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Ryne Sandberg: A Cub No More?

Well, the saga goes on…perhaps. Ryne Sandberg an iconic player and then Iowa Farm system manager, gone?  Say it isn’t so, but at this time it appears that  on Wednesday, the Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry made an announcement that Ryne Sandberg has declined to manage the Cubs very successful Cubs Iowa Triple A Team!

Sandberg just recently missed out the chance to manage Major League Baseball’s Chicago Cubs team after Mike Quade was chosen over him to manage the Cubs. The final decision was reached by General Manager Jim Hendry and then “backed” by team owner Ricketts.

It is a shame. The fairy tale was writing itself. The beloved first baseman had the hearts and very definitely the love of the hometown fans!  Now the Hall of Famer has packed his bags, and is off to other destinations unknown and taking with him perhaps the momentum; the tale of a city in love with its team and the final realization of the world series itself! 

Cinderella left when the midnight bell sounded so maybe it was just time for Sandberg to find his perfect vehicle to the team that will bring this young celebrated player and coach the position of his dreams.

Chicago’s fan base may even go with you where ever it may be that Ryne Sandberg happens to land, and for this writer, Here’s to looking at you kid! Wishing you the greatest season of your life where ever you may land!And further on that note here’s to hoping the Chicago Cubs 2011 season is something to talk about!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationaltone Mary Caliendo


Chicago Cubs Deal- All In The Family!

Well here’s one Cub fan that is breathing a sigh of relief!  I bleed blue through and through, and can take somewhat of a breather as Mr. Tom Ricketts took the bid as the favored bidder from the Tribune Company. Mr. Ricketts bid the small sum of $900 million for the team!

Wow! He and his family built their empire in, of all places, Omaha Neb.! They amassed a fortune by having a discount brokerage firm. At this point Mr. Ricketts and his firm must still get the a-okay from the baseball owners and of course, they need to secure the financing in the absolute worse money market of all time.  With my fan fingers crossed; I’m hoping that the deal goes through. Why?  Ultimately because he is a fan first!  He’s actually a Cub fan and lived for some time across the street from the famous ballpark; Wrigley Field! And cites his many ventures out in the bleechers; where the utmost hard-core fan (and the drunkest)prefers to sit! It was rumored that he may have proposed  to his wife there too!  Fabulous! What more could a true Cub fan want?

Of course  a cub fan wants a ticket to the ship!  We don’t want to, but our beloved Cub team needs to go to the World Series and continue to build on a tradition of team players that have the same desire. Hopefully, by opening day of this new year of baseball play, the team will have a new owner and the new baseball team will sieze the coveted title of the best !

Good Luck Mr. Ricketts, good luck Cubs and good luck fans this year could be the year!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo