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Casey Anthony on Broadway!

For shame, shame on Steven Sodeberg!  The very creative director of such blockbusters like Erin Brockovich and the Ocean’s Eleven series, has launched an idea to create a new play and have it featured on broadway in Sydney Australia! Sounds great, right?

Why shameful? Because the play that Mr. Sodeberg has now written is one that is no less than extremely controversial here in states, that’s why! He has written a play with the subject matter being none other than Casey Anthony and her now deceased child Caylee Anthony! It first boarders on the yuck factor and then it lands on the really? factor! Why would a guy of his stature choose this subject matter? This is a matter that is not resolved yet either!  The trial has not begun, and while I have not even read one word of this possible Broadway stint, I feel that at this time it may very well be a terrible idea.

This case has catapulted all of America and now the world to come in contact with a little girl whose untimely death has sparked our core heartstrings and often brought the general caller to shows and messages to tears, will soon reach the crescendo in a trial that may well be filled with the hype and grandeur of the OJ case!  While many of the case documents have been shown to the public and TV and news/talk shows have had extensive coverage and debate still all the facts are not known. The actual trial and all of its spin will prove to be very interesting as well as awful in the discovery of all the facts as it relates to the loss of this a tiny defenseless little girl. Caylee Anthony will always be remembered. She has been memorialized in the most public of ways.

Her short life will be a never-ending one. And the trial of the mother who should’ve have loved and protected her will start soon, but that affair will be long, and drawn out and will be also a never-ending one! The coverage will be extensive and even macabre. We may even get sick of turning on the TV and will wish for it to all go away! Then suddenly a play will open on Broadway written by Mr. Sodeberg and I’ll shake my head and say I knew this was going to happen. I’ll be secretly hoping that it will bomb and ticket sales will be so low that opening show and closing show will be the same night.

Upon further review, the Casey Anthony defense team may even file a motion to suppress the release of the play depending on the content; that’s Baez way after all. Mr. Sodeberg perhaps you should wait until the trial is over before you open that play down under. Who knows the original thoughts that are in your head may even have you sitting in the court room amongst the new celebrity you will have helped to elevate; Casey Anthony! Perhaps the profit you make from the play could go to the tax payers of the State of Florida or the United States to off-set the super ugly costs involved!  Now that would be an original idea wouldn’t it be?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions,and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


Drew Peterson-Can You Hear Stacy?

I was just wondering Drew Peterson, how it feels to be defeated at every turn?  It must feel pretty bad, right? On Friday Judge Stephen White heard the motions put forth by one of Peterson’s attorneys Andrew Abood, and denied them both!

The former Sgt. in the Bolingbrook Police Force has been charged with first-degree murder and is awaiting the start of a trial in the Joliet prison system. Judge Stephen White did uphold the fact that it is constitutional for Stacy Peterson’s words to family, friends, and to a pastor to be admitted into the trial.  Stacy Peterson is Drew Peterson’s fourth wife and is currently missing. The judge further went on to deny the motion that was also brought to say the Drew Peterson could not get a fair and impartial trial in the city of Joliet and the county of Will. The judge felt that there was no reason why he could not get a fair trial in the county/and city. In fact some time ago the judge took approx. 240  potential jurors and put forth official court orders for these people to not view or listen to any reports that involved Drew Peterson or the Drew Peterson case.

Mr. Joel Brodsky, Peterson’s other attorney feels a bit disappointed as he says a lawyer cannot defend against the hearsay rule. He further explained that a lwayer cannot refute, or rebut the words nor can he cross-examine the words for motive or bias.

I am pretty sure that in this case, the hearsay rules will help to solidify all of the evidence. Remember that Mr. Peterson is in jail for murder on former wife Kathleen Savio in 2004. There is considerable evidence that points to Mr. Peterson being the perpetrator in that death.  And further that he has much to do with the disappearance of fourth wife Stacy. A sort of “pre-trial” will take place to prove there is enough evidence to prove the hearsay is reliable and that he is the only suspect in these two crimes.

It’s only a matter of time now.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Derrion Albert-Chicago Cries For You!

For the second day in a row-The City of Big Shoulders-The very Windy City, sheds tears and they are not tears of joy. We are crying out for the life of a young boy who is now dead! This Chicago Public High School boy joins a very sad statistical list. This one no one wants to be on-but now Derrion is on it!

Why? Why did Derrion have to loose his life? Two opposing groups within the Fenger HighSchool decided to fight. Derrion was not part of these groups-he was an innocent bystander- when he was severely and fatally attacked, and kicked and then finally hit continuously with  a wooden rail-road tie! Where in the world are these boys’ hearts!  Don’t they realize that they could kill a person by hitting them and kicking him and hitting him with a rail road tie? Has our society desensitized them? What can we do to change this? 

Many have marched, protested, and had memorials and vigils-what else can we do? These boys that have been arrested know that they have been identified by the taping of the fight. They know that they are facing life or perhaps the electric chair (even though the State of IL has suspended them, I think the crime would fit the punishment). Parents where are you?  Please try to keep tabs even on your high schooler-it is important for you to know their friends, to know where they are going, and to give them rules to live by.  Take them to church. Talk to your teenager, value them, and tell them you actually love them. Stake your claim to your child; take back your child! Let them know that the family is so much more important than any gang ever period!

Derrion Albert was only 16 years old!  He was only just beginning to live-he was an honor roll student who cared about life,God, his parents and family. A decent, loving, caring human being was being raised and all the right moves were being made. Now that CNN has brought the story to the world, witnesses are now coming forward to coobberate the video. At this point an 18 year old,a 17 year old, and a 16 year is being charged as an adult. And there may be as many as 7 young teens charged in all.

Chicago and now the world, says a silent prayer in their hearts for Derrion Albert-a young boy gone way too soon amid violence,mayhem and madness!

Stop the violence and hang on tightly to the ones you love.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo

Thank you CNN for bringing the story to the world, but let’s cut the video now-we don’t need to see it any more!

Casey Anthony Realizing Her Fate?

The appearance of Casey Anthony and the CMA team in court the other day spied a change in her demeanor. Also the appearance of her mother and father behind her may have had an effect as well. George and Cindy Anthony showing up for her support. George blowing a kiss to his ensconced daughter finally turned up the dial on the water works.  Casey Anthony eyes welled up with huge tears. She quietly wiped them with the available Kleenex.

Her appearance and demeanor has changed quite dramatically since her last appearance. She looks as if she may finally know exactly what type of trouble she is in. Casey Anthony her hair is longer and her skin color showing the pallor of being indoors. According to the jail, Casey Anthony is locked up for approximately twenty-three hours per day. She is in the position of solitary confinement due to her tumultuous crime and the high-profile image of her.

Her team of lawyers has finally gotten to her and told her to check her attitude at the door!  She was most likely told that her attitude and the facial expressions that she exudes to the public (who may potentially become her jury) may cause her harm, and that she seems uncaring and insensitive. She has to try for the “please feel sorry for me” looks, or “I am just a confused innocent”!  It will be hard for her to get the public opinion that she will need. P.S. That’s my opinion!

It appears that the Baez team is trying for any other angle that they can conceivably come up with to create a shadow of a doubt. Just recently Baez is asking for Casey Anthony ex-boyfriend Tony Lazzaro phone records- possible trying to create a “story” that perhaps he was the one who did it and had the opportunity to “dump” Caylee Anthony in those woods while Casey Anthony was already being held in jail!  Ugh!  In this writer’s opinion, it is utterly disgusting that they could try to weasel this past the judge and or even a jury! Hopefully the educated minds of possible jurors that are out there will be smarter and will look only at the true evidence!  Surely the circus will most likely be delayed, but just in case October is not so far away! Here’s to hoping the trial starts soon!

Here’s also hoping that Casey Anthony has full realization that she faces something  severe and  that she also realizes that it is most likely that she is not going to just “get out” of this mess. 

I’ll say it again, too bad she didn’t take her mom up on the “you go out and party and I’ll take the baby” . Too bad for everyone.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Treatment of Casey Anthony Cruel???

Hey wait a minute!  Guards thought the treatment of Casey Anthony cruel and unusual??? Say What? The taping of a prisoner is not cruel and unusual. And when a person becomes incarcerated, thatterminates your rights to everything except civil liberty. When you are imprisoned in our country, you have the right to have three square meals, you have a right to sleep, to go to the bathroom, to clean yourself, and finally to be imprisoned away from the extreme elements such as a hard winter or extreme heat……in other words a roof over your head. The prison then gives you privileges such as a trip to the day room to watch TV., or perhaps a phone call for twenty minutes maybe, to read, and be rewarded for your good behavior.   Let’s ask Laura Ling and Euna Lee if at this point do they have those privileges as of yet?? And neither killed a child or dumped a child or even just lied about the whereabouts of their children!

If I was anywhere near Casey Anthony in the employ as a guard I would tape everything just for my own safety inside so that she cannot do the very thing she is currently doing, asking her law staff to create and manufacture a reason for sympathy!  Good Luck Baez and Death Row Angel; she gave herself away and it was on tape- too bad! Get over it! she made a nest for you to defend-just let her sleep in it!

Let us all not forget that Caylee Anthony is gone and never to breathe again thanks to the lady who was her mom and couldn’t have given a care if she was cruel to her. Seriously folks, I really wish that the trial were today, because the repetition of the same ‘ol is just that the same ‘ol! It is really cruel that we have to sit around and blog about the ice princess that is crying like a “baby in the brig”!  Let’s get on with it already. My thoughts are with Laura Ling and Euna Lee and there’s a crime that really needs to be written about!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Anthony New Defense

As we all know, from perhaps the beginning of this case, that Jose Baez would not be qualified to try to a capital murder case. He will continue to stay on as a co-counsel. This will help him in the long-run for his future law expertise. He knows this. No matter what, it looks bleak for this defense team. The prosecution has much physical  evidence to use, as well as friends and ex-lovers to help aid in the picture of what Casey Anthony was doing before, during, and after the crime against her daughter Caylee Anthony, was being perpetrated against her.

Jose Baez went on the “Today Show” and talked about his client Casey Anthony beig brave and strong. Jose Baez is still saying that he and his team believe that Casey is innocent. Baez also went on to say that the release of the “secretly tapped” Casey, when she found out the bones found were that of Caylee’s, is cruel and unusual. He claims he will get the guards to relinquish their stance and say yes it was not nice that they had her on tape!

Jose Baez also introduced his new defense team dream. Chicago’s super-lawyer, Andrea D. Lyon. The current college professor, and nationally recognized expert on death penalty defense has signed on to help in this case. Only once has she lost!  Her hard-lined stance and unrelenting style has put  the Jose Baez Team  as Andrea  D. Lyon as their last line of defense. Ms Lyon does not believe in the death penalty at all, and she can be perhaps the only one who will be able to “save” Casey’s life!

Ms. Lyons and her co-counsel Paul Dengel (criminal attorney) will be present next to Baez as the trial begins.

Casey’s last appearance in the court-room showed her somewhat heavier,hair much longer, and make-up looking heavy. She appears to have aged a bit since she has been there. He demeanor was somewhat stoic, and mustering a smile only once or twice. She appeared to be interested in what was being spoken about.

I guess that I would listen -up if I thought that my lawyer had to bring the “angel of death row” as a last ditch effort for my case. Fully aware that, that would mean that my case will not be won and the only thing left is to stop them from the “needle”! At the same time I would be relieved because her track record is great!  As far as the tape that was made, perhaps it was somewhat cruel but for those guards, and because of the high-profile of this case,there needs to be all the documented information as possible. Now whether that would be a video,written, or taped it all becomes evidence so that Casey herself could not turn around and say that someone had mistreated her in any way. The tape is simple proof on an event that happened!

If it comes into court, it is just another piece of evidence in this case to show the demeanor of this individual.

If I could personally say anything to Casey at this point, I would tell her to thank her lucky stars that this woman of greatness in Andrea D. Lyon, is here to rescue Casey. And of the “cruel and unusual” tape made, I’d also say that Casey did not think it was cruel and unusual when she killed, then bagged, then buried her little baby Caylee!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and only in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Peterson Case New Judge!

It was expected that Judge Gerald Kinney would appoint a new judge in the Drew Peterson case. The case will now be heard by Judge Carla Alessio Policandriotes.  Interestingly enough, she has had some dealings with Peterson/Savio in the past!  She had handled just a small bit of their 2002 divorce. She had awarded Kathleen Savio with temporary custody of their children and set up child support.

While no other financial matters had ever then been resolved any further than that before the death of Kathleen Savio, and now Drew Peterson has been charged with murder 1 in his ex-wives case. He has plead not guilty.

While Joel Brodsky stated before cameras yesterday, that there could be worse judge choices for Drew. So it looks like Brodsky will not be protesting this decision. It is in this writer’s eye, that it appears that this judge may have a great understanding of the plight of women who are victims of domestic violence. This court has a great long history of the family values it needs to have to represent not only the law and the rights; moral and ethical, of those people involved in the case. Its family court rises to that level each day. Joliet and Will County, IL should be quite proud of the fact that the county can for-see what the needs of a family unit are, what types of food,education,and cost of living for example are needed to provide for the best interests of that family unit. In other words it shows that the court  takes a  great stance for the advocating of its public.

I think that in this area, domestic violence has reared its head way too much and that Drew Peterson’s days may be numbered at this point.

Today, Judge Policandriotes will also consider the defense’s motion to have Peterson’s $20 Million dollar bail reduced. Will continue to report on the happenings in this case. Updates posted as soon as they come in.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Brodsky Visits Peterson

Short and sweet, Drew Peterson’s lawyer Joel Brodsky finally came off his little vacation and visited his new found friend.He visited the 4 time loser/abuser/murderer and he  Then  tried to assure his client that he has his back. Brodsky got interviewed by several local news channels, whom reported that he said he thinks the bail is way too high. He’d like it if the bail is lowered. He stated that he did a lot of research and that there is only one other case in Will County, IL that has warranted that high of a bond. He thinks that Peterson’s case is not that heinous to warrant that high amount!

Shame, shame on lawyer Brodsky for saying something to that effect! Of course it is heinous enough! He’s hoping that once the gets lowered- he’ll be able to spring his client out. Brodsky also states that he will also be asking for a change of venue. That’s okay most lawyers often ask for change of venue so perhaps he’ll get an untainted jury. But wait Mr. Brodsky this case has been heard all over the world. So I am sure that little ol’ downstate Illinois has heard of it too! And oh wait- for the most part downstate is considered much more conservative that Joilet is! I think that Peterson won’t have a chance once the prosecution gets their hands on him!!! Much less any conservative downstate jury will basically rip him from limb to limb!

Drew Peterson with that great spiffy out-fit, your three squares per day, and all your bling, you are right where you need to be!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Jose Baez Speaks and Speaks and Speaks…………………….

Some interested viewers are thinking that Jose Baez is speaking way too much! Some are critical of the lawyer whom is currently defending the notorious ice princess Casey Anthony, saying that he should be more tight-lipped with comments.

Jose Baez has been in the press before, and continues of late to be back in front of the press crying out about things like the death peanalty. Baez takes the stance that he personally thinks that the death penalty does not work. He thinks our system is too flawed and filled with imperfections. He continues to go on to say that he and his defense team, along with client pole-dancer Casey that they will not be intimidated. He feels that he has thus far put up the best defense that he can, and he also feels that he thinks he has persuaded enough great professional people behind him to mount a good case.

He further states that he believes that Casey is not guilty because she said so in court, and in her signed waiver! Wow, I’d say the system he believes in sounds a little flawed wouldn’t you say? If that were the case,Uh I think absolutely no one would be in jail at all!

I agree that not always is the death penalty warranted, but in this case, what can you say?

Baez states that this is certainly alot of pressure. There is a lot at stake; a persons life is at stake. Baez says that if he makes mistakes that could cost a client years of their freedom. He will continue to challenge the evidence and eliminate any mistakes. And he claims that all of recent scientific evidence that will be presented will be a considerable amount of “junk science”, because he says that the human decomposition evidence should never be admitted into evidence into a court of law. And that this evidence is not fully accepted and does not rise to the level of all other evidence!  I remember that it was not too long ago that DNA as well as fingerprints weren’t acceptable. I guess things could change with this case!

I guess we will see how much doubt can be cast in order to prove Casey Anthony’s innocence, Good Luck Baez team I hope you can do a flawless job with your persuaded cast of professionals and lawyers.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Oprah Dumps the Anthony’s

I thought that it was very extraordinary that Oprah put the families of the Columbine High School shootings before her and that of her show. And the planned show was put on the back burner. The families were recognized by Oprah and her staff, and that was very nice.

On the the scheduled appearance of Cindy and George Anthony, I personally joined in on a blogging, e-mail, and twitter campaign to ask Oprah to reconsider, and not to proceed with the  Cindy and George Anthony interview in late May. I think that Oprah is a class act and I personally felt that at this time, it was not prudent to go on with this interview. It is not that I don’t want to hear what they may have to say, it’s just that perhaps this should be done after the trial is over.

I am sure that Oprah’s interview would not impede the criminal proceedings taking place in the court room. (the actual trial has not taken place yet; just pre-trial motions, etc.) But the possible tainting of the jury is a possibility. There can’t be too many people out there, that have not heard of Casey Anthony or of Caylee Anthony; so it does not matter where in Florida the actual trial takes place. But I do think that Oprah has an extremely huge fan/watch base; and that many televisions would be tuned in to listen to Cindy and George Anthony spew things about building a foundation in Caylee’s honor. Or on the thoughts that Casey is innocent. Or how about more thoughts on can anyone find the fictitious Zanaida Gonzalez?

I would never discount, however, Oprah’s ability to draw out good answers for great questions. I would never discount Oprah’s ability to “out” the liar in Cindy; and implore the humble in George. But it is a show and May is sweeps. So in honor of her, and her wonderful support staff, I request all of my readers watch intensely her shows in May. Let’s show Oprah that her good ratings come from classy shows and a host that is beyond reproach. Let Cindy and George go into to a realm where currently they belong; Springer! 

Now their(Cindy and George) outlook and interview could be very different after the entire trial is over, and the sentencing done. Perhaps Oprah can interview then. *Thank you Oprah for all of your integrity. Please give a call over to the CBS Early Show; because the Anthony’s are now booked there. Maybe you could clue them in!*

And a big P.S. to anyone else listening, Caylee was never a missing person. Caylee was a child that was murdered at the hands of what looks like her mother. Her own flesh and blood; perhaps Cindy and George could donate the boat to those that spent lots of man-hours, sweat, and tears actually  looking and believing that  someone “took” Caylee and continued to donate /devote their own time to it. And then they can open a center for those families who have had a loved one commit murder and change their lives forever. They could call it the Grief and Guilt Center. Unfortunately and with great sadnessCindy and George are not the only family that have been touched in this way! They really should extend an olive branch to others; it would be much more healthy for them.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo