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Drew Peterson Hearsay Arguments Today

Finally, after long anticipation the hearsay arguments are here. While Drew Peterson need not be present in the court room today, this case is a high-profile one and the interest spans those who have had brushes with domestic violence, or have been victim of murder and th media. It will be argued by the defense that this evidence is prejudicial and that it should not be allowed due to its unconstitutionality. But at this point in time the Illinois Appellate Court,  in an effort to be transparent, will broadcast live via the internet and tv feed.

This will be groundbreaking and historical in the State of Illinois. The Third District Appellate Court will let us see the inside of the arguments, of which is extremely rare. While this is not the criminal case being tried itself, the prosecutors are there to bring forth an effort to have at least 13 hearsay statements included  in the criminal trial of Drew Peterson.

Peterson is 57 years old and is currently being held and is charged with killing his third wife Kathleen Savio in 2004, and while he is a person of interest/suspect in his fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappearance, he has not currently been charged in any way regarding that case. Drew Peterson is in the Will County Jail in lieu of a $20 million dollar bail.

More on this story as the proceedings develop.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone.

Mary Caliendo


I’m Honked Off How ‘Bout You?

Well if you have been following the news and the papers; I am sure you have heard that many school districts across this country are struggling with finances and unbelievable debt. But today, more than in recent, I have come to an impasse where I am about to blow a gasket! I am honked off and you should be too.

Why? First and foremost, our country built a tradition of passing on knowledge to the next generation. Then we provide public school education to all and we make this a law. If you don’t like the education system, then you get out and home school, right?

But it isn’t about liking or not liking the school system for me; for me it is about the true and utter disrespect being shown to that of every man, woman, and child in my state! Today upwards to 700-750 teachers, substitutes,coaches,library sciences, arts, choir, and band as well as janitorial staff were cut from the second largest school district in my state! We haven’t received the federal funding that was deserved this school and in the last two weeks several other very large school districts did the same, and they also had not received that federal funding. Without the federal funding the pink slips came.

One of the hardest things I have seen in a while is children going to speak into a microphone pleading to keep their teachers, or high school kids facing the loss of scholarship because there will be no music,no choir and no varsity sport.

When I look closely at my tax bill, I see that not only do I pay an absorbent amount of money for my property, I pay even more for my school district. The district that I have chosen to bring my children into. And then I stay because I think that in the long-term my children will benefit from a great school district. But my teachers cannot possibly teach and organize a class with 37 children, or 35 children, or even 30 children!  The children cannot get enough one-on-one attention to help them succeed. There are children that will need the extra help, and those children will fall through the cracks without attention.

There will be a huge amount of failure. And what I think will be worse is that within this model of “do what you can with the least amount of resources” cannot possibly result in anything good.  We are often challenged in the world arena as to why our children are not smarter than other world children is because we forgot to put them first. In most businesses, the business put its self first by paying itself and it is high time that we think about our education system that way too!

Put our kids first, and we pay ourselves by creating a better us. We cannot compete because the dollars are not there! How dare my state even tell us parents that! How dare my country for not thinking of our children first! After all I pay and I pay and I pay and so do you! I am not sure what can be done to help this situation but something needs to be done and done quickly. We created a lottery and lottery money has been designated to go to education systems across the country. You must have seen the sizes of these lottery pots, so I ask my state not only where did all that money go from my taxes, but what about all that lottery money? Where is it at?

Where is it all at?  Have you so badly mismanaged it? Have you squandered it? Then if not where can the itemization be seen? Pray tell?

I’m honked off and you should be too! Put our kids first and those educated kids will graduate and with any luck they will be smarter than the average politician running the country now!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationaltone. Mary Caliendo

Domestic Violence Shelter Closed?!!!

Today I learned the news that a women’s shelter in Aurora, IL has now officially closed its doors!  Why? Because the state of Illinois is in a terrible state!   It can’t pay its bills! Seriously folks as of Wednesday this shelter that is the final resting place of those women, most of them with children in tow, who are crying out for help!

For those women who finally bring themselves to an actual shelter for help, it will no longer be available. Women that have of recent  came for assistance have not only been turned away, they were sent to either one or two neighboring states!

On Wednesday a reporter named Margaret Ramirez did a piece on this very shelter for the Chicago Tribune Newspaper, and in it she reported that as late as Wednesday the shelter turned away three women and five children! That is three women and five children too many! She also stated that Kristin Good, a prevention educator, that the shelter helped four hundred women and children last year. They not only provided advice and counseling, they gave them a home! She said they also fielded more than 18,000 calls to the federally funded hot line.

This agency can continue to run the hot line, but the shelter for those unfortunate women will no longer be able to continue. The Mutual Ground Center is non-profit social service agency that will assist those that are victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

I ask you Governor Quinn how can you let this happen? I know that you are facing a grudge match with those legislative leaders who have approved to reduce the availability of funds. I am not sure I want to raise everyones’ taxes to do this, but I know that I have a hard time sleeping if I think that an abused and/or raped woman with the babes in tow are out there!

I think you and the State of Illinois owe these people some kind of respect after all they have been abused once and now the state goes ahead and abuses them again! It is so wrong in so many ways! Have a heart legislative leaders, why won’t you cut the fat from the top of the heap and help out all of those who really, really need it? We’d be a great state if it was known that we take care of our own and try to end the cycle of abuse!  Showing those little ones that it is not ok to treat women this way might save us money as a state in the end when less services are needed!

Mutual ground needs to be on mutual ground!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo