?

Drew Peterson has been quoted by some saying of Christina Raines jokingly,…..that she has won the lottery,…..a Drew lottery!!

This completely has her family and friends worried for her safety, as do I. I would hope as I have said before Ms Raines may just be a pawn in the scheme of legal maneuvers to assist in getting him a divorce. But checking up on her is tantamount!  Her father has already begun the process of doing just that.  He filed a report with the Bolingbrook Police Department by having them sent out to Peterson’s house for a well-being check on his daughter. This let them know that she is there with him and it will most likely not be his last call to them. Mr. Raines has every right to continue to look after his child even if she is an adult. He is still her father and he doesn’t want Peterson in her life!  Good for him! I hope he continues to be a thorn in Peterson’s side!

We will continue to blog about him and the cases and his involvement with them.  I would hope that for Ms Raines that the relationship will come to an end soon when she sees that perhaps it was a mistake or that they may not have much in common after all! And hopefully somewhere in the back of her mind, or if she gets a chill up the back of her neck, that she and her children will hop in the car and not return! And then maybe she will be the proud winner of the real lottery!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo