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Cancer….You Suck

….You rear your ugly head……like a monster you destroy everything in your path…….

Cancer you suck!!


I delve into the age old question, why?  I’m sure that each one of you has known someone or has been personally touched by cancer in some way. It hurts. And again, it has touched me up close and personal; with one of my family members currently going through it. As I sit here in the cancer center looking around thinking of each person I say a small good vibes prayer.

I see that each of them is at different stages of life as well as different stages of cancer. It hurts. I see the people who are expressionless sitting next to their loved one and friend accompanying them for support and love. I see the end of the line and now I can recognize the beginning so easily.

I also see spirit, and in the eyes of so so many I see hope~ I wish I had some type of superpower because this would be it; the ability to eradicate cancer, all of them in one quick scoop! The sheer suffering and pain of each of them fills the air, one can feel it. The beeps of the machines when the I.V. drip is done, keeps my mind from drifting too far, as I imagine that each one sitting here in this center, is floating on a crystal blue surf at a tropical white sandy beach, where each of them is being served the tastiest foods and drinks all while feeling never a pain. Is this too much to ask?

Cancer is a surreal thing just as dreams are. The treatments follow a protocol, that’s simple enough but people are as different as their disease is too. You’re a creepy monster cancer and I dislike you so much. I see now why you are so hard to cure. If it has to be, then why can’t you just be quick? Spare them, spare us~

Take care each of us, live today and laugh, be happy. Share if you can goodwill to another, for tomorrow is not guaranteed~


Farrah Final Farewell

As we all know by now Farrah Fawcett passed away from her battle with anal cancer. Today will be the final memorial for the much beloved Farrah.

Today at 4 p.m. at The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles Farrah will be laid to rest in a private ceremony that is only open to invitation only. Her long-time partner and the father of her only son Redmond, Ryan O’Neal is making all of the arrangements. Redmond her son had recently been in trouble with the law and is currently serving a sentence for drugs, will be released from prison to attend and pay respects to his mother. He will only be out briefly.

Along with Farrah’s body of work, some of late that garnered critical acclaim, she did advocacy work. She worked with the Cancer Society, and was a board member of the National Advisory Council for the National Domestic Violence Hot Line.

She had not just beauty, but she had brains too. Originally she had been a microbiology major; later switching her major to art. She was accomplished there as well and went on to create beautiful bronze sculptures. She even had a beautiful dedication in a park to Rodney Dangerfield’s bronze sculpture.  She was multi-talented, very beautiful and she has left a wonderful legacy behind as she chronicled her battle with the killer cancer in her videoblog/movie. She was raw and emotional and it left our hearts hurting for her.

For Farrah Fawcett today will be a final farewell for family and friends.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo