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Body Found Is it Stebic/Peterson!

Breaking news!  Remains found in Channahon, IL this afternoon!  Is it the body of either missing mother Lisa Stebic or Stacy Peterson?

An autopsy will be performed tomorrow at 9:00 AM on the found remains. Investigators are being very tight-lipped about this. A clean up crew from Moline, Il were on the scene helping to remove the remains.  The Illinois State Police had only this to say, We are hoping to give a little bit of closure to one family.  Workers on the scene thought the remains were that of a female, but the investigators would not venture publicly to say that without confirmation of the autopsy.

I will keep close to events tied to this. P.S. I hope the two major men tied to the Plainfield/Bolingbrook IL  missing women are listening closely to what is going on!

Updates as they happen!

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Mary Caliendo