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Oprah Dumps the Anthony’s

I thought that it was very extraordinary that Oprah put the families of the Columbine High School shootings before her and that of her show. And the planned show was put on the back burner. The families were recognized by Oprah and her staff, and that was very nice.

On the the scheduled appearance of Cindy and George Anthony, I personally joined in on a blogging, e-mail, and twitter campaign to ask Oprah to reconsider, and not to proceed with the  Cindy and George Anthony interview in late May. I think that Oprah is a class act and I personally felt that at this time, it was not prudent to go on with this interview. It is not that I don’t want to hear what they may have to say, it’s just that perhaps this should be done after the trial is over.

I am sure that Oprah’s interview would not impede the criminal proceedings taking place in the court room. (the actual trial has not taken place yet; just pre-trial motions, etc.) But the possible tainting of the jury is a possibility. There can’t be too many people out there, that have not heard of Casey Anthony or of Caylee Anthony; so it does not matter where in Florida the actual trial takes place. But I do think that Oprah has an extremely huge fan/watch base; and that many televisions would be tuned in to listen to Cindy and George Anthony spew things about building a foundation in Caylee’s honor. Or on the thoughts that Casey is innocent. Or how about more thoughts on can anyone find the fictitious Zanaida Gonzalez?

I would never discount, however, Oprah’s ability to draw out good answers for great questions. I would never discount Oprah’s ability to “out” the liar in Cindy; and implore the humble in George. But it is a show and May is sweeps. So in honor of her, and her wonderful support staff, I request all of my readers watch intensely her shows in May. Let’s show Oprah that her good ratings come from classy shows and a host that is beyond reproach. Let Cindy and George go into to a realm where currently they belong; Springer! 

Now their(Cindy and George) outlook and interview could be very different after the entire trial is over, and the sentencing done. Perhaps Oprah can interview then. *Thank you Oprah for all of your integrity. Please give a call over to the CBS Early Show; because the Anthony’s are now booked there. Maybe you could clue them in!*

And a big P.S. to anyone else listening, Caylee was never a missing person. Caylee was a child that was murdered at the hands of what looks like her mother. Her own flesh and blood; perhaps Cindy and George could donate the boat to those that spent lots of man-hours, sweat, and tears actually  looking and believing that  someone “took” Caylee and continued to donate /devote their own time to it. And then they can open a center for those families who have had a loved one commit murder and change their lives forever. They could call it the Grief and Guilt Center. Unfortunately and with great sadnessCindy and George are not the only family that have been touched in this way! They really should extend an olive branch to others; it would be much more healthy for them.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo


George and Cindy Media Message

On Friday, George and Cindy Anthony stated in an e-mail message of a spokesperson, that the decision to seek the death penalty will not change the support and love that the Anthony’s have for Casey.

Lee Anthony, through his attorney, stated that he did not expect the State’s Attorney’s office to make this move given the evidence that has been made public. The attorney then described his client (Lee) is going through shock and horror that the State is prosecuting this case to that level.

I do not think that any family going through this should not love their family member. I do not think that the way you have looked at your child for all of their lives would change much. But to be the one who is the only suspect in the case of killing her child, and the fact that it looks was done not by accident and most likely premeditated and planned, I personally would feel some anguish. I could not put on blinders and just issue statements or walk out of depositions. I as a parent would so have disdain for that which my child will have done, I think that I would have a bearing of extreme guilt in the matter. A brother, who felt strong bonds to a sister so close in age, should in the very least shutter at the thought of the baby as Casey put her into bags. I think the family should gather together in prayer, I think the family should gather and find forgiveness as they step forward in a long and arduous trial that looms ahead.

I think that the family should close ranks and try to campaign to spare Casey’s life and have answers and  redeeming reasons. Every soul can be saved so they say. But the stance of hard-ball denial is not working for the Anthony family and denial is not a healthy thing.

The prosecution and sheriffs department and cooperation from the FBI, the departments have been meticulous in findings and apparently not leaving any unturned stones. Police have been able to track Casey’s sleeping and eating patterns. They are tracking her whereabouts. What was discovered is uncanny! On the average Casey texted some 12 messages per hour! Upon waking every morning she sent approx. 60 text messages! This goes on non-stop throughout the day. Between the dates of June 1 st-July 17th  Casey sent over 4,000 text messages!

Wow! Casey has lots to say and said it often!  So much so that it has helped in the investigation of exactly when Casey did everything that she did. Casey was up until 2-3 AM and then getting up for the next day at between the hours of 6-7 AM; everyday! A lot of texting and no sleep make for a nasty unproductive person in society. Add in a bit of bi-polar and you have got yourself one heck of a mess!

There is no perfect crime and most real criminals will get caught in the end. In this case, Cindy Casey’s mother is memorizing whole sections of the reports, so that Cindy will be “perfect” on the stand when it is her turn to get up there.

Hopefully, the prosecution will have an easy time, wrapping up a perfect death sentence for a perfect wanna-be, and then this will have been the perfect crime!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Baez Talks

Jose Baez said on Monday, that Casey was fully aware that she will likely face the death penalty. I hope that he advised his client from the beginning that this could be a very big possibility. Baez also mentioned something to the effect of, that Casey is also aware of the “forces” out there to get her. What? does he mean “evil forces? The prosecution is out to get her; legally. Anyway Jose Baez claims that he does not want to change anything and that he will continue to keep doing what he is doing.

Baez is not certified to head a counsel on a death penalty charge. We will see who he brings in to sit on the team. Perhaps, Mr. Terry Lenamon as before. Baez continued on and will soon be questioning Orange County Sheriff Deputy Phillip Graves and a corrections officer Tammy Tinser, he is looking for a loop-hole in someones story just to create doubt in the minds of the jury.

On May 7th, Baez will be back in court trying to block the video taped reaction to the findings of the skeletal remains of Caylee. Baez and team would love to have that tiny morsel sealed so that a jury would never see it. Apparently it is Caylee having a dramatic reaction that resembles more like a panic/anxiety attack which would be unlikely to go for an insanity defense as anxiety attacks are about yourself only and not that of the show of loss for ones child.

In other news: The Anthony’s (George and Cindy) apparently are being booked/or have booked a show with Oprah in early May! If you feel that being interviewed by Oprah would add something to the world, do nothing and say nothing and just choose to watch. But if you are opposed please by all means go to www.oprah.com and complain!  Leave a nice message and let Oprah know that while we all love her so much, the Anthony’s leave something to be desired and let her know that you will not watch and that it is her engaging and thought provoking stories and caring heart are why she is #1!  She is very classy and to put them on is crushing! Let her know, perhaps they will reconsider!

Until tomorrow!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

No Death Penalty Sought For Casey Anthony?!

It appears that the State of Florida is not going to seek the death penalty for Casey Anthony!  The State of Florida is somewhat progressive in handing out the death penalty. With the overwhelming evidence, circumstantial or not, and the fact that the police are saying that Casey did intentionally kill her daughter Caylee, it is a wonder why they are not seeking the highest attainable sentence.

Casey in court shackled in chains, and very stoic in facial expressions. Only once did she show expression to her lawyers.  It also appears that Terry Lenamon has artfully created an “out” for Casey Anthony. By trying to say that Casey Anthony accidentally caused the death of Caylee Anthony!  It is outrageous! But after all folks, that is his job, to come in and “save” the life of his client.

The prosecution does/and can still go after the murder 1 charge if they so wish. Today the judge did not block the tape recorded incident that happened in jail after the announcement of the finding of the bones of the child. Apparently Casey Anthony doubled-over and began to hyperventilate! The opinion is that Casey Anthony’s reaction is one that is common when a sense of fear sets in. Also the judge did not block other racy-type pictures allegedly out there that will be brought into court as further evidence. That evidence shows that Casey is not suffering from any type of depressive mood disorders.

So while there is movement in this case, it is far from being tried and I am sure that more and more evidence will be brought forth in this case that the public is not aware of, and will prove to be very interesting in the end of all of this.

Cindy and George Anthony were seated in the court room directly behind Casey. I am sure that this is good for Cindy and George as part of their immediate healing process. To be there at least close to Casey where glass is not between them. This is a terrible way to begin the healing process, but the acceptance of the fact that Casey has done this to Caylee may be the start. And going back into the public arena and show the love of a daughter; even a bad seed, is a bond that cannot be broken. Making some sort of peace with everything will help them in the end.

More to come……

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone

Mary Caliendo

Memorial for Caylee Anthony/Baez Sells Pics!

It was released yesterday that a memorial has been announced for little Caylee Anthony, finally!  Although no funeral has been planned that we are all aware of. 

The memorial will take place on Tuesday, February 10, 2009. It will be held at The First Baptist Church of Orlando. This church can seat 5,000 persons.  And it was specified that the family of Caylee (meaning George and Cindy Anthony and Lee, I assume),the  public has been invited to attend services. The family has requested to have the ability to remove anyone that they see fit. No cameras,cell phones, video cameras, or anything that can record or take pictures will be allowed.

While Caylee’s mother Casey is in prison, she is released for at least one hour per day. This one hour will consist of reading books, watching TV, and relaxing out of her cell. Casey may be able to watch the memorial service on TV. She will not be released to come to the memorial. Her time out of her cell could or could not coincide with the time of the memorial on TV. We will see what will happen then.

Cindy Anthony has picked music and flowers for the memorial service. And it appears that police and church security staff are working together to have a safe, and secure service. Each person will be checked, there will be no bags allowed inside, no cell phones, no cameras, and no video allowed.  It is said that each person will also pass through a metal detector. At this writing it cannot be verified if the metal detectors are being installed or if they are already there.

George Anthony got out of the Halifax hospital using side doors to evade the media.  Cindy and Lee have not been heard from in the mean time. There also has been no word as to when they will finally lay this little girl to rest in a proper burial.

In other important news Jose Baez  put in a motion for a change of venue. He says that he and his client cannot/and would not get a fair trial. He knows that there is too much heat in Orlando. He is asking for the change in venue to be secret so that the media cannot get a hold of the details and create a circus atmosphere.  In other news the tacky Beaz team has already sold pictures and video of Caylee for the money to conduct her trial!They garnered the sum of $200,000!  Jose Baez claims that his client is doing what she can to pay for his representation. Including the selling of more pictures to come. Jose Baez claims he has not attached a price tag to them, he is asking what will a company pay for them, and whatever media is buying them will be who sets the price.

Whatever may transpire, it is all so sad and very shameful that this event is happening. I feel sorry for all those that knew Caylee, Casey and the Anthony family. Casey’s actions have set off a chain of events that I am not sure she even thought could happen. It is all so sad.

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

2nd George Anthony Update!

More reports coming out on George Anthony. He was considered stable and was taken to a hospital named Halifax; in which the hospital/state can hold him for 72 hours.

Police tracked him by way of cell pings, and cops on the street that found his car. As a comment by (adamsmommy-wordpress blogger), stated thank goodness someone did not wait a month until reporting him missing. Police said he was very cooperative though was despondent. He had a half written suicide note.

He continues to be considered a witness in the Caylee Anthony case. As he was a cop himself could prove to be the greatest witness/or the worse which ever way you look at your glass; half empty or half full! He smelled death before and smelled that smell of death in his daughters’ car. He is on tape telling the police in Orange County that once you smell that you will never forget that!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Caylee Anthony New Evidence

It appears that there may be some new evidence in the Caylee Anthony case.  As was reported yesterday on Nancy Graceand on local news, the latest reveal in the long line of evidentury things against Casey Anthony is  probably one of the most horrible yet! Remember the duct tape that was placed around the skull of little Caylee Anthony? Well, now it appears whomever wrapped that tape around Caylee is also responsible for placing a heart sticker where her mouth is located on top of the tape! This is an obvious notion that this person has some sort of relationship with the child.  Forensic crime technicians found the “gum” residue in the  heart shape on the duct tape. There was a sticker found along with the skeletal remains of Caylee Anthony.

Other reports of the evidence nature was also reported: Caylee was placed in a” laundry hamper” type bag, and then placed into a large garbage bag. Inside the “hamper” with the body was left a pair of shorts, a striped shirt, and Whinnie the Pooh brand blanket, and a toy horse. Fortunately these things will most likely trace back into the Anthony home where Caylee and Casey lived with her parents George and Cindy Anthony.

I have hoped as I said many times that all of this evidence presented will tie Casey to the actual crime. I have hoped there would be a fingerprint or some type of DNA so that there is no way Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez could possibly refute the findings. Or create at least a small window of doubt where a juror could say…well maybe….

In other news, Jose Baez had a small press conference where he stated that a charge has been leveraged against him regarding another case or at least not this one. He went on to say that he is refuting these charges that have been brought against him. No other information is available about the rumored entertainment deal he may have in the offing of the Casey Anthony trial. I am sure that this will be addressed shortly, and before any trial was to start. Interesting to say the least…..

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Casey Anthony-Says She Is The Victim!

Those just recently released tapes that have never been seen before just showed a little more of the real Casey Anthony. Pulling a little puss face and pouting like a brat with her parents in August!

Poor, poor Casey she spent the whole day under her covers. Casey says she needs to be looked at as, as much of a victim as the rest of you! (Caylee isn’t ever mentioned at all as usual, except when she claims she just wants her home blah, blah, blah, blah…..same stuff; different day!)  These tapes once again show George and Cindy Anthony’s relationship together with Casey. It seems again that they are handling her with kid gloves afraid to get her mad- because after all she did threaten her mom that “I’m going to hang up and just leave!” As she gets mad at Cindy she also clenches her fist, because she did not like her mother’s line of questioning!

Casey continues on stating that no one is letting her speak. And that she is so frustrated with all of this- she can’t even swallow! She complains that police wouldn’t listen- she only had 24 hrs. before they put her in jail! She cannot do anything  from where’s she’s at! And everyone wants answers!

Meanwhile Jose Baez continues to amaze us all! It appears that an unknown person/or persons went to the prosecution with a complaint against Jose Baez. The rumor is that this complaintant is making known that Baez is possibly making some type of entertainment deal! This deal will also be contingent on what takes place in the trial!  This would be a complete conflict of interest- clearly! He will have violated ethical cannon!  Good work Baez- I knew you’d manage to mess this up!

In other news, it also appears that Baez will be asking for the change of venue! He has filed no papers as of yet. It has also been reported that Jose Baez will be picking a town that does not have respect for law enforcement or where its citizens do not trust law enforcement!

Good luck to you Mr.  Baez and your team, you may find a town to change the venue to but, I cannot believe that that a jury will not see your client as nothing more than a cold-hearted, psychopathic liar who isn’t worthy of anything less than the  death penalty!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Questionable buzz swirling around Caylee Anthony case

There is small noise coming out of the Anthony case of late.  Currently the funeral home that is holding the remains of Caylee still has possession of  her, and no second autopsy has been performed as of yet. It appeared that Baez and his team urgently wanted to do a second autopsy on the remains of Caylee. They immediately filed for the release in which to do the autopsy when the prosecution did theirs. And they were granted that right. But still no second autopsy has been performed. And George and Cindy Anthony will not have a funeral until it is done. So Caylee still lays in wait for proper and decent interment. You would think that Cindy and George would ask their lawyer  Brad Conway to find out what is going on so that they may lay to rest their only granddaughter. It seems a shame that this poor little girl cannot get any respect. To expedite the autopsy would only be the right thing to do, it would be the most respectful and decent thing to do! So what’s the wait?

Changing directions a bit, and on to the video tape of wooded area where Caylee had been located; apparently taped over!  What? Yup. That’s what has been said. Dominic Casey, private investigator and his  cronee, Hoover were out gum-shoeing by themselves so they say! Dom. Casey has been involved with the Anthony family in some way since about July 2008-October 2008(on payroll for the defense). So what gives? Did they actually know before everyone else?  The investigators state that they did not know anything before anyone else!

Leonard Padilla, along with any others believe that there must be some connection between Casey, the jail, and perhaps the investigators. Perhaps Baez?  It has been said that possible connection between the meter reader and defense team/and or Anthony’s? Perhaps a simple tip, or even if just a speculation why not tell the police? Could this bring us to Lee Anthony, who has secured himself a criminal defense attorney, and possible obstruction of justice charges? Lee has stated that he was doing his own P.I. work. and maybe he stumbled on the truth via Casey.

And finally, about two weeks ago I had heard a tidbit  of information regarding the One Tree Hill show.  It was mentioned by other bloggers, but I chose not to blog about it. It was mentioned on the Nancy Grace show just this evening. When the FBI was checking Casey’s computer, just coincidentally, google search revealed the 100th episode of One Tree Hill, the premise of the show was that the  nanny kidnapped the baby. Along with all of the other information that has showed up, ie. the neck breaking, household weapons, and chloroform searches.  Someone in that household was preparing to kill.  I believe it was Casey Anthony. How about you?

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo

Confusing Casey Anthony Case

The Casey Anthony case is getting more and more unusual as the date looms for trial to begin.(Which we all know is delayed)  First and foremost we all are aware that the defense in this case is going to do everything in its power to create doubt in the minds of potential jurors in the Florida area. This case has basically been tried in the public by way of media and the opinions of those representing the media.

Right or wrong the general public should hear any of the potential news that is generated. In this case: because of the high-profile  nature of it and because it involves a little child; the public, the neighbors in the area, and many of us far away in other states have “adopted” little Caylee. She has been part of the lives of the general news watcher for just under seven months. Some people don’t make commitment to a job or relationship for that long! (which of course  would make you a loser with a capital “L”!) This story became one that perhaps in a book somewhere, the main character would make it in the end. Which in the case of Caylee, she would’ve been fine and come home in the end.  But we all know that this story did not have that happy fairy tale ending. In fact this story has had more twists and turns than any mystery novel available. And now this case grows even more confusing each day.

The Private eye who was once working with the defense team as an investigator (who is not now employed by the defense) he is in fact employed by Cindy and George Anthony, allegedly took approximately one minute or so of video tape, he claims at the scene of where the body was found. Where he says no body was there. Huh? Before anyone knew it was a crime scene? Baez is trying to get an order of  attorney client privilege, or to say that this is lawyers “work”, which means this is like lawyers notes, these never come before the court. Why would he do that? Is he afraid of what he will say? Or did Baez know something before we all knew it?  Why did the video not get turned over to the police?

As for Casey’s brother Lee, he has retained a lawyer now. For what purpose? Did he do something or know something? Did he help Casey at anytime? This cannot be over the fact that he did not want to have a polygraph test!

Only time will tell all. We can only hope and pray that the evidence that the Orange County Sheriff,  the Police, and finally the FBI have obtained will put Casey Anthony smack-dab in the middle of everything as all of the circumstantial evidence points now.

For any of the potential jurors out there, proceed with an open mind, try to listen to the evidence, and try to make up your own mind. The day will come when the deliberations will take place; that is one jury I would not like to sit on!

Just my thoughts, just my opinions, and always in a conversationalTone.

Mary Caliendo