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Drew Peterson’s Lawyer Makes Accusations!

Well it’s been extremely quiet on the “Drew Peterson Crazy Train” of late!  The judge put a sock in Drew Peterson’s mouth, and that of his lawyer Joel Brodsky at the last court date. Thank goodness! No news means good news to us, but  Joel Brodsky and the rest of the Drew Peterson camp must have been ancy because after this past Tuesday’s court date, Brodsky had something to say.

It has been reported in several of the local news agencies that the Peterson Team came out and accused Christina Raines of trying to date another police officer. Christina Raines is being represented by famous lawyer Gloria Alred, and she has issued a written statement from her office. Her statement that was released said ” Chrissie has not had dinner with or gone to the movies with any police officer other than Drew Peterson, and she has no interest in doing so.” She continued in her statement to say “She does not feel she was “hit-on” by any police officer, We do not think there is a bias for filing a complaint against any officer and we have no plans to file such a complaint.”

Brodsky announced that he intended to file a motion regarding this. According to Brodsky some unknown detective asked Christina Raines on a date during the investigation of Peterson for murder of third wife Kathleen Savio and disappearance of the fourth wife, Stacy Peterson.

The State’s Attorney’s office spokesperson has refuted what Joel Brodsky has aleged. The office further stated that Brodsky accusation is “preposterous and disingenuous”.  Meanwhile, after hearing such nonsense, Ernie Raines, who is Christina Raines’ father has stated that Joel Brodsky is a scumbag. He also let loose a couple expletives as he claimed with his threat that he is going to kick the bleep out of him!

It is a free country and I guess if Christina Raines wants to date another police officer, I guess she can. It would be easier if it wasn’t one that was investigating her ex-boyfriend-ex-fiance’-! It appears that everyone, and anyone according to Brodsky/Peterson is a liar, cheat, slut, low-life, drug abuser, mentalcase, and criminal!

Too bad for them, they surrounded themselves with people like that! Drew Peterson is shining!  He is a superstar among the scum!!

I have but one thing to say- WAKE-UP!  We all know that Peterson is all of those mentioned above!  And while he did travel in circles of the under-belly, and he shines in no ones eyes but his own. This writer is once again glad to say that I am so glad he is safely tucked away in his small cell and is as quiet as a church mouse!

No news is good news to me!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


Drew Peterson Arrested!!!

Yesterday evening, at an intersection in the humble town of Bolingbrook, a  major domestic abuser was arrested! The Illinois State Police and with the cooperation of Bolingbrook IL Police took Drew Peterson into custody!  He is charged with the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio.

Drew Peterson and his bizarre and not so funny antics, has drawn the ire of many. Peterson played each day with the police, the media, and out in public bars, on radio/news shows and his appearances all over the talk show circuits. His latest aim was to be possible security for a bunny ranch in Reno Nevada! Squirrley Peterson thought he was a celebrity; and the world his stage. Now in custody, Illinois Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow says he will personally prosecute this case himself! The facts of the case(s) warranted this arrest.  The original autopsy was ruled an accidental drowning, but the exhumation of Ms Savio prompted a new autopsy and then this was  then ruled a homicide! Drew Peterson remained the only suspect in that case. While at the same time Peterson is the lone person of interest in the case of missing fourth wife Stacy Peterson. All this amid his antics proved to be too much for the Savio family and that then prompted the filing of a wrongful death law-suit by the Savio family on behalf of the Peterson children.

Mr. Ernie Raines, father of the recent girlfriend, Christina Raines told the media this morning that Peterson set up his daughter to get married and take care of his children in the event that he would be taken into custody. He felt Peterson did much to trick his daughter into making foolish decisions as he plied her with lies and promises. His four youngest children are now in the home of and will be taken care of by their older brother and Peterson eldest child.

Kudos to the Glasgow team and Illinois finest. Glasgow is quoted saying ” Clearly we’ve had a serious situation with violence against women,… and we want to send a strong message that that is a grave and serious matter. It is not a laughing matter as has been made of this case.” 

So all in all the serious abuser/murderer is off the streets. This is just step one  in a culmination of what will continue unfortunately to be a three ring circus! Once the trial begins I am sure that it will be covered intently and with great fervor. Let us hope that with movement in this case, that the whereabouts of missing Stacy Peterson will somehow come to light. The two cases of the former wives of Peterson will forever be intertwined. As will be their families. With one family having a current “victory”, the other while sad will rejoice as well in the knowing that this man will be tried, held, and now convicted and if found to be guilty will serve time. So while bittersweet the victory it is one nonetheless.  And for all of us who are not part of the family, it is a victory for those who the story has tugged with our heart stings and made us angry and mad; enough to write about it we rejoice as well.

Drew Peterson a celebrity in his own mind, have fun in the little cell you will inhabit. I hope for your sake that you don’t “run into” those with whom you had done wrong! And sent to prison for whatever- prison has its own “law” once inside!

This writer thinks that you will do much to save your own thin skin; who knows what you will do. What about it Drew? What will you do now? Maybe you can make a reality show from inside the prison; let’s ask Mr. Hof !

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson Gets Perks

It’s about the ego. It’s about “what can you do for me?” The endless tour of shows and features in magazines. Drew Peterson claims that he does not get paid for the appearances, nor does he receive any royalties from the appearances and mag. stories. He does receive free paid vacations. After all, the media appears to love Drew Peterson and the newest gal-pal Christina (lunk-head) Raines. Who by this writing has currently moved out of Peterson’s home, again!  People Magazine just did their second story on him.  Drew says to the effect that It was fun and exciting to meet famous people and he’s so sorry that Kathleen died and that Stacy ran away! What? Although at this writing again, he has not been charged with any crime. And claims that he has no wrongdoing in either case. He is listed as suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wife Stacy, he has also been implicated in the death of his Third wife Kathleen Savio.

The TV networks have given him expense accounts for spending in his paid hotel rooms; that’s pretty good! He and his slimy lawyer Joel Brodsky think it is okay that Peterson makes money off the story. Currently Peterson is living off his pension (so he says), his pension totals over $6,000. per month. The media and the so called public interest in the story drives the Peterson to the first page in the papers, and keeps him believing that he is a celebrity!  I personally think he is a media whore! And for a person that does not want to be a celebrity or a very private person; it seems that all those appearances on TV and magazines, radio programs, appearances in his favorite bar seem to make this writer believe that Peterson and his current arm jewelry, along with his confidant Joel Brodsky makes him nothing more than the average liar!

He can keep himself in the news for as long as he wants to. To me it keeps him on the mind of those who think he should be behind bars and perhaps as he speaks or is interviewed he will give himself away. But for the families who languish their loss due to his hands;they have to relive each account of their missing or deceased loved one. To them his whirlwind of media tour only makes their lives miserable and that isn’t fair! For shame on you Peterson/Brodsky team……do unto others….you know the rest….

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Peterson/Raines on TV Again!

Oh Yikes……..Drew said she’d be back; rest assured that was part of the plan too!  Trying to create more demand for his story and to further humanize him is his gal pal Christina (loser) Raines; well she moved back into creepy Drew Peterson’s home!

All I can say is those poor, poor kids! Wow if anyone will need major counseling they all will!

Seriously folks we need to complain to the media because the Today Show and its, not thinking too clearly, producers who continually book the slime ball on their show!  I mean what is it with them anyway, are they obsessed with him? Do they honestly think that they are garnering new watchers?  If anything I had heard that people are turning away from the show because the Drew Peterson stories.

Their latest interview shows Peterson “cuddling” with Christina Raines. While she was getting cozy with Drew Peterson, Ms Raines claimed that he is so nice and that he would not hurt me, and that she finds Peterson caring and funny! She does not know how silly she looked on that show as she sat on a sofa while Peterson chuckles and snickered with a face full of ….I told you so…..I am a young girl chick magnet!   Oh goodness Ms Raines you are not headed in the right direction!   He’ll jump ship right away if something else even better looking than you comes his way!

Someone needs to tell Raines that even if Drew Peterson does get a booking for a reality show, she won’t be famous. No one, not one person thinks that you are in a serious relationship, you are both losers trying to get your 15 minutes of fame!  Fame Ms Raines is very fleeting!  And fame with Drew Peterson  would be nothing anyone should be proud of! Ms Raines’  poor father has tried in vain to get her away from what he called the devil! Too bad for you…she’s hoping that if you can’t beat him, you’ll join him….and I guess if the book and reality show comes out I’m sure you’ll get your hush money…after all Mr. Ernie Raines everyone has their price right? And perhaps they found yours!  Christina has sold her soul to the devil, why not you too!  Shame, Shame on you all!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew on local Channel 2 Interview!

Well, yet another interview with a TV news station. Drew TV is on in our area and he’s hoping that it is not only watched but helps to sway your opinion of him!

Here’s a few notes that I gathered from the interview that I thought were interesting! On the subject of Christina Raines, Drew Peterson claims that he did not ask her to marry that she did the asking and she did it about 5 or 6 times! He went to a costume jewelry drawer and on the bottom of that drawer he found a ring and gave it to  her! He felt they were very much engaged!  And even spent $2000. to accommodate her children. He bought them new beds and that. 

Drew Peterson knew Ernie Raines and Christina for about 9 years now. Peterson claims that he would counsel Christina when she was just 15 years old and was in fights and alot of trouble! She is twenty four now and he claims he rescued her out of a dangerous living situation with her ex-boyfriend. He invited her into a loving home where she and her kids were treated better than they ever had been. He said the prior boyfriend was abusive and cited examples, he claims he is a good man and good father. He claims before Christina lived with him she lived on cigarettes,beer,chocolate,diet coke. He supplied her with vitamins even! He claims he would give anyone the shirt off his back! Isn’t he nice?

He claims he has had conversation with his other children and that they are all aware of what is going on. Psych visits his children, and they are getting regular attention. The team that visits he says calls him a co-dependant personality. Peterson says he has the need  and desires to always help someone. Joel Brodsky defense team has advised him to be in the media to enhance his image. But did advise him not to become engaged with Christina Raines. Whose father is Ernie Raines and he has come out and said to the effect that They have beat the devil!  He claims that if the devil is good, then he is the devil!

He claims he is taking life as it comes to him. He thinks that many innocent people go to jail. He believes that 40% of the population believes he is innocent. He thinks that Stacy is disrespectful for taking off with another man and abandoning his children. He is still very angry with Stacy he says. That one day he feels that she will walk through the door, he will be vindicated and then all of society can kiss his butt! He cannot help it if he attracts young women, he does not trap them- they just find him a handsome guy!  He claims to have the gift of gab and a great personality!   Wow!  It’s almost too much to take! All these good things coming out about him!  All claims made by only himself?

He truly believes that he is all that and then some! There is so much more I could say but the most important one is God I wish he’d  get over himself. Sooner or later Drew Peterson will be exactly where he should be. On the inside looking out! I hope his personality and his gift of gab will be very useful then! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Christina Raines Tells AM Show It’s a Stunt!

 Open letter to Christina Raines.       Dear Christina,                                    What was a stunt?  The fact that you were living with him, and were taken by him and his promises? You were there,and now you found out what this man was all about!  You need to get help from 3rd party not just Dad!  Please make sure that you don’t ever get mixed up with this kind of slime again. This man has been to the underbelly of it all, and he turns on the charm just when he needs to. I am glad it dawned on you before you got deeply hurt or worse!


All women of the world

Here’s the rest of the blog…Listening to the frightened little girl on the morning show tell us all that it was a stunt that Drew Peterson is involved with to keep him in the media and looking good!  He stinks and this is as low as you go!  Oh well could we have expected any less, I doubt it!  From now on I really hope the only coverage of Drew Peterson that takes place will be either the court proceedings or the sentencing!  C’mon Mr. Glasgow when can we hope to see/hear of the news about Drew Peterson!

Shame, shame on us all for reporting on the movements of Drew Peterson and his sneaky slime ball team of lawyers. If you’ll risk the hurting of an innocent you will do anything to keep him out of jail.  P.S.( this is for his lawyers in case they might be reading this)No one believes that Drew is innocent! 

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and only in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Ms Raines says Good-bye to Drew Peterson!

Christina did the right thing! She packed it in! She took her belongings and left! The morning after Ms Raines saw the interview with Nightlines’ Martin Bashir where a smug Drew Peterson said he liked to be flattered as all the other women approached him for pictures and autographs! Mr. Raines is very happy as he feels that his daughter is finally safe! All the women in the world are happy that she has come to this decision! However, she still might not be safe from a man like Peterson who has now been scorned!  And scorned in public yet!

Drew Peterson seemed almost flippent in his recent Nightline interview, and I am glad that the girl has seen the error of her ways.  In one writers’ opinion, she’s so young with so much more life to live than to waste it all away with a 55 year old man, with very mysterious pasts.

He discussed the relationships that he had and the extra marital affairs as well, with Mr. Bashir and many pictures of him have surfaced on the internet. Ms Raines returned the engagement ring and was escorted off of his property with her father and the Bolingbrook Police as well as a CBS camera man.

Drew Peterson is quoted as saying “Isn’t it hilarious that the citizens of this country are more interested in my love life than the impeachment of the governor?” I think you have that wrong, at this point I don’t think that Blagojevich ever killed anyone!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drew Peterson In The Spotlight Again!

Exactly why was Drew Peterson on the TV show Nightline last night?  Who knows? It must be too quiet- no one is exactly talking about him this week!  The PR firm thought maybe it would be a good idea because Drew Peterson wants to get married again!  He was there to explain why he wants to get married again.

But before he talks about her he talks about the fact that no matter where he goes people know him. He was explaining that it was fun and very flattering when young women want to take a picture of him, and with him! He went on to say that sometimes they sit on his lap!  According to Drew Peterson many even ask for his autograph! Wow, he’s a star!

When Mr. Martin Bashir asked to the effect: Do you think these women and others are saying ” I want to take a picture with a murderer? His answer to Mr. Bashir was “yes, probably!”  What?!  So is this an admission?  Did anyone else think this?

Mr. Peterson continues to demand a spot in the limelight. He continues to thrive on being the center of attention; anyone’s attention! And what is the best attention that Mr. Peterson can get?  Young and gullible, and most likely drunk, women of course!

When asked what his plans are with Christina Raines who is 23 years old. He responded saying that he plans on marrying her in a couple of months. He said of her, that she is very much in love with him. And that she also said to him something to the effect of”you’re so nice to me and treat me so well, you can’t be what they say!”   Yikes!         He must be sure that a divorce will be final with Stacy Peterson. Through these last couple of months Ms Raines has not been interviewed in the media. She has not appeared on any show with Drew Peterson at all. Her family is still adamant that they do not want her to be involved with him and have stated so.

At this point all I can say is, I feel sorry for Stacy Peterson, and Kathleen Savio and any others that have had their lives touched by Drew Peterson!

I hope that for Christina Raines she isn’t hurt by him in any way, because it might be one day that he will be so flattered by someone else after all he’s admitted to that much!   

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Keeping Tabs On Drew Peterson !

Mr Ernie Raines has much to worry about!  His daughter had done the unthinkable, she moved in with her two children, with Drew Peterson! The family and friends of Christina Raines can simply not believe it ! They are all beside themselves. But they are powerless to anything about it because Ms Raines is an adult. Peterson who is now 55 years old is the one and only suspect in the case of his now missing wife Stacy. And secondly, his then third wife Katheen Savio has been exhumed and been relabeled as a homicide. His involvement in that case has also been called into question. The Will County District Attorney James Glasgow has said that definitively there will be a result in at least one of those cases this year. We shall wait to see what will come come out of this. And to what extent will be Peterson’s responsibility.

Drew Peterson, who by the way believes he is a celebrity, appeared on local tv NBC on an interview with the news last night. It tried to show us that his house is immaculate, and he enjoys being “daddy and mommy” to his kids. And that he is just the boy next door not some crazed individual that is a killer. Shame on channel 5! Next time when Peterson’s people come calling- just say NO! We all know what he is all about!  He is a liar, abuser, and a man who has an appetite for the very young. Who else would be as gullible?

Drew Peterson has been quoted by some saying of Christina Raines jokingly,…..that she has won the lottery,…..a Drew lottery!!

This completely has her family and friends worried for her safety, as do I. I would hope as I have said before Ms Raines may just be a pawn in the scheme of legal maneuvers to assist in getting him a divorce. But checking up on her is tantamount!  Her father has already begun the process of doing just that.  He filed a report with the Bolingbrook Police Department by having them sent out to Peterson’s house for a well-being check on his daughter. This let them know that she is there with him and it will most likely not be his last call to them. Mr. Raines has every right to continue to look after his child even if she is an adult. He is still her father and he doesn’t want Peterson in her life!  Good for him! I hope he continues to be a thorn in Peterson’s side!

We will continue to blog about him and the cases and his involvement with them.  I would hope that for Ms Raines that the relationship will come to an end soon when she sees that perhaps it was a mistake or that they may not have much in common after all! And hopefully somewhere in the back of her mind, or if she gets a chill up the back of her neck, that she and her children will hop in the car and not return! And then maybe she will be the proud winner of the real lottery!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Drama with Drew Peterson Part II

The ongoing saga of Drew with the new girl continues. Christina Raines, 23 yrs. old is said to be not only engaged to the slug, but apparently close to moving in with him!  The boyfriend, (or ex-boyfriend) named Mike along with her father Ernie Raines is said to be furious! This past week Drew Peterson, 54 yrs. old, and former Bolingbrook Police Officer, filed an official complaint with the BolingbrookPolice Department saying that Mike,ex-boyfriend of Christina Raines,  (last name unprinted) was stalking him and coming to his house! And also said in so many words that “he is going loony over this!”

I’d have to say we are all going loony over this! I wish that there was some way that Ms Raines could be stopped, but there isn’t. She is 23 yrs. old and is considered an adult. Not only that she will be bringing her children into the situation as well. I do not know why this girl has no fear of a man that currently is married and his wife is missing; and he is a person of interest in that case, and then of course with the case of the other ex-wife being exhumed from her grave and re autopsied and declared homicide and he is a suspect in that case! What must this man be doing to entrap these young women?

Abusers are known for their charm! It’s like a switch that they can turn on and off! But imagine now for a minute how Peterson feels being stalked by this guy!  It must be only one tenth the amount of fear that the former women  in his life felt! I hope that he does get some of his own medicine back in the end. It would be great for him to feel what type of abuse he cast on others.

And certainly not that I promote vigilantism, but eventually someone may come up to Ms Raines with a great big giant fish story. It may go something like this: Ms Raines, we just don’t know what to say but it looks like Mr. Peterson took off with someone else. He ran away with another! So sorry.

I really hope that this girl does not get hurt in the end. Drew Peterson and his low-life lawyers may be whipping up a scheme to make him look like the guy next door. And who wouldn’t like the guy next door? Right?  So I don’t think any of this is for love (or lust for Drew), I’m pretty sure this a legal move to help him obtain a divorce from Stacy Peterson in the long run.

Tonight the local TV NBC will be running an interview called “A day in the life of Drew Peterson”, showing him doing the mundane tasks that we all do. Why in the world are they  running that? Did “his” people arrange this?  In yet another attempt to say look how nice I am? We all have it figured out. Ms Raines please watch your back, and have an escape plan ready, because that guy next door is a psychopath!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo