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Gun-Toting NBA !

I’m a sport fan, how about you? My family follows all of our local sports and even continues to support the teams even in the lowly losing years. But for a myriad of reasons, this writer and this writers’ family have turned away from the NBA and basketball in general.

The amount of scandal present in the NBA is truly unbelievable! From the officiating to the players, the game has changed. This change is about the whole of what  is the NBA and the game of basketball. The games seem to possess a genre of thuggery. The activity on the floor looks more like a game that goes on at the park district where kids  make bets and the referee is from down the street and  definitely can be on your side if you know what I mean! Though, we tune in from time to time and continue to track the scores, we don’t buy tickets or basketball memorabilia anymore! Even the blue light on TV has gone off and we can’t bear to watch! So what else can we do?

We appeal to David Stern and all those powers to be, please make some drastic changes! If we have gone picture this: empty stadiums all over, garage sales filled to the brim with coveted jerseys, and basketballs not being bought at the sporting good store! If I have left and turned away, imagine the droves of people who also will go away after this season too!(and there will be more) Dissention is everywhere.

Take for example the Gilbert Arenas gun incident, finally Mr. David Stern stepped up! He grew a pair and suspended him indefinitely! Arenas stands to lose $147,200.00 per game! And this serves him right, if I toted a gun/guns to my job I’d have been fired immediately! Period. No questions. How about you? It is a criminal act to pull a gun (loaded as well) and threaten another individual with it. As well as gambling, as well as drug taking, blah blah blah………our employment has rules and these guys aren’t just hanging out and doing a hobby, this is their job. These guys should be held to the letters of the laws like all the other Joes in America; period!

Everyone makes mistakes, like being late to their job because they had to fight traffic to get there and now the person is tardy. Or once in a great while, everyone plays a bit of hooky but come on NBA! If you want people to come back-catch it quickly because I see a giant fan base pulling away from the NBA and basketball in general. No one wants to watch sloppy basketball and wonder if the guys are high or the officials are on the take, or finally if the players are stand up guys. So what the NBA and David Stern can do is spell it out ASAP, lay down the law. Accept nothing but the best, period!

The most of us true hard-core sport fan just want to sit down and watch a great game!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


David Letterman-Sex/Extortion Attempt

It was revealed by David Letterman on his show last night, that he was effectively being blackmailed! Letterman is the center of a scandal of sorts that was perpetrated or being perpetrated by an employee of the show 48 Hours!

This employee found out/and or taped the comedic talk-show host having had or having sex with employees that were under his employ. Mr. Letterman came out on his show a defended himself in order to protect his family and his employees. Letterman stoic, but in a light-hearted way, told his fans and all of America that he went to the authorities and they did find enough evidence for a grand jury, which then brought charges. The employee, Joe Halderman, a 20+ year employee, approached Letterman saying that he would be a subject to a screenplay if he did not want to give him 2 million dollars. He was taken into custody when Halderman took a phony 2 million dollar check! While this 48 Hours employee sought to extort only the sum of 2 million dollars from Mr. Letterman, he is worth a great deal of money as well as his enterprises that include a production company.

Mr. Letterman has taken a route that embraced honesty with his family, friends, and employees. He admitted to having sexual affairs with employees that worked for him. This is a serious issue and while Letterman did poke fun at the subject, his audience was somewhat appeared somewhat confused at times. But the show went on.

I imagine that just because you are David Letterman does not mean that he would not  have had frequent trips to the water cooler, or that he may not have  had to make a ditto copy in which he may have met a pretty office intern that he  clicked with! I imagine that since this happens in offices everyday, just about everywhere, I’m sure it happened there too! Being David Letterman though may have “sealed” the deal! We should not be surprised in the least.

Mr. Letterman married the mother of his son and his long -time girlfriend(since 2001) Regina Lasko in March of 2009. She too was a production manager with the show.

It’s too bad there are so many losers out there in the world. 48 Hours is a show that many hold a light to. The audience is usually well-educated individuals, seeking a news type format with the intrigue of a mystery or a deep investigative story-line. But this particular person thought they had something quite hot and instead of selling the story to a tabloid, the person tried to extort Mr. Letterman. Good luck mystery extorter we will be reading about you in the future as you are hauled off to do time in a prison!

Perhaps we’ll see your story in a tabloid, or even on Mr. Letterman’s show itself!  Most likely you will have generated $$ money. But not for you, for David Letterman!  It’s funny how things work out isn’t it?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone!

Drew Peterson’s Lawyer Makes Accusations!

Well it’s been extremely quiet on the “Drew Peterson Crazy Train” of late!  The judge put a sock in Drew Peterson’s mouth, and that of his lawyer Joel Brodsky at the last court date. Thank goodness! No news means good news to us, but  Joel Brodsky and the rest of the Drew Peterson camp must have been ancy because after this past Tuesday’s court date, Brodsky had something to say.

It has been reported in several of the local news agencies that the Peterson Team came out and accused Christina Raines of trying to date another police officer. Christina Raines is being represented by famous lawyer Gloria Alred, and she has issued a written statement from her office. Her statement that was released said ” Chrissie has not had dinner with or gone to the movies with any police officer other than Drew Peterson, and she has no interest in doing so.” She continued in her statement to say “She does not feel she was “hit-on” by any police officer, We do not think there is a bias for filing a complaint against any officer and we have no plans to file such a complaint.”

Brodsky announced that he intended to file a motion regarding this. According to Brodsky some unknown detective asked Christina Raines on a date during the investigation of Peterson for murder of third wife Kathleen Savio and disappearance of the fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

The State’s Attorney’s office spokesperson has refuted what Joel Brodsky has aleged. The office further stated that Brodsky accusation is “preposterous and disingenuous”.  Meanwhile, after hearing such nonsense, Ernie Raines, who is Christina Raines’ father has stated that Joel Brodsky is a scumbag. He also let loose a couple expletives as he claimed with his threat that he is going to kick the bleep out of him!

It is a free country and I guess if Christina Raines wants to date another police officer, I guess she can. It would be easier if it wasn’t one that was investigating her ex-boyfriend-ex-fiance’-! It appears that everyone, and anyone according to Brodsky/Peterson is a liar, cheat, slut, low-life, drug abuser, mentalcase, and criminal!

Too bad for them, they surrounded themselves with people like that! Drew Peterson is shining!  He is a superstar among the scum!!

I have but one thing to say- WAKE-UP!  We all know that Peterson is all of those mentioned above!  And while he did travel in circles of the under-belly, and he shines in no ones eyes but his own. This writer is once again glad to say that I am so glad he is safely tucked away in his small cell and is as quiet as a church mouse!

No news is good news to me!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Responsible Blogging ?!

Today I’m taking time to write a post on responsible blogging! I was personally turned off by the story that broke about a local Illinois blogger. I’m speaking about Beccah Beushausen, the hoax blogger!  In the article that was reported on by the Chicago Tribune, /Friday, June 12, 2009- it states that along side the picture of Beccah was a caption that says “I know what I did was wrong-I’m sorry because people were so emotionally involved”

In this story, this girl ran a blog for many months saying that she was pregnant and the baby that she was carrying was going to be born terminally ill! She kept this up and word spread! People gave her donations, made t-shirts, and held vigils; along with  large organizations that supported the right to life began praying and continued to pass along the information. People felt sad and wanted so much to help this mother in distress known only as April’s Mom. Then she claimed she had given birth only to have her baby die only hours later!

This was all made-up! There was not one ounce of truth to anything Ms. Beushausen said!

Enter wordpress community-enter any blogger for that matter.  Writers, your outcry should show. As a writer I will bend over backward to make sure what I am posting for all of the world to read is true!  Sadly, there are a lot of you out there, whose blog is built on the backs of others writing. Who actually take snippets of others writing and post them as their own!  Frauds beware!  I’ll be looking for you.

I want my writing to inspire people, make them come back and read more, I’d like my writing to act like a conversation; it’s light and never dry. I want my writing to make people think, feel ,and maybe even sway their view of something.  But mostly when someone comes to my site to read my commentary, I want them to feel like I have given some small insight into something that is in the news. I want them to feel that they just read something of value, current, and insightful.

I hope that I will never run into the likes of the cheaters, stealers, and liars. To play with peoples’ emotions is just a crime! As Ms. Beushausen recants and tells how her writing got out of hand when the hits kept coming, she apparently got so stressed out that she had to be hospitalized! Too bad for her. Shame is really what she should feel. She plans to make a final blog posting in which she will apologize to everyone she has hurt in any way!

What a shame for such a talented writer to have done the unthinkable, lie! Writing is about creativity. And being creative she was, so much so that she even received money for all that great writing-too bad it wasn’t written down in the pages of a fictional story entitled:

Aprils’ Mom is a figment of Beccah Beushausen’s mind!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Brodsky Visits Peterson

Short and sweet, Drew Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky finally came off his little vacation and visited his new found friend.He visited the 4 time loser/abuser/murderer and he  Then  tried to assure his client that he has his back. Brodsky got interviewed by several local news channels, whom reported that he said he thinks the bail is way too high. He’d like it if the bail is lowered. He stated that he did a lot of research and that there is only one other case in Will County, IL that has warranted that high of a bond. He thinks that Peterson’s case is not that heinous to warrant that high amount!

Shame, shame on lawyer Brodsky for saying something to that effect! Of course it is heinous enough! He’s hoping that once the gets lowered- he’ll be able to spring his client out. Brodsky also states that he will also be asking for a change of venue. That’s okay most lawyers often ask for change of venue so perhaps he’ll get an untainted jury. But wait Mr. Brodsky this case has been heard all over the world. So I am sure that little ol’ downstate Illinois has heard of it too! And oh wait- for the most part downstate is considered much more conservative that Joilet is! I think that Peterson won’t have a chance once the prosecution gets their hands on him!!! Much less any conservative downstate jury will basically rip him from limb to limb!

Drew Peterson with that great spiffy out-fit, your three squares per day, and all your bling, you are right where you need to be!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson Bunny Ranch Protector!

Wow!  The underbelly comes out from under the rock again! The slug under the brick is none other than Drew Peterson! (who knew?) Reports have it that Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch located in Reno Nevada, is having the ex- Bolingbrook Police Sergeant flown out to his brothel. Will he be doing the security for the bunny ranch? The ranch is featured as part of the HBO adult series show called “Cathouse”.

When asked Peterson claims that he is not trying to capitalize on his notoriety. And that he is innocent until proven otherwise and he is entitled to pursue any job opportunity that comes his way. And furthermore, lots of men would jump at a chance like this! Wow!

Alongside of his PR Agent, Glenn Selig, Peterson was interviewed on Chicagoland Radio Show Mancow in the Morning. Glenn Selig stated: that when asked if Peterson would sleep with any of the bunny ranch girls he said: That is his decision if he sleeps with the girls. You wouldn’t invite someone to your home without offering him some chips -n- dip! Peterson then chimed in saying: That favorite chips – Dip of every man in America! While he laughed he also said What happens at the bunny ranch stays at the bunny ranch!

Isn’t he cute?? Bunny ranch owner Hof said : those girls think he is charismatic and a fun guy. He’s a guy you want to hangout and have a beer with! When asked by radio host Mancow, How are you qualified to work at the ranch? Peterson responded that he was a watch commander and “I ran a bunch of guys who I always viewed as a bunch of whores screwing people out of their money, so I did that for ten years!

Too bad for anyone and everyone that could possibly be left standing in Peterson’s corner, he thinks everyone is as scummy as he is and low-life losers unite with him. What about those kids he has and is taking care of?  Doesn’t he care what they think of him? They can read, and understand. Or will he have a great way to explain this away? What about a little girl who wants to look up to her dad who is out having a great time partaking in chips-n-dip out on the bunny farm? Will she grow up thinking that it is easier to join the cast of whores her dad hangs out with or just “disappear” at the hand of someone who she thought loved her?

In my opinion the truth is the faster those kids can get away from this man the better! They need really great influences in their lives. After all their father even thinks that the Bolingbrook Police Force is nothing but a bunch of whores who screw people! I can only sit and shake my head!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo